Interview with UFO Investigator Ana Luisa Cid
The UFO Casebook receives many UFO reports, photographs, and video from all over the world. A good number of these come from Mexico.

Although I speak a little Spanish, it is not enough to translate most of the reports that come to us from our neighbor to the South.

Thank you to Scott Corales for translating these reports for us. Many of the best reports we receive originate from UFO investigator Ana Luisa Cid, who has taken time from her busy schedule to answer some questions from me with the help of Scott.

I hope our readers enjoy the interview.

Interview with UFO Investigator Ana Luisa Cid

B J: Ana, thank you for giving me this time to answer some questions for our readers. First of all, how long have you been investigating the UFO enigma, and how did you become interested in UFOs?

Ana Luis Cid: I have been involved with UFO research for nearly 6 years, following my initial sighting in 1997 and after having been a skeptic. I originally sought orientation to stop seeing them, as they didnít interest me at all. But little by little and imperceptibly, I found myself increasingly involved in their study.

B J: Do you work with a specific UFO group, or are you a totally independent researcher?

Ana Luis Cid: I am completely independent, although I frequently cooperate with other researchers in response to the kind invitations they have frequently tendered.

B J: You have taken a number of photographs and videos of UFOs. Is there one particular case that stands out to you that cannot be explained conventionally?

Ana Luis Cid: I have several videos that I find hard to explain. But to mention a specific one, I can tell you that the phenomenon I recorded on February 14, 2004, seems very odd to me. Itís a UFO, probably an organic one, that absorbs another in mid-flight, after which it fragments itself and expels something strange. This evidence was obtained in broad daylight with two witnesses present. The full video lasts nearly 20 minutes and is attached.

B J: How large of an area do you cover in your investigations?

Ana Luis Cid: As broad as my possibilities permit. I almost always make sure to visit the location of the sighting, interview possible witnesses and inspect the original tape, although with certain limitations, as I do not have the truth in my hands; all I do is try to delve deeper into the cases to share my research with others, in the awareness that each person must draw his or her own conclusions.

B J: How do you balance your family life with your investigations?

Ana Luis Cid: I donít find it hard to find a balance between my research and my home life, since I have the full support of my husband, my children, and my mother. Itís been thanks to them that all of this has been possible. They have also been UFO witnesses.

B J: Although there are more and more women becoming involved in UFO research, why do you think there are not more women in the field?

Ana Luis Cid: I suppose, as a personal opinion, that itís due to the large time investment that the subject requires and that support from oneís family isnít always there, although I increasingly see more women working in all fields of endeavor.

B J: What are your thoughts on the 2004 video footage taken by the Mexican military?

Ana Luis Cid: In my opinion, itís a real video showing unidentified flying objects that are invisible to the human eye. Pilots of the Mexican Air Force are trained to distinguish aerial phenomena and I donít believe that it is an error of perception or a fraud.

B J: Do you believe that the governments of the world are keeping information on UFOs from the public?

Ana Luis Cid: I think so... governments know much more about this subject that they arenít telling us about and that there is indeed some kind of cover-up on their part.

Thank you Ana for being kind enough to answer our questions.

On the contrary, thank you. Iím at your service.

I would like to thank Scott Corales for translating the interview for me, and his ongoing efforts in translating and sending us excellent reports from Mexico. A big thanks to Ana Luisa Cid for taking the time to do the interview.

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