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Does Google Earth Photo Show UFO over Australia?

11-25-14 - The universe is full of mysteries that challenge our current knowledge. In "Beyond Science" Epoch Times collects stories about these strange phenomena to stimulate the imagination and open up previously undreamed of possibilities. Are they true? You decide. A UFO was captured over Victoria, Australia, on Google Earth, according to bloggers. UFO Sightings Daily pointed out the alleged UFO near Victoria above the highway. Screenshots appear to show a white object over the street at the coordinates of...

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3 Bright Lights Spoil Opening of Deer Season in Texas

11-25-14 - Deer hunt spoiled by sudden appearance of 3 bright lights, surrounded by a dim amber ring of light. About 20 minutes before daylight on opening day of the 2014 deer season here in northeast Texas it was dark, no wind, no clouds, no moon, just star light & I'm straining to see my feeder through my binoculars when all of a sudden the entire area lit up like someone turned on flood lights. I quickly raised my eyes over my binoculars and could see the light was all around the tree I'm in too, and its 80 yards from my deer feeder.

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UFO Claims to be Investigated by The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

11-25-14 - The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) Institute for Space Studies recently held its first official conference on the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence, Prof. Lachezar Filipov told the Nova TV breakfast show. “Until now this topic was sort of banned among the scientists,” he said. “But the growing public interest, not only in Bulgaria, but abroad, made BAS believe that we must respond to such phenomena.” According to Filipov, the conference was prompted by the claims of “a serious man” that he saw a...

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Alleged UFO Marks Found in Croplands South of Parral, Mexico (off-site)

11-25-14 - VILLA OCAMPO, Durango - The owner of the "Don Isaac" ranch was startled last Thursday when he reached his property only to find that strange imprints had been found in a sorghum field - an area measuring 2,500 square meters (26,000 sq.ft.). Locals have attributed such events to extraterrestrial activity. A UFO phenomenon occurred in a ranch of this locality, flattening the sorghum crop and forming circles and triangles in other sections. An abnormal phenomenon took place at Rancho Don Isaac, 7 kilometers distant from the community of Villa Ocampo.

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Unknown Flying Object Captured on Video in UK

11-24-14 - I was standing outside my front door when I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye and saw something shoot across the sky; then suddenly stop at that point. I got my phone out and recorded the object. I wasn't sure what to think when I first saw the object. It had green lights that seemed to be flashing randomly; I could just make out it was a solid object and the way it moved from right to left and up and down, I couldn't explain it; I'm baffled as to what happened...

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UFOs Referenced in Old Irish Foreign Policy Documents

11-24-14 - Flying Saucer reports and Winston Churchill's hopes of bringing his horse to Ireland to run in the Derby are in a newly published volume of documents on Irish foreign policy. The latest volume covers the work of Irish diplomats in the 1948-51 period when the first Inter-Party government was formed under Taoiseach John A Costello and the Irish Free State left the Commonwealth to become a republic. Intense interest in reported UFO sightings in the skies over the US in 1950 prompted the Irish embassy in Washington to send a report to Dublin.

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Man in Minnesota Witnesses Saucer-shaped UFO Shoot Beam to Ground

11-24-14 - While starting my car at 5:33 am this Friday, Nov. 21st, 2104, something made me look straight up into the night sky. Directly above my head was a very bright light. The beam seemed to be shining at a 45 degree angle to the SW of my location. The beam was only admitting light for about 20 seconds. In that time I could see that there was an object connected to the light. I estimated the object to be about 500 feet or so in the night sky. The sky was clear and many stars were visible giving somewhat of a reference...

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Paris, France - 4 UFOs are Captured on Video

11-23-14 - A witness in France claims to have spotted at least four “UFOs” above Paris, France, a few days ago. (YouTube/screenshot/User: WTFflow) A user uploaded footage of the alleged UFOs on YouTube, describing them as “landing in clouds.” The video, captured in November, appears to show four lights floating around in the clouds above the city. The lights appear to be visibly moving. The YouTube uploader describes his experience, claiming: “I caught a nice UFO fleet during a beautiful sunset the other day. The UFOs were kind of multicolored...

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UFO Activity in the Heartland of Missouri

11-23-14 - While conducting investigations into the third early August sighting in the Joplin area and another one in rural Phelps County near St. James that I have just learned the details of, UFOs have seemed to have come out of the woodwork throughout Missouri and adjoining states. The Midwestern region has been inundated with good UFO reports during the past three and a half months, and Missouri, south of the Missouri River, has produced some rather interesting reports. Eldon is normally a quiet little Miller County town...

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An Alien Nuclear Strike on Earth? Physicist Thinks So

11-23-14 - Brace yourselves; the same alien race that destroyed the Martians with nuclear bombs could very well target Earth soon. Don't scoff; heed the warning of University of California at Davis theoretical plasma physicist Dr. John Brandenburg whose theory of Martian genocide is based solely on "science." The ancient Martians, called Cydonians and Utopians, were wiped out by a third unnamed, nuclear wielding, alien race says Brandenburg. He cites radioactive substances that cover the Martian surface and large amounts of nuclear isotopes...

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1994 - Mother and 6 Children Have Close Encounter in Washington

11-23-14 - At approximately 2145 hours on Thursday night, December 29, 1994, a mother (with her six children) was driving north on the Zaring Cut-Off Road in southeastern Washington State, just 5 miles north of the Snake River. Several of her children suddenly started shouting, and called the mother's attention to three extraordinarily bright lights above a recently harvested wheat field off to the right (east) side of the road. At first they thought the lights were the landing lights of an airliner at low altitude, perhaps making a forced landing in the field...

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Does Video Show UFO Landing in Arizona?

11-22-14 - This cellphone footage was recorded at Granada Park in Phoenix, Arizona. You'll see Jenny Horne's experience as she visited a park with her daughter around sunset on Friday November 7th, 2014. She heard multiple helicopters in the sky above. When she looked up she saw the helicopters, but below them she also saw a bright circular disk-shaped flying saucer hovering over the mountain directly in front of her. It hovered over the mountain for several minutes and the object started changing color and shape. It then started to make its way to the ground...

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Low-flying Triangle UFO Witnessed over Bessemer, Alabama

11-22-14 - I see what looks like a small two-seat airplane. I say that because it was low (tree tops) and was moving across the sky going to my right. It was not going too fast. The Bessemer airport is about 5-10 miles from where I was. Anyway, all of a sudden this object turns upside down and goes back to the left. It stops and hovers. I was thinking that sure doesn't act or seem like a small airplane. As I get close I see its a black triangle craft hovering right over a bridge along I-459.

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Unknown Object Rises from Ground in New Hampshire

11-22-14 - Unusual sound with a large invisible object rising from the ground into the sky; disturbed all dogs in neighborhood. I was walking my dog down my street and heard a loud noise, hard to describe, sort of like an engine or a huge compressor of some kind, starting at ground level about 1/8 mile in front of me. Then as it grew louder, it also rose toward the sky, very weird. The air felt charged again, hard to describe. The sound grew louder until it seemed like it was very high above me, then faded quickly into the distance.

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What is the Giant Object Forming near Saturn?

11-21-14 - An alleged astronomer from the Hawaii based Keck Observatory claims to have taken clandestine photographs of a giant UFO anomaly near Saturn that appeared in early November. He says that the anomaly is responsible for super storms on Uranus which are baffling astronomers as evidenced in a November 17 report on Perfect Science. The astronomer’s testimony and photographs were released today on Youtube by the Secureteam channel. He claims that Keck Observatory astronomers were instructed to keep secret...

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Unusual Sightings Made over Hastings, Minnesota

11-21-14 - I saw something very interesting in the early morning sky about 3 weeks ago. It was dark out and the stars above were clear. It was approximately 06:10 hours. I was taking the dogs outside. I always admire the stars while my dogs do their business. Directly above my head a brilliant flash of light appeared. It reminded me of when the Starship Voyager before it goes into warp on the popular tv show. The brilliant flash of light opens up and a bright ball of light pops out from inside of it. The flash of light closes, but the brilliant ball of light remains...

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Maybe We Really Are Alone in the Universe

11-21-14 - One of the questions many of us have asked while gazing up at the night sky is: "Are we alone?" Since the dawn of intelligence on the planet, humanity has pondered this question. Some people have claimed to have had contact with creatures from other planets while others swear up and down that they have seen unidentified flying objects that can't be anything but vehicles from extraterrestrial civilizations. Popular culture is replete with tales about aliens and some of our most enduring stories and movies are about first contact...

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UFO over Liverpool UK (off-site)

11-21-14 - The following UFO report was brought to my attention by a friend, David, on Facebook. The Liverpool Echo reported (13 November 2014) on the following from residents of the area... A 28-year-old mum and her husband from Old Swan were standing in their backyard having a smoke when they noticed a UFO that was: “bright blue and then it was staying still – like it was floating – and then it went really, really fast backwards and forwards” It next changed to amber and turned red. It stayed there motionless before it disappeared but it came back about 10 minutes later.

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Frightening Sky Blaze Erupts, Lights Up Night in Russia

11-20-14 - Motorists driving down a dark and creepy Russian road had their path briefly illuminated for them recently (no, Putin didn’t suddenly install street lights). A blaze of orange was filmed lighting up the night sky above the Sverdlovsk region in central Russia for a few seconds. UFO? Comet? Strange super-future weapons testing? Despite several motorists capturing the strange event with dashboard cameras, scientists and officials have been unable to explain the light. See video...

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Romanian Photographer Looks for Input on Photograph of UFO

11-20-14 - I’m living in Romania in Europe and some parts of our country up to the mountains have really strange stories about extraterrestrial activities! As we know up at the Carpathian mountains not so far from cities –Busteni and Azuga exists; even a secret army base. The reason why I write to you is that a couple of years ago during a summer camp with kids at the mountains not so far from the mentioned area, I was taking random pictures. When I got home I started to erase the bad pictures and I get to the picture I'm talking about...

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Cover-ups Regarding Alien Visitors

11-20-14 - We see and hear talks of conspiracy and cover ups in regards to possible visitors from other planets, secret moon bases, and UFO sightings. I always wonder, what is the harm in letting the public know? Why would there even be a cover-up situation? Sure, it makes for a great plot in a blockbuster film. In reality, is it necessary? Are we as humans not capable of having such knowledge if, in-fact, it existed? You have to admit that some of these conspiracy theories have such a solid foundation that they seem to be true. Or then again...

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