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UFO Depiction
Cigar-shaped Objects Captured in ISS Video

10-25-14 - The image wasn't clear and scientists are unsure of the size of the cigar-shaped UFOs. This UFO sighting is especially significant because unlike past sightings there was no change in light on the screen, so the UFO was definitely there and was not being mistaken from a glare in lighting (unlike some past alleged sightings). As a result, scientists are questioning if there is extraterrestrial life watching the ISS. This may be one of the most clear and conclusive cigar-shaped UFO sightings this year, but it was not the first.

UFO Depiction
Did UFOs Prompt a Secret Agenda?

10-25-14 - Earlier I took a close look at a mysterious document known as the Twining Memo, in which four-star General Nathan Twining, head of the United States Air Force Materiel Command, confirmed that saucer-shaped UFOs were, "real and not visionary or fictitious." General Twining took the UFO enigma very seriously indeed. In his memo, he recommended that in future the subject should be assigned, "a priority, security classification and Code Name for a detailed study of this matter to include the preparation of complete sets of all available and... "

UFO Depiction
UFO Casebook Reader Sighting Reports

10-25-14 - In mid August I saw what I first thought was a large airplane flying at a low altitude. However, I soon realized that the “airplane” had no wings or tail section, plus there was no sound whatsoever. I watched for a while as it slowly moved across the sky. I looked away for a few seconds and when I looked back, it was gone. Still there was no sound. I have no idea what it was, but it was strange. I live outside of Statesville NC. I look for it every day, but haven’t seen it since.

UFO Depiction
Three Strange Extraterrestrial Encounters

10-24-14 - While growing up in a small CT shoreline town outside New Haven, I never really believed in anything. I guess I was a child atheist. I believed what I was taught in school: logic and science. Ghosts, aliens, magic and even God were all made up things… Until one day the universe decided to let me in on some big secrets. It seems that everything I learned in school wasn’t the whole truth. Now that I’ve written my book and have spoken to others in the world of ufology, I found out that my extraterrestrial experiences beginning at such a young age is common...

UFO Depiction
Unknown Flying Object Captured on Video over Texas

10-24-14 - I wish to remain anonymous. My sighting occurred in Huntsville, TX. I am 55 years old and work in retail sales management. I was the only witness to this event which was recorded on my camera in 1080p. On Sept. 21, 2014 at 1:30 PM I observed a dark-colored square or rectangle shaped UFO traveling at a very high rate of speed and emitting very bright white propulsion as it moved. I'm pretty sure that it must have been larger than a typical airplane using the cloud it goes under as a size reference.

UFO Depiction
Object of Different Colors Follows Two Witnesses in Canada

10-24-14 - Object with multiple lights, different colors, following us... My mother and I (and our dog) left the house around 8 PM to walk the dog and go to the store. I noticed a red pulsing light between some houses across the street from our place, around the corner. I mentioned it to my mother and then I lost sight of it. Once we approached the main road, we saw the light again, across the street from us, high enough up. From that distance it looked to be about the size of a nickel, sometimes appearing to grow to the size of a quarter and sometimes a little bigger.

UFO Depiction
Was Green Shapeshifting UFO from Montreal Also Videotaped in Peru Two Days Later?

10-23-14 - Sightings of strange, yet similar lights in the sky have been reported days apart in both Montreal and Peru, leading some to conclude that the mysterious UFOs could in fact be the same object. A greenish UFO was spotted hovering over Montreal last week, according to io9, even appearing inadvertently in an evening newscast behind anchor Colette Provencher. The strange object appeared to change shape and color as it hovered, before plummeting to Earth.

UFO Depiction
Two Witnesses Report UFOs over Sacramento City College

10-23-14 - My friend pointed out the first craft to me when it was almost overhead. It appeared at first to be an all-white airplane moving very, very fast. As it flew, we could see it turn over and around a few times, like a plastic bag would when blown about by the wind. It seemed to be in the shape of a scalene triangle with its tip bent back on itself. We watched it until it appeared to fly down and disappear over the horizon. I pulled out the camera on my cellphone, but the object wouldn’t show up against the sky...

UFO Depiction
Square UFO Seen by Motorist in Virginia

10-23-14 - I witnessed a square object soaring through the sky (in front of my car). It was dark and I was driving home from work and was almost home when a strange object in the sky dipped down just ahead of my car and then gracefully soared upward and through the tree tops. As it went through the tree tops it turned sideways at an angle and then straightened out after going through the trees and disappeared behind the trees. It was the shape of a SQUARE with 4 mustard-yellow lights (one light on each corner) that were very bright.

UFO Depiction
From Mysterious Holes in Siberia to Sinkholes Everywhere (off-site)

10-23-14 - One of the best places to look for discrepancies in proving the existence of a subterranean society, apart from our surface population is in energy usage. In searching usage of crude oil produced annually, one finds an immediate flaw in calculation of the number of barrels of oil used in the world as opposed to the number of barrels of crude actually pumped. The United States for example, is said to consume around 18.89 million barrels of oil a day.

UFO Depiction
Archived Case of the Week - UFO Encounters at Brazilian Island of Colares

10-22-14 - In 1977, the Brazilian island of Colares was visited by flying objects of an unknown nature. Nearly all kinds of UFOs were seen; some big, some small, saucer shaped, cigar shaped, luminous or not. They arrived from the North every day, from the sky and also sometimes from underwater, and it lasted for months.

Regularly, some Island inhabitants were targeted by the objects, sending strange rays to them, and many were badly hurt, with two reported dead. The Army intervenes, the press follows. 35 people were hurt by the strange rays, and many fled from the Island.

The events mainly concentrated on the city of Colares, about 2,000 inhabitants, on Colares Island, which is in the region of Pará, the delta of the Amazon river on the northeastern coast of Brazil. But the whole region was visited by the same phenomenon. This brought many ufologists to visit the city.

UFO Depiction
Unidentified Flying Object Reported over The Woodlands, Texas

10-22-14 - I was in my bed around midnight doodling on my phone. I was laying on my back and happened to look through my window/skylight near my ceiling, as I do every night. I noticed a yellowish/orange starlike object that seemed much brighter than the usual star. I watched it closely for 20-30 minutes and it always seemed like it was moving very slightly. I have no clue how far it was since it was a tad bit bigger than the usual star. Also, it almost seemed like it would change forms very slightly...

UFO Depiction
Yellow Object with Dark Center Seen over Franklin Park, Illinois

10-22-14 - Standing in the backyard I just happened to look up. I believe I looked up because of the heavy airplane traffic that we've been experiencing over the house due to runway changes at O'Hare Airport lately. I noticed on the East horizon a solid, yet fuzzy object flying VERY fast westerly. The object was very high up (Satellite height) but still appeared about the size of a basketball. I immediately pointed it out to my roommate who witnessed the entire event with me. The object looked sort of like an egg in a frying pan, yellowish oval...

UFO Depiction
Does a UFO Visit a Blue Angels Show? See Video

10-21-14 - San Francisco, California - 10-11-14 - I was watching Blue Angels with 100's of people on rooftops. I used my iPhone6 to shoot several slow-mo videos. I never got them quite right above me. 5 days later, I watched the videos and when I saw them in slo-mo (they were shot at 240FPS) I saw something pretty incredible. There must be 100's of videos like that, 10,000+ people were watching. I did not see anything in real time and you cannot really see anything in real time on the video either. But since I was shooting at 240FPS, at slow-mo, object...

UFO Depiction
Motorist Spots Unknown Flying Object near St. Louis Airport

10-21-14 - While driving east on the highway headed home I noticed something in the sky headed in the direction of the airport, but it was extremely low to be landing at the airport. Also it was an odd-shaped object as it appeared to be triangular in shape. I noticed it had white lights placed along the sides of the object and also along the back end of the object. There was a single red light blinking underneath or in between the rows of white lights. The object appeared to be a very large aircraft, but unlike any I've ever seen.

UFO Depiction
A Close Encounter in Plymouth UK Skies?

10-21-14 - AN UNFAMILIAR flare of light has been captured by a Plymouth photographer, prompting questions as to its origin. Steve Hayward, who was taking a long-exposure shot of the International Space Station, noticed the fleck of light on the bottom of the photo. He was unsure what it could be, so immediately posted it on Plymouth Astronomical Society's Facebook page. David Wilton, chair of the astronomical society, said: "There is a big meteor shower that peaks next Tuesday, so possibly it could be one of these... "

UFO Depiction
Various Colors of Lights Adorn UFO over Anaheim, California

10-21-14 - On 09/16/2014, at 14:24 local time, in Anaheim, California, I had gone out onto my 2nd floor apartment balcony. Just after exiting the front entry door, I looked up to check for any wasp nests under the overhang from the roofline edge. At that moment, I immediately noticed an object hovering in the clear open sky, past the roof of the apartments, opposite my own. The object shape was sort of fuzzy and hard to make out, but it was silent, and flashed 3 red lights, then 3 white lights.

UFO Depiction
Man Believes His Video Shows UFO Sighting

10-20-14 - Picture going outside on a Saturday night, looking up in the sky and seeing what appears to be a UFO. That's what happened to Luis Rodriguez last weekend when he was taking his dog for a walk outside his apartment in the Arwen Vista Complex. "Tried to make sense of it just like any other rational person would," Rodriguez said. "I thought it was a plane or some sort of aircraft that was just flying really low." After watching it go across the sky he believes it was a UFO...

UFO Depiction
Unknown Aerial Object over Cleveland Caught in Photo

10-20-14 - It was a Monday evening around 3:30-4:00 PM; I was picking my son up from school. I noticed something bright in the sky which I thought was a second sun or even a planet as I took the pictures. I didn't realize what I had gotten until later on in the week as I sorted through my pictures. Then I realized I had got something very interesting. At first I thought it was sun glare but as I looked closer it was not what I thought; it was amazing and it was huge so I decided to share this event with my friends, family and MUFON.

UFO Depiction
Witnesses in West Virginia Report UFOs in Sky

10-20-14 - Adding to the already incredible number of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sightings in 2014, a latest report from West Virginia suggests three triangle-shaped UFOs were spotted by about ten witnesses. The sighting, which had been registered (Case 60631) with Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) took place on 12 October around 10 pm local time. According to the report, 10 people, all men, were working at a coal plant along Winifrede Hollow Road near Marmet when they spotted three triangle-shaped UFOs

UFO Depiction
Three Extraterrestrials Encounters (off-site)

10-20-14 - While growing up in a small CT shoreline town outside New Haven, I never really believed in anything. I guess I was a child atheist. I believed what I was taught in school: logic and science. Ghosts, aliens, magic and even God were all made up things; until one day the universe decided to let me in on some big secrets. It seems that everything I learned in school wasn’t the whole truth. Now that I’ve written my book and have spoken to others in the world of ufology, I found out that my extraterrestrial experiences...

UFO Depiction
Unknown Objects Videotaped over North Carolina

10-19-14 - The videographer was standing outside, when out of nowhere three objects appeared in the sky straight ahead. They looked like fireworks at first, but then I realized they were objects; descending steadily but slowly. Then a fourth object appeared, and as the others slowly disappeared, the last one stopped in midair, and made a zig-zag path downward until it also disappeared. (Editor's note: When you see the vehicles go by, you will notice the same light spray as you do on the objects. This may simply be due to the camera...

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