'UFO' Spotted Near Fort Wayne, Indiana, 10-10-04

October 11, 2004. Fort Wayne - A resident here got out his video camera and caught an object moving through the sky at a high rate of speed on Sunday. Brandon McBroom used the family videocam to tape a strange looking object in the Sunday sky. He pulled over in the Croninger Elementary parking lot and pointed the camera north-northwest.

WANE-TV took the tape around town Monday to the experts. "That's not a meteor. It's too slow," said Roger Sugden, Assistant State Director with Mutual UFO Network. "High altitude aircraft. If you've seen them at sunset, they're pretty far away. You'll see a white line that's moving real slow, that's the contrail and in front is the aircraft."

But Christopher Crow, Assistant Professor of Geosciences at IPFW, thinks this is a meteor. "Whatever that is, it's coming down at a very fast speed giving off flames." "My first inclination is it's not a meteor."

Chris Highland is from the Fort Wayne Astronomical Society. His opinion is different from the other two. "I'm more inclined to think it's space junk, like an empty booster or a fuel tank," said Highland.



Thanks to WANE-TV

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