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Possible UFO Photographed in Great Britain

02-08-16 - Hi BJ & team... my friend appears to have accidentally captured a UFO. He didn't see it at the time. He was just frustrated of being stuck in traffic, so he took a random picture, even he didn't notice it, but I did. It may be nothing, but I thought I’d share it with you. Please let me know what you think. It appears to be a disc-shaped object. (Editor's Note: Well, Colonel, it is certainly something, as to what it is exactly, I don't know. We will put it up on the site and see what type of response we get.) Credits to Richard J.

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The Abductee Who Fought Back

02-08-16 - By now many of you are aware I have been writing about a group of people I refer to as ' Real Time Abductees.' By real time I am referring to lost time abduction cases that take place when the people being abducted are fully awake. The real time abductions take place while they are going about their daily life when without permission they are taken against their will. I do not interview or write about abductions that take place in a sleep state or while in a trance or encounters that involve telepathic communications. My main interest concerns the real time abduction cases. The abductee I will be writing about in this article is a woman I call the angry abductee...

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Video of UFO Cluster over Russia Deemed the Real Thing

02-06-16 - ASTONISHING video footage of what looks like a cluster of UFOs flying in unison over Moscow has been declared authentic by experts. The film, shot in Russia’s capital at the end of last month, shows four unidentified lights hovering and swooping above the city in what looks like synchronised flying. Thousands of people have now viewed the images across the county, which seem to show the objects moving at great speed and then hovering together. The man who filmed the Close Encounters-style spectacle, named only as Timur in local media, explained: “There were four balls of light. A red one to the left, two white ones in the middle and a less bright one to the right.”

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Soldiers Close Encounter with a Alien Triangle near Camp Mackall, NC

02-06-16 - Richmond County NC. Sandhills State Game lands (MGRS): 17SPU357718 / (UTM): 17S 635768 3871862 / (Lat-Long) 34.9802,-79.5126 I am a retired US Army Special Forces operator and instructor. I have spent a career honorably serving my country with the highest level of integrity and I swear that the following statements regarding my observation of the events I describe here are true and factual. While assigned as cadre to the JFK Special Warfare Center, I spent the majority of my time teaching tactical combat patrolling to Special Forces candidates in the pine forests and swamps of both the Federal Mackall Military Reservation and NC State Sandhills Game lands...

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Glowing UFO Photographed over Santa Cruz, Bolivia

02-03-16 - This happened in the town of Chochis, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I witnessed this while on holiday. I had already heard stories that these types of things were often seen in the area. After visiting all the places we wanted to, we walked two kilometers from the Sanctuary of Chochis. Here we went to see a farm that belonged to a friend. It was then that we saw a light, at first from afar. It was where he kept his cattle. We went closer to investigate, and then we were surprised to see this light approaching. We called it a machine as you could make out the shape as it flew. This object appeared to vibrate as it went.

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Truck Driver Submits Photographs of Unknown Aerial Object over Minnesota

02-03-16 - I am a truck driver. I was parked for the night in Shakopee, Minnesota, on the 28th. I thought I would share with you something that was unusual, and I managed to capture on photograph. As you can tell from the photo there is a diamond shaped object in the distance. I took about forty photos of it and in two of the photos there were bright lights; one looked like it was part of the diamond shape. Also while I was taking the photos about 5:30 this evening there was also another flash of a bright light in the clear, blue sky. The object kept its diamond shape for the duration of the forty photos, which was about 15 minutes. Finally...

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A Close Encounter with a Possible UFO in Exmouth

02-03-16 - There have been reports of a possible ‘UFO’ sighting in Exmouth. Roddy Bridge, 65, from Whimple, was walking back to his car at 10pm on Sunday, January 24, when he saw four blue LED lights in the sky. The 65-year-old, who has lived in East Devon for 22 years, said: “I was walking back to the car after visiting Exmouth cinema when I saw four LED lights in the sky. “At first I thought it was a helicopter, but it wasn’t bright enough or making enough noise. I was just stood there bemused, wondering what it was. It could have been a UFO. I am a believer, even though I don’t go shouting or raving about it. I am a former army officer."

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ISS Films UFO Shooting Beam Toward Earth

01-29-16 - Online UFO hunters with eyes glued perpetually to NASA’s live ISS stream have detected yet another fascinating anomaly in low Earth orbit. The live HD cameras aboard the International Space Station (ISS) in low Earth orbit recently captured images that UFO enthusiasts claim show an extraterrestrial craft conducting Earth surveillance from space. The video (see below), uploaded to YouTube by the prolific YouTube UFO hunter Streetcap1, is an excerpt from NASA’s live feed from the ISS captured on January 28, 2016. According to online UFO hunters, it shows a UFO hovering above the Earth’s atmosphere in space and shooting a cone of light Earthward.

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Discoid-shaped Object Photographed in Hamilton, Great Britain

01-29-16 - My uncle (the witness and photographer) and I went on a drive to look at some star like objects. We thought they might be UFOs because a few weeks prior to this I had an encounter with a UFO that was only 10 ft. above the houses, but didn't look much like any of the two in these photos, but more like a spinning top. We hardly got 5 minutes away from the house when my uncle noticed the two objects just hovering above Hillhouse Road, but due to the street light and the natural camouflage of the smaller one I was unable to spot them and I was honking. My uncle had just spotted lights in the sky.

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UFO Disppears in Front of Witness in Winfield, West Virginia

01-29-16 - It was a little after 10 pm on a Friday night; it was my friend and I in mycar and we were parked right beside a bridge waiting to meet another friend I just pulled in to park so we could wait, and before I could even put my car in park I saw an object in the sky. At first I thought it was someone who lived beside the river shining a spotlight or even a boat with a spotlight, but it was just so spherical in shape and it was bright. This thing was just hovering right over the river moving from left to right slowly. I was left speechless watching the mysterious object just slowly start going towards the sky...

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Shapeshifting UFO ‘Variable’ Filmed Over San Antonio

01-27-16 - An online UFO researcher claims to have filmed for the first time a special type of shapeshifting alien UFO known as a “UFO variable.” According to the UFO hunter, UFO variables are based on a form of advanced alien propulsion technology that allows spacecrafts to convert solar energy into electromagnetic propulsion (EMP) force The UFO researcher Mario Vallejo (SAUFOTX) filmed the mysterious UFO “variable” traveling at a high altitude over San Antonio, Texas, on January 23, 2016. According to Vallejo, he was sky watching, looking westward, when he noticed a white cloud-like object visible high in the cloudless sky. The mysterious object was traveling...

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Sorry, UFO Hunters: Area 51 Just Banned Hobby Drones

01-27-16 - There's some bad news for anyone trying to use their drone to find out what the U.S. government is up to at Area 51. Unmanned aerial vehicles are now banned from flying near the facility. That's according to a new batch of warning signs posted around the U.S. Air Force base in Nevada. The exact purpose of Area 51 remains classified, though it's believed to be the military's primary development and testing facilities for aircraft and new weapons. The landscape surrounding Area 51 is patrolled by trucks and is dotted with stern signs warning visitors they're subject to search and possible arrest if they cross a boundary.

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Did a UFO Crash in Arizona in 1947?

01-26-16 - PHOENIX (KSAZ) - A story has been going around the valley about a UFO crash at the base of Squaw Peak Mountain, now Piestewa Peak in 1947. It goes on to say that the Government in an effort to hide all evidence of the crash built the dreamy draw dam over the spacecraft. There are several versions of the story, one of them is outlined in a book written in 1950 by Frank Scully called Behind the Flying Saucers. Scully wrote that in October of 1947 an alien space saucer crashed in the valley. It bounced, skipped, and landed miles away in Cave Creek or Paradise Valley.

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UFO Sightings are Common in Tiny Colorado Town

01-26-16 - HOOPER, Colo. (KDVR) -- As part of the new series "Colorado's Unexplained Stories," we're taking a trip four hours south of Denver to the San Luis Valley. The area is nicknamed "The UFO Hot Spot of America." Apparently, there are more UFO sightings there than anywhere else in America. Locals refer to Highway 17, which cuts through the valley, as "The Cosmic Highway." If you take the highway into Hooper, you'll eventually pass by an oddly shaped dome-like structure known as "The UFO Watch Tower." It was created by Judy Messoline 15 years ago. "What I find is we get people here because they need a place to talk about it and especially ones that have had experiences.

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A Peek Inside Canada's X-Files

01-26-16 - TORONTO - The truth could be out there in Toronto’s skies. Bet you didn’t know you could look up the Canadian version of The X-Files online. And to be clear, we’re not talking about a TV show north of the border mirroring the much-anticipated reboot back on the air. Archived webpages of the Library and Archives of Canada hold a database of UFO sightings that have been reported over the years in our country. So in honour of the return of Mulder and Scully to probe the paranormal, here are some GTA reports of unidentified flying objects spanning the 60s till the 80s. X-Files? More like Press-Files. One report from 1980 shows various agencies were asked about the “possible origin” of...

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The Real-life X-Files FINALLY Revealed: CIA Posts Former Top-secret UFO Reports Online

01-25-16 - The CIA has uploaded formerly classified papers to its website. But the CIA may be keen to shake off such conspiracy theories after it uploaded a string of once classified UFO files onto its website. Just weeks after US presidential candidate Hilary Clinton vowed to get to the bottom of what the Government knows about aliens and UFOs, if she makes it into the White House, the spooks made the disclosure. Although the documents are real, and in some cases details redacted, the department appeared to have its tongue firmly in its cheek with several references to Mulder and Scully in the announcement.

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UFO or Hoax? Unidentified Object Videotaped over Paraguay

01-25-16 - The footage shows a mysterious grey disc hurtling through the sky, which on closer inspection has flashing blue lights. A mysterious flying object is filmed speeding through the sky - leading some to speculate it is an alien aircraft. The 'footage' was apparently captured in Salta, Paraguay, by Roberto Aguirre. It shows a grey disk shooting across the city at superhuman speed, before the clip is paused. Zooming in on the UFO, strange blue lights can be seen beneath the vessel, which looks to be from another planet. Close encounter: Zooming reveals it to be some sort of spacecraft, suspiciously like the ones you'd see in films.

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Real Alien Craft Video of Phoenix Allegedly Leaked by KWBTV News Journalist

01-23-16 - Classified military footage of the Phoenix Lights UFO phenomenon has recently been leaked by a former U.S Air Force aviator. The footage reportedly captures never-before-seen cockpit footage of Lockheed-Martin F-16 and Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II fighter jets in action the night of the original incident 17 years ago. 56th Fighter Wing Public Affairs at Luke has received numerous inquiries and requests, but has remained silent on the footage. The report claims additional footage of multiple civilian casualties has been obtained. The Phoenix lights incident is one of the largest UFO sightings in North America. Thousands of Arizona residents became alarmed when they noticed a sizable object in the sky above Phoenix.

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UFO Accidently Captured on Video of Airplane in El Cajon

01-22-16 - The man, who has not been named, submitted stills from the video for investigation after spotting the fast-moving object only when he was reviewing the footage in slow motion. The witness said he started filming after seeing the unusual flight path of the plane in El Cajon, California. In a report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which investigates alleged sightings of aliens, he said: "I was outside at 11.30am on January 14 when I noticed a jet heading straight up and began to videotape it. Later in the day when playing the video back, my girlfriend and I noticed a fast moving object near the jet that was not visible to the naked eye when recording."

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Mystery Surrounds Footage of Two Military Planes Following UFO over Bulgaria

01-22-16 - SHOCKING photos of a UFO being followed by what appears to be military aircraft have emerged online. The snaps captured by UFO enthusiasts appear to show a saucer shaped ship being trailed by a government aircraft above a rural field. The clip was captured in a rural field by a reader of the Bulgarian paranormal website, Portal 12 Youtube. According to the Bulgarian paranormal website, Portal 12, who published the photos, the pictures were sent in by a reader. A translated version of its report says: "Fighter jets were chasing a UFO over Nova Zagora. "Military planes chased an unidentified flying object near Nova Zagora yesterday afternoon."

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Diamond-shaped UFO Witnessed over St.Petersburg, Florida

01-21-16 - I was laying on the roof of a building with a friend while we were waiting on a buddy to get out of class. My friend was walking around on the roof while I was lying down. I was staring up at the stars when I saw a bright white elongated diamond shape appear out of nowhere. The object looked as though it was coming through the atmosphere because it had a contrail but the color was nothing like a comet's trail; It was more of a pink color. The 'front' of it was the elongated, more acute angle (i.e. the pointier end of the diamond). It traveled a short distance in a straight line before it disappeared. (approx. 2 inches if I held my arm straight up).

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Conversation with a Real-Time Abductee

01-21-16 - The abductee I first interviewed who gave me the idea to join together a group of real time abductees was a very special woman who I was introduced to by a relative of mine who was her friend. After spending time with her I realized the importance of trying to pull together a united group of real time abductees for the purpose of sharing experiences in order to see if a common thread could be found in those being taken. This woman lives on Long Island. She is a very private person and lives her life as a hermit closed off to all but family and a few select friends. She lives in a highly protected environment in a secure home with family members...

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Strange Alien Object Encountered in Southern Australia

01-21-16 - Hey all, please no ridicule, I'm telling not one word of a lie... I still can't fathom what the hell I witnessed. I'm writing this in hope that someone that night witnessed something, as I was alone, just my dog & me in my car. I'm from South Australia. Last night at around 10:50-11:00PM driving down South in Onkaparinga /Hackham along States Rd /Penny's Hill Rd, I witnessed a massive weird-shaped object on a vertical angle. I pulled over & watched it just suspended there with clear, glowing white bright lights underneath it; it made absolutely no sound. It looked very overwhelmingly large and sinister; sort of dark metallic ripple look.

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