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Christian County Woman Possibly Abducted by Aliens

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Published: 2:16 PM 8/31/2015

it is plausible that an abduction may have taken place...

Sam Uptegrove has been fascinated with the unexplained since childhood. He began actively investigating paranormal incidents in his late teens and has continued for more than four decades. Now retired and a cancer survivor, he has lived in the southwest Missouri Ozarks for over 30 years.

The week before last I recounted the experiences of a Christian County woman who woke from a strange dream, heard an unexplained sound coming from outside and saw what she felt was apparently a UFO. After its departure, she discovered there had apparently been at least a brief interruption of the home’s electrical service.

I closed the column by asking for opinions from my readers concerning the account, but did not receive any replies. I had two reasons for doing so. First, to find out what others think and also to conduct additional research and evaluate the case more thoroughly. I was surprised that I did not receive any comments or opinions concerning the piece, but I have had time to consider all possibilities and seek input from some fellow investigators.

First, the “smoking gun” that would lead me to state flatly that I believe an alien abduction had taken place was simply not present. There were, in fact, some quite common — but not universal — elements absent from the initial report and subsequent exchange of emails.

She did not, for example, find any unusual marks on her body or experience any known missing time. She did not look at a clock for several minutes after the sighting and had no starting point to work from. If a time loss occurred, the oft reported and apparent gap in her conscious memory was either absent or not noticed.

As for the incident years earlier in which her young son insisted there was an older gentleman following them that she could not see, I believe it was undoubtedly the spirit of a deceased relative who was “checking up” on the boy. She also had a recurring dream of being at a funeral but never saw who was in the coffin.

The morning after the third and final dream she received word that her aunt, who had leukemia, had passed away. I do not believe either of these incidents was directly related to the sighting. Many abductees, however, either seem to have been chosen because of having psychic abilities or develop them afterward.

The key, in my opinion, lies in the sighting about a year earlier, which her husband dismissed as simply being a helicopter landed in their backyard. When she mentioned it to him the next morning, he did not even remember it occurring and does not to this day.

In my humble opinion, even though he was awakened to see it, if he was alert enough to get out of bed, walk to the door, watch the object until it departed, and even offer a “normal” explanation for it, he should maintain at least fragmentary memories of the event. After extended thought on this situation, comparing it to reports of a similar nature, and consulting with other investigators/researchers, I have developed at least a partial hypothesis as to its nature. I believe it is plausible that an abduction may have taken place on July 15, and the strange dream she described was a screen memory of it.

Then she was “brought back” to her bed and the rumbling sound of the craft awakened her quickly enough to observe its departure from her bedroom window. In this proposed scenario the dream she reported was a “screen memory” meant to conceal her abduction and the entities who conducted it.

During the first encounter, the two most plausible scenarios — if one accepts the concept of abductions as reported — would be that one or possibly even both of them were taken. His memory of the event was erased completely while she maintained a memory only of the craft’s presence on the ground and its departure.

Whether it was because she resisted mentally to the point of holding onto a partial memory or was allowed to maintain it would be pure conjecture. So there you have my analysis of this intriguing incident and the other incidents she reported, some of which were undoubtedly not connected at all and others that show every sign of being a piece to a complex, ongoing series of events.

If any additional information becomes available, either from further events or new memories of the ones currently known, it will be reported upon in this column at the earliest possible opportunity.

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