Photographs and Video of Unknowns over Estonia Submitted
A reader from Estonia has submitted a number of photographs and video taken during the month of March, 2007. I looked through them and took of the best ones to publish.

A big thanks to B R for submitting his material. Here is what he had to say:

I'm sending You movie clip and snapshots filmed today 25, March 2007. Here You can see, how this unknown object changes flight direction. This clip is already slowed down 4x

I got today lucky to catch unknown object to my camera 3 times. I used my canon A520 photocamera (res: 15fps 640x480)

They flying so fast, so you cannot naturally see this fast moving object with naked eye, only way is use camera and later watch "frame by frame"! I can recommend this method for everyone. Just film the sky!



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