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Unidentified Object Moves Rapidly over Scunthorpe, (UK/England)

08-27-15 - Was standing in my back garden with my wife looking north between 00:30 and 01:20 to view the Perseid meteor shower. The sky was cloud free with good visibility, and there was no wind. During this observation period I saw 11 shooting stars, 4 aircraft, and one UFO. The UFO was first seen by us in the north East at 00:40, and moved parallel and close to the horizon (approx. 15 degrees elevation) across our field of view towards the north west. It was internally illuminated, but not as brightly as the aircraft we also observed at other times during this sky watch...

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Low-flying Triangle UFO Witnessed over Bow Island, Alberta, Canada

08-27-15 - Me and my girlfriend were out to watch the meteor shower, and had just turned off the yard light. We were both staring into the sky and simultaneously we both pointed and asked each other "what's that?" We could see a large, low flying triangular shape zooming across the sky heading directly south. I can't say how fast, but I have never seen a plane fly that fast in my life and it was totally dead silent. At its closest point over us you could make out 5 very dim lights, or reflections from another light across the yard. The lights were all white.

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Child Claims He Was 'stalked by UFO for two weeks' Has Footage of Craft

08-26-15 - After seeing the clip, which the boy captured on the parent's mobile phone, the concerned parents sent it to "experts" for verification. This odd footage was recorded by a nine-year-old boy who claimed a UFO had been following him every day for weeks. The youngsters parents, who had never seen the craft initially didn't believe the boy. But he then managed to film the bizarre object, which flies around, changes direction and eventually seems to vanish in mid-air. The "experts" claim this is proof alien craft are following children and camouflaging themselves...

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Triangle UFO Spotted in New Jersey

08-26-15 - Last night I, and a few of my family members, observed 2 flying objects, triangular in shape, one much larger. We were watching the sky to observe the meteor shower. The smaller of the 2 joined together with the larger and then abruptly changed direction and proceeded to circle around one another flashing white and reddish lights. The light flashes looked like communication as they would alternate flashing, but also flash in unison at times. They continued to hover and make small circles next to each other for over 1 hour.

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Two Star-like UFOs Maneuver over Tennessee

08-26-15 - My husband and I were outside having a smoke and looking at the moon when we noticed 2 star-like objects very high in the sky directly over our head. The first one was traveling at a high rate of speed, much faster than a plane, but not as fast as a meteor or shooting star. We noticed it making a fast sharp turn a few times (as if it was searching) and then it quickly went back on path and out of our field of vision. About a minute later, another came along on the same path, same fast speed but this one increased in brightest a couple of times and then would disappear altogether...

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Black Knight Satellite Caught on Video

08-25-15 - UFO hunters claim the satellite is an object approximately 13,000 years old of extraterrestrial origin which orbits Earth. The footage reportedly shows the so-called' Black Knight Satellite' flying through the sky above the US. UFO hunters claim the satellite is an object approximately 13,000 years old of extraterrestrial origin which orbits Earth. It comes after the satellite was recently reportedly filmed moving past the International Space Station and moon. In shuddery footage posted on YouTube, a large, black object was filmed over Jacksonville, Florida.

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UFOs are No Strangers to South Dakota

08-25-15 - UFOs have been reported across the United States and the World for many years. One of the most famous sightings is near Roswell, New Mexico. In 1947, many claim to have seen, witnessed and even helped covered up the UFO crash site.

The military investigators claimed the crash site was nothing more than a weather balloon. South Dakota is not immune to UFO sightings. Several sightings have already been reported this year. Objects described as cylinder shaped, disk shaped, or flashing lights in a diamond formation have been reported.

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Object with Black Band Observed over Tennessee

08-25-15 - I came out of the garage at 10:05 A.M. with a lawn chair. There was a clear sky. I looked up and saw the shiny object which looked like an aircraft, but odd in some way. I went back in to get the binoculars. I went out the back door to relocate it. I looked through the binoculars to verify that it had NO WINGS, but it did have a black band around it where the wings should have been. This could have been some new or experimental blimp that I am not aware of, but what I saw matches exactly to what others have seen.

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Three Strange Light UFO Orbs Caught over Le Planestel, France

08-24-15 - Three strange lights have been spotted over a rural area of Le Planestel, France in a recent UFO sighting caught on camera. Mystery surrounds the observation of the small spherical glowing orbs, and the film-maker remains unidentified. As the camera positions itself at the nights sky the glowing balls can be seen floating from left to right. The footage then focuses on the hovering balls of light, tracking them and zooming in as they move across the screen. However, although the sighting seems extra-terrestrial, the term UFO simply qualifies an object that we can't identify...

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NSW Skywatcher who Filmed UFOs Says He was Quizzed by Men in Black

08-24-15 - A documentary film that explores the sightings of unidentified flying objects and the people who witness them within Australia. There's a movie being screened in Sydney next week that is sure to polarise its audience. It's called Australien Skies. It's a documentary about some of the unexplained stuff seen by people who call themselves skywatchers. The timing is good. Earlier this month Russian billionaire Yuri Milner announced he would spend at least $US 100 million ($138m) to see if there really is anything "out there". Australia will contribute to the effort using the...

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Rectangular-shaped Unknowns Seen over Lake Havasu City, Arizona

08-24-15 - I was standing outside my house with my sister when both of us saw a rectangular shaped craft fly straight over our heads. She went inside because she was scared; I stood outside for 10 more minutes and saw a second craft fly over to my left. So there are two rectangular shaped objects; they made no sound as they flew over and they had like round vents. The object was approximately hundred foot above us and I could see the craft as clear as day; they didn't scare me I was curious where they were heading. I watched for a bit and then they disappeared.

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UFO ‘100 Mile Mothership’ Seen on Moon Looming over Lunar Surface, UFOlogists Claim

08-22-15 - A massive UFO “mothership” was photographed looming over the surface of the moon last month — a ship that appears to be 100 miles long — at least according to analysis of the images by a prominent UFO researcher, who took a long, hard look at a YouTube video that claims to show “weird lunar flashes or pulses” along with “many weird anomalies [that] dart through frame.” But at the 3:55 mark of the video, according to top online UFO expert Scott C. Waring of the popular UFO Sightings Daily blog, a monstrous object can be seen, appearing to protrude from the moon’s surface, or perhaps from behind its horizon.

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Unknown Object Seen a Second Time in Philadelphia, Video Taken

08-21-15 - New Kensington, Philadelphia - May and June, 2015 - I was out walking the dog when I noticed a light in the sky. I checked my security camera feed and saw this object on two occasions. The first time was on 5/19/15 @ 7:32 pm and the second time on 6/6/15 at 8:04 pm. Those are the daylight sightings of the object, at least so far... (Editor's Note: It is strange that this object has seemingly sat still on two different occasions in virtually the same location. It almost looks like a planet, but the shape of the object virtually rules that out. Tell us what you think.)

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Speculation that Green Ball Sighting at Minto was UFO

08-21-15 - IT HAD a green tinge, it looked like a large ball, it darted through the night’s sky, and has left Minto’s Laurie Porter baffled. Mrs Porter, 61, was outside her home when she spotted an unusual object zooming through the still sky at 8pm on August 15. It then quickly disappeared in the distance. She is curious to know if any other residents sighted the mysterious “greenish ball”, possibly above Ingleburn, or may know what it could have been. "The object was much larger than a star, but smaller than the moon,” Mrs Porter said. “It was not accompanied by any beam of light..."

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Flat Disc with Multi-Colored Lights Observed over Brisbane

08-21-15 - I was walking down my interior house stairs and saw what looked like a commercial aircraft at first. I've seen UFOs in this direction before so I watched closely. The object was a flat disc with multi-coloured lights flashing around it at random times. This was a hint that the aircraft WAS NOT an airplane. It flew from south to north at different speeds and then stopped. I was just about to run to get my camera when I heard a deep rumble and kept watching. The UFO started moving backwards and then stopped. After this, the object started moving slowly upwards straight into the sky...

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Glowing Object Videotaped in Tarzana, California

08-20-15 - I was driving to go get dinner. We were making a left turn onto Ventura Blvd from Reseda. I happened to look up because there was an obvious glowing object with beautiful colors, unlike anything I've ever seen. I knew right away it was unusual and after looking at it I knew it had to be a UFO. It was a cube-shaped object, solid in nature, moving very slowly to the southeast. It had a beautiful bright light that surrounded the whole craft that was constantly changing colors. The colors faded into each other.

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