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Reader Reports Sighting in Austin, Texas

UFO Depiction
Published: 3:04 PM 11/7/2016

swirling with intense color...

My name is Brad. I now live in New Braunfels, Texas. The sighting took place in Austin Texas, where I am from.

Last summer I was staying at a house on 51st and hwy 183. I believe it was around noon.

I was on the back porch talking with my roommate Tony. I was facing away from the house into the back yard (south) and Tony was facing north talking to me. As he was on the edge of the concrete corner of the slab on our porch.

He said "whoa, a UFO!" I said something like, "bullshit, what are you talking about?" I got up from my chair looked around the corner of the house (north) and in broad daylight heading east to west I saw an orange-glowing orb swirling with intense color. It looked like a little sun.

It appeared to be no more than 2 miles away (or less) and approx. a couple thousand feet in the air. The way it was glowing and the steady speed it traveled and accompanied with the glow it emitted it was hard to tell exactly the distance and size, but if I held my thumb up arm extended I would say it would be the size of my thumbnail. It was unobstructed.

Its speed was steady and beyond the speed of the breeze (of course). As it disappeared around the corner of the house we looked at each other like what the ----?! I ran through the house to the front and grabbed my phone. It was gone by the time I got out front. But it did take me about 15 seconds to do all that and the rate of speed would have set it beyond the tree line in that neighborhood.

I called 911 because of these reasons. There is an airport directly east of that house. Arrival and departure of the airport is north south. We would see them all day. The object was heading east to west. I have an avid general interest in aviation and am educated enough about drones, weather balloons, aircraft, r.c. planes... This 100% was not anything of those sorts.

My description is absolutely accurate. Furthermore EVEN IF IT WAS a manmade object or one of the items mentioned above... the distance and airspace it was traveling was not only contradictory to the airport runways it was too close to the runways.

So if one was to argue it isn’t what I saw with my own two eyes it would cause a danger to planes in the area. So that’s why I called. I gave the operator the same description I’m giving you. I was sober, I am educated, and it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

Another sighting was that fall on my friends condo porch. At about 3 o’clock in the a.m. I had about 5 beers and was smoking a cigarette enjoying the stars. His condo complex in Austin is at William Cannon and Westgate, looking east.

I noticed a helicopter chilling pretty high up. After smoking my cigarette I looked back and it had not moved. It was like; hmm I guess it is a police chopper waiting for direction. It was not.

After 20 minutes of it not moving, I pulled out my phone and used my sky view app. The app was on point with every star in the sky. The object had no close stars next to it. I took screen shots of sky view registering stars next to it and screen shots of it directly in the bullseye and registering nothing.

I saw small light periodically come and go in the area of the object. I watched this and recorded it till the sun broke the horizon... 4 hours... I did not drink but maybe three more beers in that time. The object was not a star because it did not move in 4 hours.

As the sun pushed back the night and the light line approached the object it dissipated. If it was the North Star... it would have registered on Skyview. Very interesting because I know what the hell a star looks like and when I gazed at it in the beginning I was certain it was an aircraft within the atmosphere.

I am a religious person with an unbiased mind. If I see something that is unexplainable... I look harder to try and figure it out without any bullshit to make an observational conclusion. Interesting stuff.

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