Alien in King Tut's Tomb?

Was An Alien Foetus Buried in Tutankhamen's Chamber?

The picture on this page was discovered by us recently in a book called 'Life and Death of a Pharaoh - Tutankhamen' by Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt, published by World Books in 1963. It is allegedly of a seven or eight month old unborn child, but certainly looks very different to that in our opinion. For instance, look at the length of the fingers! they are extremely long, unlike those of an infant just about to be born, or an adult human for that matter. Also look at the shape of the head and the large eyes... are you getting the picture yet?

The paragraph that accompanies the picture reads as follows: 'Two small coffins, bearing Tutankhamen's name and laid head to foot and side by side in a plain chest, contained the mummies of two seven or eight month foetuses, one of them probably female (pictured). It does not seem possible that in the midst of such a special collection of objects a place should have been set aside for two supposedly still-born children of Tutenkhamen and Ankhesenamun.

Why should such royal children, dying before their father, be buried in his tomb? There is nothing to confirm or to invalidate such a hypothesis, but the pattern of the archaic delta ritual invites one to consider the little mummies as the equivalents of the two placental (khonsu) images in Horemheb's tomb, which contained remnants of burial furnishings specifically connected with the delta ritual, as did the ravaged tombs of Amenophis II and Tuthmosis IV.'

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