On the enormous layers of ice and sediment that characterize the landscape of the South Pole, a strange object was photographed flying through the skies of the base Villa the Stars. The case will be analyzed by C.E.F.A.A.(TERRA.cl)

SANTIAGO, November 26. - Recently, about five months back, a group of sergeant majors of the Air Force of Chile took a series of panoramic photographs of Villa the Stars and caught accidentally, in a pair of sequences, the intriguing presence of a spherical object flying over the frosted Antarctic planes.

The images were captured with a digital camera, showing the presence of a strange object, moving rapidly, which moved from the South towards the West.

The caseis being analyzed by image experts on the Committee of Studies of Feno'menos Ae'reos Ano'malos (C.E.F.A.A.), which will determine if the photographic material is subject to classification or not as an unidentified aerial phenomenon.

It should be emphasized, that the incidents of sighting UFOs in the Antarctic are rare, but not unheard of.

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