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Soldiers Close Encounter with a Alien Triangle near Camp Mackall, NC

UFO Depiction
Published: 5:18 PM 2/4/2016

Enormous black triangle observed by soldiers training near Camp Mackall, NC.

Hoffman, North Carolina - 01-10-16

Black Triangle Sighting Monday, 13 Sept., 2010, 2330 hrs (11:30 PM) Camp Mackall Military Reservation, Ft. Bragg, NC.

Richmond County NC. Sandhills State Game lands (MGRS): 17SPU357718 / (UTM): 17S 635768 3871862 / (Lat-Long) 34.9802,-79.5126 I am a retired US Army Special Forces operator and instructor. I have spent a career honorably serving my country with the highest level of integrity and I swear that the following statements regarding my observation of the events I describe here are true and factual.

While assigned as cadre to the JFK Special Warfare Center, I spent the majority of my time teaching tactical combat patrolling to Special Forces candidates in the pine forests and swamps of both the Federal Mackall Military Reservation and NC State Sandhills Game lands, surrounding a small military training facility called Camp Mackall located about 30 miles southwest of Ft. Bragg, NC.

At approximately 2330 hrs (11:30 pm) on the night of 13 September 2010, our student squad of 15 men was in ambush posture on the west side of a small trail located at vicinity grid (MGRS) 17SPU357718 facing east. It was a clear night and my assistant instructor and I were located in position together roughly 20 meters behind their assault line waiting for the enemy role-players to approach.

It was at this time in my peripheral, I heard something moving in the sky behind us to the west. Looking up in that direction over the tree line, I first observed 2 fast moving F-15 fighter jets traveling in formation. They were about 10,000 ft. above ground level and heading north. I knew these were fast movers because both had multiple blinking lights and I could hear the distant but distinct roar of their jet prop engines. Other than my own vast military experience directly using numerous types of these air platforms to include the B-52 and B-1 Stealth Bombers for close air support during combat Operations during the invasion in Northern Iraq in 2003, it was not at all uncommon to routinely observe numerous types of military aircraft in the skies around Camp Mackall.

There are active runways at Mackall Army Airfield and Luzon Drop zone both of which are within the immediate training area, frequently used in support of military training and airborne operations.

I lifted my PVS 14 night vision goggles (NVG’s) to my eye so I could get a better look at them in the night sky and it was at that time to my complete surprise I noticed something startling. Approximately a mile in front of the two planes at a significantly lower altitude of approximately 2000 to 3000 ft. above ground level, was something unimaginable that I immediately knew I had never seen before. Immensely larger than the fighter jets behind it or for that matter any other aircraft I have ever seen it was what I estimated to be about the size of an NFL Football Stadium.

The vessel was triangular in shape, gunmetal or carbon black in color, making absolutely no sound as it flew ominously straight line and precisely steady undoubtedly under some form of highly advanced intelligent navigational control. I immediately brought the sight to the attention of my assistant instructor who then also observed it as well.

Though my (NVG’s) I could see that the unknown craft had at least one light located at each corner of the triangle under its massive dark outline blackening out the night sky behind it, however upon lowering my optics the lights appeared to be pale blue in color and barely visible with the naked eye. Awestruck, we stood and watched this amazing spectacle pass directly over us and for the span of about 2 minutes until it disappeared over the low tree line with the two jets in trail towards the small town of Hoffman, NC, on the horizon to our north.

About a minute later while we were attempting to rationalize what we had just witnessed, it reappeared having had changed direction, returning from over the same northern tree line now heading south and bit further to our west. There were now three fighters in formation behind it and the craft seemed to have pulled further in front traveling at a higher rate of speed.

By this time the majority of our 15 student squad had sensed our excitement, overheard our conversation and was now also watching the event curiously as the triangle and following jets disappeared again this time over the tree line to the southwest. In an immediate after action review and analysis with my assistant who is also a senior Special Forces operator, we both agreed that the fighters behind the craft seemed to be in pursuit rather than in escort.

There must be record of the sortie as I imagine they flew out of Pope AFB co-located with Fort Bragg 30 miles east. There is also a possibility the event was observed by radar by the air control tower at Mackall Army Airfield which is in constant operation positioned approximately 3 miles northeast from the location of the sighting.

Again, although having served in special operations for many years with vast experience working with helicopters, fighters and bombers in support during training as well as combat operations, I am absolutely positive that I have never seen or encountered anything even close to the advanced level of technology we observed that night.

Its massive size and capacity of flight in absolute silence and complete absence of any force propulsion disturbance such as wind defies all reason and known laws of physics. In my opinion it was definitely not something made by human hands and moved as though it could have possibly been using some type of electromagnetic anti gravitational method of propulsion.

Immediately following this incident my assistant and I debated if we should even share this story in concern of our professional credibility and or sanity but the very next morning a news story appeared in the Richmond County Daily Journal that there had been numerous other sightings reported in the area that night including one from a law enforcement officer, a Sheriff’s Deputy in Wadesboro, NC, which was also reported to MUFON. Although I have since searched the papers online digital archives for the article to no avail, I still maintain an original copy of that report in my personal possession.

It is a night I will never forget.

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