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UFO Depiction
UFO over Ocean Isle, North Carolina?

08-23-14 - What was in the sky over ocean isle beach this weekend? “I thought that’s a strange light, maybe it's a helicopter light and I was watching them go, and they sorta did like a half circle,” said Woozy Dell, who is vacationing for the week out on Ocean Isle Beach, “and then I saw another one come, and then I thought this is bizarre, and it got a little interesting.” What she says she saw were a series of dots in the sky. They appeared to be glowing orbs, changing in color, and multiplying in number. “So I saw 2 and then I started seeing 3 and then I started seeing 4...

UFO Depiction
The Corpus Callosum of Cosmic Consciousness, or Balancing the Bridge Between Brains

08-23-14 - Our consciousness is fed by pure and unaltered data received through our sense organs. Brain lateralization means that the left cerebral hemisphere manipulates the received data and somehow portrays the “objective reality” which we currently embrace. However, this left-brained version of reality does not necessarily correspond to the total consciousness which floods in - that is, what the incoming data and information actually should tell us. We as a species, constantly sketch our so-called objective reality out of incoming quantum waves. The left-brain filters these waves constantly...

The Wow Signal
Strange Radio Signal From Space Still a Mystery 40 Years Later

08-23-14 - On Aug. 15, 1977, a 72-second radio signal from space stirred up the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Astronomer Jerry Ehman viewed the signal on a computer printout and wrote the word “Wow!” on the sheet, giving the signal the moniker it has today. The signal came from the Sagittarius constellation near the center of the galaxy. Ehman recalled in an interview with Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer: “It was the most significant thing we had seen.” The signal, which appeared as the six characters 6EQUJ5, did not have any apparent meaning.

UFO Depiction
Unknown Flying Objects Captured on Photographs in Canada

08-23-14 - Today on Thursday while outside on our deck at home, I had this feeling once again inside me. Even a premonition to even get my wife’s glasses from inside the house. Reason being so I could point out another UFO to her should I spot one. Suppose being on holidays can do that to a person on a nice day? While chatting with her her about twenty minutes facing west, I looked up and was shocked once again or at least surprised. Up very high, I could see something strange moving from the west to east...

UFO Depiction
Circle of Lights Photographed over Austin, Texas

08-22-14 - While on vacation in Austin Texas, we had been staying at a resort to swim. While my parents were checking us in, me and my friend were anxious to take pictures to show friends. While taking pictures we did not notice anything, until we got him and started going through our pictures my friend and I noticed at the top of our picture, little circles of light, almost in a perfect oval, all the exact same size. We cannot tell if they are their own objects, or may possible be the bottom of an UFO. This picture is too weird to be explained.

UFO Depiction
Unknown Object Videotaped over Edmonton, Canada

08-22-14 - A couple in Canada see a UFO and videotape the sighting. There have been numerous Canadian UFO sightings in the last couple months. Footage taken from Highway 14 and RR 214, looking west towards south Edmonton. Witness Statement: We first spotted this object coming from East towards Edmonton, then it made several sharp turns before this video was taken. At the time it was high in the clouds and hard to see and it dropped down from our view in area of south Edmonton. (Editor's Note:The object in question shows what appears to be some amazing, rapid flight changes, and is not affected by the wind...

UFO Depiction
Eyewitness to Texas Lights: "Lights Were NOT a Reflection."

08-22-14 - I can say beyond a shadow of doubt that the sighting of lights definitely was NOT a reflection and to offer that as a plausible explanation is pure nonsense. I live approximately 70 miles NW of Houston. Although Houston had rain, we had no rain that evening, Monday 8/11/14. I was not in a car and clearly saw the unidentifiable lights. From my vantage point I saw a ring of colored lights, some brighter than others, that appeared to be a round to oblong shaped ring of lights. The ring of lights seemed as if the ring was standing on edge and appeared to change shape as if the ring would partially rotate on a perpendicular axis...

UFO Depiction
Reader Submits 2010 Sighting Report from California - Transparent Disc Seen

08-22-14 - I've waited since 2010 to report this one because I have no pictures or other proof of what was an obvious UFO in the strictest sense of the words. I live not far (5 miles) from O'Hare in Chicago and while I've seen things here that defy logic, this one has stumped me... I was spending the winter in Laguna Beach, CA and about 10 pm, I went outside to take my 2 dogs for their evening 'constitutional' and there was a full moon over the ocean a block away. It was a dark, clear night as I was walking them, and then...

UFO Depiction
Montana - Air Carrier Pilot Reports UFO to Air Traffic Control 3:57 AM 8/20/2014

08-21-14 - (Editor's Note: Peter Davenport appeared on 'Coast to Coast' on Friday night, August 15, and talked a bit about the case below. Here is some information that is not in the written report:) The plane was heading to Seattle, Washington. The object he saw was at about 40,000 ft. altitude, 10,000 ft. above his plane. Shape: Unknown - Duration: unknown. Air Carrier pilot reported to enroute traffic control an object shiny and fast at FL320 over Miles City, MT, USA - Air Carrier Incident. Miles City, MT (MLS) – SKW 2393, CRJ-200. Pilot reported UFO at 330 radial at 40 miles westbound...

UFO Depiction
Extraterrestrial Life Discovered in Outer Space

08-21-14 - The discovery by Russian scientists on the International Space Station have been hailed as "absolutely unique.” Scientists aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have been left stunned to discover extraterrestrial life in outer space. They are stumped as to how they got there, but claim studies support the ability of the extraterrestrials to exist in zero gravity, extreme temperatures, while being belted by cosmic radiation and despite a lack of oxygen. The team of Russian experts stumbled across the startling find during a routine cleaning and polishing mission of the outside surface of the ISS.

UFO Depiction
UFO over Busan, South Korea (Video)

08-21-14 - The universe is full of mysteries that challenge our current knowledge. In "Beyond Science" Epoch Times collects stories about these strange phenomena to stimulate the imagination and open up previously undreamed of possibilities. Are they true? You decide. Raw footage featuring a strange, horseshoe-shaped UFO, spotted in the sky over Busan, South Korea. The unidentified flying object is seen traveling at incredibly fast speeds, what do you think it is? (Editor's Note: This one is from 2012, and it does have over 1/4 million views...)

UFO Depiction
Contact in the Desert - The People Want to Know! (off-site)

08-21-14 - This last weekend I attended the “Contact In the Desert” event in Joshua Tree, CA, along with almost 2,000 other people. Braving temperatures exceeding the one hundred degree mark, all ages and walks of life showed up with an amazing sense of community, with just one thing on their minds: What is the truth of the UFO phenomena? The event kicked off on Saturday in the Amphitheater, with a lecture by the great, world-renowned author and researcher, Eric Von Daniken, titled, “Remnants of the Gods”.

UFO Depiction
Archived Case of the Week - Apollo 10 and the Moon Pigeons

May, 1969 - Apollo 10 is on an 8-day journey to the moon and back. The mission would come to within 8 miles of the surface of the moon and was a dress rehearsal for Apollo 11s epic landing later the same year. After separating from its mother-ship, the module maps the surface of the moon looking for a proper landing spot for the later mission. Trying to get a radar lock for altitude, the module's transponder malfunctions.

Without a lock, the module will not be able to dock back up with the command module. Eugene Cernan, in the command module, is monitoring the action below. Suddenly, his camera catches something unexpected; a white object moving above the moon's surface. Could this be another space craft? This sighting would spawn a study of these anomalous objects. The objects would later be referred to as the 'moon pigeons.'

UFO Depiction
Triangle Disappears Before Witness' Eyes in Oklahoma

08-20-14 - It was daylight with no clouds, object flew a short distance, stopped still, disappeared as I stared at it. I was mowing my yard. I had to stop and stretch my back and neck. As I did, I looked up at the sky. I saw something bright and shiny high in the sky. I thought it was a plane at first, and did not pay much attention to it. Being close to the air base, it is not unusual to see planes. I did some movement of my hurting neck and back, and looked at the sky again. It was still there where I first saw it. I thought it sure was going to slow since a little time had passed and it was in the same place.

UFO Depiction
Unknown Object Moves Slowly over Dorval, Quebec, Canada

08-20-14 - My girlfriend decided to go out to Millennium Park in Dorval, QC. It's a nice park with an open area where you can sit and star gaze. My girlfriend placed the bed sheets and blanket that she brought with her right in the middle of the park. The moon was very bright and the sky was semi-polluted where you can still see the stars, but the sky wasn't pitch black. After about 20 minutes of star gazing, my girlfriend pointed towards the south and said "Hey look, what is that?" I quickly looked where she was pointing only to see a very distinctive circular object. The UFO had a grey base...

UFO Depiction
Bright Light Becomes Huge; Craft seen in Sarcoxie, Missouri

08-20-14 - I live in Southwest Missouri. At approx. 9:25 pm, I took my dog on leash to go to the bathroom. We live in the country and there was only a one bulb porch light on approx. 50 yards away, so it was very dark around me. Something caught my eye to the ESE that I first thought was a planet; a bright white light, not flashing and no other lights near, that moved closer. It continued to get bigger until it was approx. 1/4 of the size a full moon appears to be. Then it turned south slowly, went a little further (still very bright), then seemed to leave the atmosphere, reducing in size until...

UFO Depiction
Unknown Objects Captured on Video in Australia

08-19-14 - Situated high in the hills overlooking the coast, I observed 3 objects that appeared to descend to the ground just south of town. I have seen many of our own planes and helicopters in infrared and know the flight paths very well; these objects did not conform to any path seen before. I could not see them with the naked eye. The area they appeared to descend on was a semi-remote part of the coast. Night footage was taken around the same day with a Medion scope. These objects are very large and bright as hell.

UFO Depiction
Southwest Michigan UFO Sighting Still a Mystery

08-19-14 - Southwest Michigan locals had a UFO sighting experience on March 8, 1994 when they spotted unusual objects hovering over Lake Michigan towards the south of Holland. According to Grand Haven Tribune, locals identified the UFO sightings as blue, white, red, and green lights. At times, they said these lights were connected to cylindrical things and that they even saw them perform strange movements. Cindy Pravda, one of the residents in Grand Haven who had the UFO sighting experience, observed the strange lights for approximately half an hour. In an interview, she noted that she had been watching them...

UFO Depiction
Witness Spies Military Helicopter in Pursuit of UFO over Massachusetts

08-19-14 - First, at 9:30 pm, a relatively slow moving, large and conspicuous (military?) helicopter flew from southeast to northwest under a moonless, starry sky about 50 knots - half the speed of a typical "life flight" chopper or news chopper. It had a signature deep sound to its rotors like a heavy military war helicopter. I didn't pay much attention to it other than noticing its slow speed of travel and bright "red/green" FAA signal lights for civilian airspace. I assumed it was just a nighttime training mission… It should be noted that this is not heavily traveled airspace by helicopter air traffic -- only rarely do we see any helicopter at all.

UFO Depiction
Crystal Clear Video of Multiple UFOs Captured in Sao Paulo, Brasil

08-18-14 - Here is a video of a recent UFO sighting that took place in Sao Paulo, Brasil in early August of this year. The footage is extremely clear and shows multiple objects that are clearly unidentifiable. Remember, “UFO” refers to an unidentified flying object, and they are constantly tracked on airport and military radar. There are plenty of UFO videos floating around on YouTube, with little doubt that many of them are fake. On the other hand, the rate of UFO incidents continues to climb so much that people are witnessing them for themselves. The UFO problem has been examined in detail for a very long time, especially in South America.

UFO Depiction
Unidentified Object Found in Photograph from Ontario, Canada

08-18-14 - I was taking photos of the sky because it looked pretty. The object appears in only one of the images. It sort of resembles part of an aircraft, but I can't distinguish wings. Light seems to be reflecting on the object in the same way the light is reflecting on the surrounding clouds. Perhaps it is indeed an aircraft and we just can't see the wings because of the light angle. It certainly is a mystery and I would like help in determining exactly what it is. I am submitting two images. (only image with object is shown here.)

UFO Depiction
The New York Lights - 26 July, 2014

08-18-14 - “They appeared to be very high over downtown Syracuse.” Saturday, 26 July 2014, was a relatively clear night, perhaps that why so many folks witnessed the New York Lights. The pattern of fireball sightings covered a flight path spanning from Long Island, NY to Ontario, Canada. The New York Lights were first noticed by various folks in Long Island. At about 8:45 p.m., Tom, a motorist in Islip, NY on the southern coast of the island, saw the bright yellowish fire balls through his car’s sun roof. A little bit after 9 p.m., a resident of Northport, NY on the north side of the island reported the bright glowing fireballs.

UFO Depiction
Unidentified Flying Objects Seen Along with Helicopter and Planes in Virginia

08-18-14 - I was coming home from the complex next door from me when I noticed 6 bright lights flying very slowly from east to west. As I stopped and tried to pull out my cell phone to take video, my phone would not work. As I stood there watching the lights, more of the objects popped up one at a time just like turning on a light switch. I observed 6 to 10 objects moving very slowly flying east to west. 2 of the objects stopped in midair and hovered; it seemed like the 2 were waiting for the 3rd light that just popped in the sky, just like turning on a light switch. As the 3rd object caught up with the 2 that were hovering they then flew from east to west forming a triangle.

UFO Depiction
08-17-14 - More Information on Houston, Texas UFO with Video and Pictures

Editor's Note: Evidently, this sighting over Houston is the next 'big' thing in Ufology. I have put together some various reports, hoping to bring the most pertinent info, pics and video to light. Keep in mind that statements by so-called 'experts' are solicited very quickly; before all of the facts and media are presented, and often refer to one photo and not the preponderance of the evidence. Patience is a virtue here; it will take some time to see where all of this leads and possibly a final solution. I believe we will see more photos and video before all of the evidence is in.

Note: All news items that appear on our front page are archived at Archived Files, 2014.

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