UFO filmed by security cameras in Coahuila, Mexico, 10-05-05

A strange, unidentified flying object was recorded by security cameras of system 060 of Security Publishes Policeman in Coahuila, Mexico on October 05, 2005.

The video was 27 minutes long, and was shown to the mass media by Homer Duran Flowers.

"Approximately to 3:00 hours of Monday a call of a citizen was received who warned us of lights that were seen the east of the city, and when focusing the camera in that direction attracted this object perfectly," it related.

The film shows a round object is clearly defined, with a hoop in gray color and black circle to the center, turning, and at different moments becomes nearer then further away.

"We are very astonished by the magnitude of the object and by the clarity of the film, because given to the location of the camera esteem that was placed to a kilometer of height, approximately. Durán Flowers, the civil employee, said that the video, caught from the 03:07 to 03:34 hours, is to the disposition of the specialists in the matter, "because it is without a doubt an important piece of evidence, taking into account the clarity and clearness from the images".

Mayra Galician Muñiz, radio-operator of the system 060, that was of guard at the time of receiving the call, said that when showing itself by the window of the dependency the identified flying object "was not seen very great, to four or five times the size of a star".

This event was shown by the "Facts" Aztec TV lead by the journalist Jorge Bramble, that finalized saying: "Like all good UFOs, it disappeared forming hoops of colors."

Some are calling this the "best evidence of a UFO in Mexico."

written in Spanish by Jesus Jiménez

rewritten for English by B J Booth

source and references:

Correspondence credit: Santiago Yturria, OVNI Investigaciones, MEXICO

INFO 7 TV Azteca




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