During the early hours of November 15, around 4:15 am local time, took place an earthquake in Western Colombia, with a 7.1 intensity and centered about 200 km offshore in the Pacific Ocean.

Cali was considerably affected, with hundreds of buildings damaged but none completely overturned.

Thousands of startled inhabitants who were awakened by the tremor, were doubly surprised by the impressive luminous show: the sky was flooded with beautiful colors, especially light green, yellow and red, as if gigantic floodlights were sweeping the area.

We are aware that there are natural luminous effects accompanying earthquakes, but it is possible that UFOS may have intervened: A rounded, highly concentrated light source was observed during several minutes hovering above Clínica Valle de Lili, a modern medical center in the south section of the city.

Other people reported silvery “stars”, that swooped down together towards the ground during the quake.

On the other hand, ten days before the quake a journalist who was filming a view of the city from a terrace roof, when examining the film found a strange craft ascending at a steep angle in front of the tallest building in town, called "la torre de Cali". Of course, nothing was visible to the naked eye.

Hope this message will be of your interest.

Hugo A. Castro



newspaper, "El Pais"

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