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STAFFORDSHIRE: Couple's Frightening Countryside Encounter with a UFO

UFO Depiction
Published: 2:40 PM 1/8/2016

the most surreal and terrifying experience of their lives...

By The Sentinel

PARANORMAL investigator Damon Simms has explored some of the spookiest locations across our region. This week he focuses on the strange case of a rural UFO…

Let me set the scene…

It's February last year on a cold, stormy evening in Buxton. The roads are quiet and drivers have been advised to take care in the bad weather. Brian and Linda, a middle-aged couple are taking the same journey they have made hundreds of times before following a pleasant evening at their favourite pub.

Brian always drove as he is teetotal following an illness, but he still enjoyed the nights out, nonetheless. They had left the pub after another great night with lots of laughter and thought-provoking discussions among close friends.

Brian turned the heating up to keep them warm and to help dry their wet clothing. Linda leaned forward and switched on a CD. She liked the golden oldies and sat back to enjoy a classic Kinks track.

They pulled out of the car park and headed away from the glow of the warmly-lit pub.

The scenic views we're breathtaking as they slipped along the winding country roads that wove between seemingly endless valleys and towering rock faces. Even the rain wasn't spoiling the journey. As they travelled further away from town and into the deepening darkness, something strange happened.

The CD player started to switch off and on again – almost like it had a loose wire. Brian gave the dashboard player a sharp few taps with his fingers.

"Strange," remarked Linda.

"Very", replied Brian.

As they headed towards the most remote area of their journey Linda noticed something even more bizarre coming from behind a large clump of trees. There was a light...

At first it seemed to be just "a glow" – like a vehicle had been parked behind the trees with its main beam left on. But then the light did something astonishing. It started to lift upwards.

Linda let out a shriek. Brian, alarmed by his wife's reaction, looked towards where she was pointing.

"It was the most unusual thing I have ever experienced. It looked like a car levitating from behind the trees," he told me.

Soon the object had risen above the trees to a height of approximately 60 feet in the air. As it cleared the trees, both Brian and Linda said they could now see a distinct shape.

It looked "cigar like" and metallic. Brian estimated the object was almost 50 feet long and 20 foot wide. The couple describe it as ascending slowly and "gracefully".

By now Brian had pulled over at the closest vantage point to the object. Linda had turned the faltering CD music off and Brian opened his window to get a better look at the 'craft'.

They both watched, dumbfounded.

Suddenly as if alerted to their presence, the craft turned towards them, moving in an erratic manner.

They described the object as "tilting" towards them with its "nose" pointing downwards.

Brian and Linda's fascination turned to fear as they realised whatever it was seemed to be heading straight for them.

They sped off as Linda watched through the rear window, screaming for her husband to put his foot down.

Brian changed gear and they seemed to lose the object for a moment. Then suddenly, rising from the right hand side of the road, the object had overtaken them and stopped – hovering in the road in front of their car approximately 50 feet away.

They couple froze. They told me it was the most surreal and terrifying experience of their lives.

With the car and flying object so close, the air was full of tension and the couple said they felt static electricity. Linda commented that it felt like her hair had begun to stand on end.

Then the craft slowly started to rise up one last time – to approximately 80 feet in the air before shooting off vertically into the night sky.

Badly shaken, yet feeling very lucky to have experienced something so remarkable, they finished the rest of the journey home chatting ten-to-the-dozen about what had happened.

Brian and Linda said they felt unable to be named in the article for fear of ridicule, but I can safely say that after spending some considerable time with them I found them both very genuine.

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