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UFO Depiction
UFO Captured on Video by Pennsylvania Woman

09-01-14 - A Pennsylvania woman captured a video of what she calls a UFO on Monday night, according to ABC News. Stephanie Wilkerson was on her porch in Lower Paxton Township when she spotted something in the sky. "I thought it was a plane until I realized it wasn't moving," Wilkerson told ABC. "I watched it for about 20 minutes and I started noticing it changing colors." Then Wilkerson took out her cellphone and recorded the object in the sky. She also called her neighbor and asked him to take a look for himself. The neighbor, who first thought the mysterious object was a planet, grabbed his binoculars and said, "No, it changed yellow. That is not a planet," Wilkerson said.

UFO Depiction
Melbourne Researcher Paul Dean has Spent Decades Searching for UFO Truth

09-01-14 - PAUL Dean, 35, from Nunawading, is a senior researcher with Victorian UFO Action, a group dedicated to investigating UFO sightings. He has spent decades searching for the truth about reports of unidentified flying objects. As told to SARAH MARINOS, this is a SnapShot glimpse into Paul’s extraordinary life: FROM as far back as I can remember I was always technically and scientifically minded. As a kid growing up in the eastern suburbs, I enjoyed learning about physics, astronomy and aviation. But when I was 13 a close family member told me something that triggered my lifelong interest in UFOs. He told me about a sighting near Shepparton in 1975.

UFO Depiction
Encounter at Edwards (off-site)

09-01-14 - One of the most troubling aspects of the whole UFO phenomena to me, are the numerous accounts of encounters on military installations, and the subsequent cover up’s, and improper treatment of personnel involved. This is a practice that began within days of the crash at Roswell, when President Truman ordered the creation of the National Security Council by Public Law 80-253, approved on July 26, 1947, and thus the lid was successfully clamped down on the biggest event in the history of the world! Civilian witnesses were aggressively interrogated, threatened, and told to remain quiet about what they saw or they would be "taken out into the desert... "

UFO Depiction
Video - UFOs Appear over Military Base in Bounemouth, UK

08-31-14 - The submitter states: Date: 8th August 2014 - This amazing footage was recorded in Bounemouth, England, and the witness suspects there to be a secret military base 3 miles northeast of Hurn airport, Bounemouth's main airport. (Editor's Note: There has been quite a bit of speculation about the objects shown here. One commenter believes they are the RAF Red Arrows display team, a kind of British version of America's Blue Angels. I am including a short clip of their act here for comparison. I looked through a number of clips of theirs on YouTube and didn't find one that was anywhere near to what is shown here. Another debunker believes that military flares can account for the display. No one asked the military...

UFO Depiction
Do We Need a Threat?

08-31-14 - Would official science be more inclined to study UFOs if there were compelling evidence the phenomena impacted air-traffic safety? That issue was implicitly raised recently in Leslie Kean’s update on the Chilean government’s latest pronouncement on UFOs. Last month, CEFAA, Chile’s impressive multi-disciplinary panel of military and civilian analysts studying what it calls unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), weighed in on the evidence for danger to its air space. Perhaps Navy Capt. Roberto Bore summed it up best: “Aside from any natural distractions to the flight crews, the risks so far have been null. We cannot call UAP a risk to our operations...

UFO Depiction
Searchlight Scans Sky, UFO Seen in Wadsworth, Illinois

08-31-14 - While outdoors sitting in a hot tub (no alcohol, no drugs) at about 9 pm CST on Tuesday August 27, 2014, I observed a bright white search light scan the sky twice above Waukegan Memorial airport in Lake County, IL. About 2-3 minutes later, observed an orange-yellow oval craft travel from W to E at a high rate of speed (1200-1800 mph) for 5-10 seconds, then blink out (off). Oval-shaped craft was at an altitude of about 30K feet and vibrated or fluctuated slightly and was not traveling in a straight line. The craft traveled in a slight downward arc, then blinked off.

UFO Depiction
Video - UFO Footage from Eastern United States

08-30-14 - 8/29/2014 - A major UFO sighting captured on daytime video by multiple witnesses, has been sent in to Secureteam for analysis. Large black saucer-shaped UFOs are being captured in the skies over the eastern US. Here we have multiple videos from different angles of one of these large saucer-shaped craft. The first video was definitely zoomed in, and you can see him do it as the clip starts. Secondly, when major UFO sightings happen, such as the recent Houston, TX sighting, it's not hard for multiple people to see and quickly catch the objects with phones that they all carry.

UFO Depiction
Glowing White UFOs Observed over Alief, Texas

08-30-14 - I went outside to the backyard to smoke a cigarette when I observed a glowing white object moving slowly in the eastern sky. As I continued watching, it stopped and hovered for more than 5 minutes. After that time it began moving again in a westerly direction, towards me and over the house, stopping and hovering, changing its path and then ascending. During this time the color of the object changed from glowing white to glowing red/orange, not gradually, but instantly, like someone flicked a switch. I ran inside and grabbed my phone and used the camera to try and capture images and video of it, Samsung Galaxy S.

UFO Depiction
MUFON Sighting of the Month - August

08-30-14 - On January 26, 2014 two UFO sightings occurred in the Spokane Valley in the Eastern part of the State of Washington. A video was taken of a bright object that dropped another object. This object was sighted to the South. The exact time is not known, but believed to have occurred between 6:10 and 6:45 PM PST. This was reported to MUFON as case #53762 the following day. Another sighting was reported at 6:15 PM PST. This sighting location was about one mile SE of where the video was taken. The witness at the second location saw a large orange light to the East of their location.

UFO Depiction
Jet Black Triangle Seen near Road in Dodgeville, Wisconsin

08-30-14 - When driving on 151 from Madison to Platteville, WI, a triangular UFO was witnessed. I was alone in the car. It was foggy that night with a heavy overcast. Visibility limited to 1/2 mile in the valleys. When about 5 miles outside of Dodgeville, lights were observed about 1 o'clock in front of the car. The craft was large. It was very eerie also. There were three lights on the undercarriage of it. No light was seen in the center of the craft. The craft was jet black. It was a 100 feet or more in subtended length. A point of the triangle faced the car as it approached the craft hovering about 50 feet above the ground, 150 feet off the side of the road.

UFO Depiction
Pilot Sees 'Strange Red Glowing Light' while en Route to Alaska - Photos Taken

08-29-14 - A mystifying series of events was witnessed by Dutch pilot JPC van Heijst and his co-pilot as they flew their Boeing 747 to Alaska in 'a part of the world where there was supposed to be nothing but water.' According to Daily Mail, the pilot saw 'an intense flash of light like a lightning bolt, directed vertically up in the distance.' The Huffington Post reported that 20 minutes later, he saw a collection of red glowing lights beneath him. Here's what Heijst told the Daily Mail: 'Last night over the Pacific Ocean, somewhere South of the Russian peninsula Kamchatka I experienced the creepiest thing so far in my flying career,' he said.

UFO Depiction
Unknown Flying Object Observed in Maidstone, Saskatchewan

08-29-14 - My husband and I were driving east along the Yellow Head highway number 16 in Saskatchewan. Sometime after midnight we pulled off the highway and drove south into the town of Maidstone to get some rest. We were facing south at the corner of Railway Ave. and Third St. W when we saw the object above a field, southwest of the intersection not that far from us. I saw what looked like a shooting star, a white streak across the sky. It suddenly stopped and just hung in the air. It was a long oval that seemed to divide into two parts, rainbow colored with an ammolite-type shimmer and a bright white light at one end.

UFO Depiction
The Long Island Orbs - August 15, 2014

08-29-14 - This story is about two interesting and perhaps related UFO sighting incidents on Long Island. The first sighting was at about 10 p.m. in North Babylon, NY located in Suffolk County. Harvey, a local resident, was walking up his drive way that evening and per chance glanced up and observed three red orbs. He tells us that for more than fifteen minutes he observed these objects several different times. “They hovered, pulsated, moved slowly up and down and left to right. They eventually faded out at different times.” Harvey says that this is the third time this year that he’s observed these objects. He says that these objects have been previously...

UFO Depiction
Massive, Disc-shaped UFO Hovers over Ft. Worth, Texas

08-29-14 - I was driving east on I-30 in west Fort Worth. As I'm driving along, I see something that really catches my eye and sends chills up my spine. I look up and I see a massive, metallic disk-like shape way up in the sky. I could tell just by looking that the object had to have been hovering for a time. It was just sitting there. By this time my palms are starting to sweat and it looks like it's fading out; like a TV channel with a bad connection. I've simply never seen anything like it before. All I have been searching for are answers to what was seen. If that damn thing was a UFO, then aliens are a reality. But what would these..."things" want from us?

UFO Depiction
Video - Object from "Tether Incident" Appears Again

08-28-14 - A recent video on Youtube brought to mind some very similar unknown objects that were reported over the years. I dug these out of my old files, and made a short video comparing these objects. First brought to public view from NASA footage in 1996, the so-called "Tether Incident" included a strange, flat-looking round object. Since then, these others have followed. Here they are in the order they are presented: February, 2014 - Jardim, Portugal - February, 1996 - NASA Tether Incident, STS-75 - October, 2000 - Sharon Rowlands - Derbyshire Dales Footage - March, 2013 Object near Moon.

UFO Depiction
A Black, Triangle-shaped UFO is Seen in Ontario, Canada

08-28-14 - I saw this outside my bedroom window at about 9:25 pm Sunday evening August 10, 2014. I witnessed a large triangle-shaped object, completely flat on the bottom, with 3 orange/red lights, with white lights in the middle on each corner. It had no wings or tail and made a strange shushing sound, as it went slowly past our house, from east to west. Not sure of the color, due to the twilight, but object looked VERY large to me. It appeared to be close enough to our house to touch! I have never seen anything like this in my 72 years.

UFO Depiction
Disc-shaped UFO Travels Fast over Florida

08-28-14 - Shiny silver disc traveling at a fast pace on the outskirt of the clouds; seen with grandson in Tampa, FL. The object was seen at noon time in the sky. It was a very shiny silver in color. It looked to be 1/2 the circumference of the sun. The object was moving north as we were traveling on W. Bush Blvd. The object was with the horizon of the clouds flying low, yet most of the craft was in the clouds as it traveled. I only saw one side of the object which was flat, disc shape and a dolphin-like nose. It was traveling at a high speed and stayed within the clouds. I only saw it for maybe 15 seconds then it was gone into the clouds.

UFO Depiction
The Long Island Orbs of August 15, 2014 (off-site)

08-28-14 - This story is about two interesting and perhaps related UFO sighting incidents on Long Island. The first sighting was at about 10 p.m. in North Babylon, NY located in Suffolk County. Harvey, a local resident, was walking up his drive way that evening and per chance glanced up and observed three red orbs. He tells us that for more than fifteen minutes he observed these objects several different times. “They hovered, pulsated, moved slowly up and down and left to right. They eventually faded out at different times.” Harvey says that this is the third time this year that he’s observed these objects.

UFOs over Washington D.C.
Archived Case of the Week - 1952 Washington D.C. Sightings

During the dawn of Ufology in the United States, unidentified flying objects made themselves known to the leaders of the free world in 1952, buzzing over the White House, the Capitol building, and the Pentagon.

Seemingly the unknown objects were defying the very governmental agencies sworn to protect the United States from foreign powers.

Washington National Airport and Andrews Air Force Base picked up a number of UFOs on their radar screens on July 19, 1952, beginning a wave of sightings still unexplained to this day.

These blips were objects traveling at about 100 M.P.H. but with the ability to accelerate to the unbelievable speed of 7,200 M.P.H.

UFO Depiction
UFO Seen in Saginaw, Missouri - Drawing Made

08-27-14 - My wife saw a craft on Sunday, 17 August, 2014, 5:45 am. (Nurse, on way to work.) I just wish a picture had been taken. But the situation being what it was – driving, early morning and deserted road except for one other vehicle – that didn’t happen. She was driving north on South Range Line and had the UFO in sight from just south of Shoal Creek Bridge to the River Road and S Range Line at the Compressor Station. The UFO appeared about a mile (or less) to the west of Range Line and except for the trees around Shoal Creek and Thurman Branch was in view for a couple of minutes and appeared to be about a mile to the west.

UFO Depiction
Orb of Light Rapidly Moves over Lexington, Michigan

08-27-14 - My family was visiting a small town on Lake Huron, just an hour north of Detroit. My grandparents own a small cottage in a semi-residential area with other small summer-houses around them. The area is beautiful and serene, and every evening we enter the dirt roads of the farms across our main expressway to the town's center to spot deer. This tradition has been carried down from generation to generation, as my family has lived in Michigan since the mid-17th century. The anomaly I witnessed was strange and eerie, yet fascinating; an orb of light darted and hovered about 19 miles to the side of our car for about a minute or less.

UFOs over Washington D.C.
Could Washington D.C. be Protected by Ancient Egyptian Technology? (off-site)

08-27-14 - For many decades, perhaps earlier than that even, people in the Washington DC area have noticed a strange occurrence when it comes to their local weather. Specifically, severe storms mostly in the summer when on a direct course to impact the District of Columbia tend to break or split apart at the last minute. Local weathermen have been asked about this many times. Acknowledging that the phenomenon does exist and occurs frequently, their usual explanation is that the storms split apart due to the heat island effect.

Note: All news items that appear on our front page are archived at Archived Files, 2014.

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