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Published: 4:26 PM 1/7/2016

It was a good 3 hours of viewing it.

Hi, I have seen a few sightings of UFOs and I was hoping you could help me debunk them or let me know if you think these are extraterrestrial.

The first one I saw, I was driving down interstate 80 with my mom on the way to California from Nebraska about 150 miles outside the Nevada border, in Utah heading West, I saw a black lantern-like object in the sky.

I thought it was part of a cloud formation. It was about, what looked like, half a mile up in the sky. It wasn't huge but I saw it 100 miles away. It did not move at all the whole time we were driving towards it. I kept my eyes fixed on it and when we got to the point where we could see it out the passenger window we stopped at a rest stop to get a better look.

There was a guy jogging around I stopped him and asked him if he could see it as well. We pointed it out and he found it and seemed about as nervous as we were. We then got back in the car and drove down the road. I could see it for another 100 miles out the back window still in the same place not moving nothing seemed to be attached to it. It was a good 3 hours of viewing it. This was around mid-April 2011.

The second sighting Iíve seen was a red dot kind of a foo fighter type UFO. I went outside to turn off the sprinkler. As I went to check to make sure it was off, I looked at the horizon to the south, I lived on the south west end of Omaha, Nebraska. I then saw this red dot uniformly zig zagging what seemed to be a half mile across the sky.

I grabbed my girlfriend and told her to look and see if she could see it. She did, got scared, and ran back in the house. I was wondering what it was so I stayed out there and watched it. I got on the roof of my house to get a closer look.

This one seemed lower the other only a couple hundred feet. It went right over my house and kept going it didnít stop just keep on its zig zag to the north. It made no sound. I was expecting a helicopter of a plane sound but never got one. It kept going till it was over the north horizon and I couldnít see it anymore.

When it was over my house all I saw was a red light and it looked to be zig zagging faster than I think a human could bear with the g forces it would take to do those maneuvers. View time was about 30 mins in July or August of 2013.

The last one I think is the easiest to debunk as I think they were satellites but Iím still unsure I was out fishing in Ashland, Nebraska on a clear August night in 2014.

When my fishing buddy said he saw something in the sky not being skeptical I looked for it for about 30 mins and couldn't find it. About an hour went on and he saw it again. This time I was able to see what looked like a boomerang shape with three white lights, one in the middle and one on both ends.

The lights seemed far apart from each other I couldnít tell how far apart the lights were from each other but I could put my finger arms distance away and could fill in the gap where the lights were separated. It was way up high in the sky moving very slowly in a not so uniform matter just kind of dancing up there. We saw this one more time in the night. Both view times were 15 mins a piece until it seemed to fade away and reappear in an hourís time.

If you have any information on either of these instances I would like to hear what you have to say. Sorry it was long read and I have no pictures but, these are true sightings with witnesses I canít seem to shake them off. I canít explain what they were and I am kind of freaked out by them. Any news would be good news.

Have a great new yearís,

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