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UFO Lights over San Diego Caught on Video

05-02-15 - Like most UFO videos low quality, can't tell much; just lights in the sky. If ETs are real and want contact it will be clear without a doubt in daylight; not some ambiguous lights at night. The strange phenomenon was also captured by an NBC 7 reporter and photographer, who were covering a story on Tuesday night. The station said they attempted to contact the nearby military to try and get some answers about the strange occurrence, but so far, no response.

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UFOs over the White House: Do the US Presidents Know About the Existence of Aliens?

05-02-15 - US President Reagan is said to have met extraterrestrials - Most Americans assumed he was joking. "I come in peace," said President Barack Obama in March, 2012, after landing at Roswell, New Mexico, the infamous site of an alleged extraterrestrial spaceship crash landing. Asked about the alien bodies reportedly recovered from the wreckage he added: "If I told you I would have to kill you... we're going to keep our secrets here." But a controversial new book...

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Rumoured UFO Site "Best for Spaceport", Machrihanish Backers Say as They Launch Official Bid

05-02-15 - IT was once rumoured to be a base for top secret UFO investigations and has already served as an emergency landing site for a US space shuttle. Now the community-owned airbase in Machrihanish in Kintyre has launched its official bid to be named the UK's first spaceport, citing the previous support of Virgin Galactic and the advantage of its 3000 ft runway. Three of the shortlisted sites are in Scotland, including Scottish Government-owned Prestwick Airport, but the agency behind its bid...

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Unknown Flying Object in the Philippines Caught on Three Photographs

04-30-15 - Pampangga, Philippines - 04-26-15 - The object (objects) in the three photographs shown in article were seen by numerous observers as they flew not far from the highway, according to the reporter of the incident. The location was north of Philippines, Pampangga. The time was 10:00 to 10:30 PM, on Sunday night April 26, 2015. The reporter of the incident claims to have seen a similar object in France. Check out the photographs and see what you think the object might be.

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Morphing & Transforming UFOs… Are They Real?

04-30-15 - Four years ago, Johnny and his friend Tyler were in a secluded area camping. The area is lush meadows and surrounding trees in the distance. On the night they were camping, there were mid-level Cumulus clouds, perhaps 6,500 feet high from the ground. Johnny and Tyler heard a rumbling noise in the sky. Tyler’s eyes started flickering and he completely passed out. Johnny tried to revive his friend, but he was out cold and then he noticed what appeared to be a large white panel truck in the sky! The large white panel truck was huge.

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Mysterious Lights Witnessed over Rhode Island

04-30-15 - I was in my driveway in my truck when I first spotted a light in the corner of my eye. As I got out, I glanced at the sky as I always do and over the tip of the tallest tree in the neighborhood I saw a blinking light stationary over the tree. I know its not a plane, so what could it be. I watched it for a few minutes; between that time I noticed another similar blinking light in the woods northeast of where I live. This light was weird, almost like it was a flashlight, but it changed positions too rapidly to be a person...

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Flying Object Changes Directions over Jefferson City, Missouri

04-27-15 - I had just got off work at 8:00 PM Central Time and headed across town to get home. I hadn't eaten dinner yet so I stopped at Sonic Drive-Thru to get a bite to eat and had just pulled around to get my order when I noticed a really bright light hanging relatively low in the sky. I would have passed it off as a plane or a helicopter, but it was exceptionally bright, so I kept my eye on it. I started noticing it to move in erratic patterns, so I knew it couldn't have been a normal aircraft...

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Witness Appears on 'Good Morning America' to Discuss UFO Event in Pennsylvania

04-27-15 - Local police have a report. Came home from work about 10 pm and sat on deck with a glass of wine (usual), glancing at a very bright light that came towards me after a while; the colors appeared as it got closer. Got a neighbor to observe, he took out binoculars to look; husband came out onto deck with his own binoculars observed what appeared to be a UFO lights. I called 911 and 2 police officers arrived and also observed thru binoculars and I pulled out my cell phone which enhanced the image to film it.

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White Objects Fly in Chevron Shape over Wisconsin

04-27-15 - Approximately 23:30 on the night of April 14th, 2015, my husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law and I were outside having a fire. I noticed movement in the sky coming from the north/northeast and heading south. For a split second I thought I was seeing a flock of pure white birds moving in a flying "V" formation; upon further glance I noticed there was no movement of wings and the formation stayed in a perfect "V" shape. This night the moon was covered by clouds, and there was no source of illumination...

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Unidentified Object Videotaped over Virginia Beach Town Center

04-25-15 - A YouTuber leaving her job at the Town Center of Virginia Beach spotted a weird object fluttering around the top of the nearby Westin Hotel building. The object sat motionless at times, and occasionally sped off and came back. The witness was left wondering what the heck she had seen. Luckily, she caught it on video. I was tipped off to this video (seen below) by John Greenewald, who posted it on his website TheBlackVault.com. He felt the video was “kind of interesting,” and I agree.

NASA's Search for Aliens Steps Up

04-25-15 - The Nexus for Exoplanet System Science, or NExSS, will bring together a range of scientific skills in an attempt to improve the search for life on other planets. NASA is bringing together scientists from a range of different fields to try and search for life on other planets. The Nexus for Exoplanet System Science, or NExSS, will bring together earth scientists, who will look to further understand how planets can support life. They will do so by looking at how our Earth and the planets around us search for life, and use that to understand how viable...

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Communication from the Future Discovered, Proven to be Real

04-25-15 - Did you know that there was a study conducted to see if someone from the future was here present in our time? Yes, it’s true! Astrophysicists - Robert Nemiroff and Teresa Wilson at Michigan Tech University did just that as reported in 2014. They figured that if someone from the future traveled back to our time, there may be trace evidence. Someone may have done internet searches of future events. The search dates would have been prior to the events and would stand out that way. Enough of them traced to one user...

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UFO Orbs Captured on Video near Erupting Calbuco Volcano in Chile

04-24-15 - The Calbuco volcano, one of the most active in Chile, located in the Llanquihue National Reserve in the Los Lagos Region, erupted for the first time in nearly four decades, forcing the evacuation of about 4,000 residents. UFO enthusiasts are claiming that a local news channel covering the eruption unintentionally captured on video a formation of white UFO orbs flying through plumes of smoke into the volcano. The YouTube UFO hunter Dahb00777, who apparently first spotted the UFOs, claims that the white objects in the video...

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Plane Observed Escorting Unidentified Object over Louisiana

04-24-15 - Last night, I and my friends were outside of our housing projects and we saw in increments of 2 vehicles that had one plane that was escorting the other without lights... They made no sound until they were overhead; they were no more than 800 ft. above us slightly more but so close we could get a GREAT VISUAL of them. I went inside to let friends on Facebook know of the calamity that was occurring until my cousin-in-law told me he hears something and go check outside. Once I went back outside the other guys...

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Orb Splits into Two, Drops An Orb over Niagara Falls

04-24-15 - Light resembling a red road flare, slightly flickering, travelling north and meandering. No FAA light, headlights or wing lights. Suddenly it dropped a faint white light that disappeared within one second, then approximately ten seconds later, directly overhead, split into two separate lights, one white, one red, which cruised alongside each other for maybe two seconds before switching color and intensity with each other. Then the white one (original red light) disappeared and the new red light continued north-northeast...

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