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Update: UFO Pilots - Are They Human? - By Diane Tessman

05-26-15 - Since I have championed Future Humans as the possible source of UFO occupants for over 30 years, I read this "big news" with an ironic smile. And as an individual who has been missing a membrane in her mouth for over 64 years, I also find the news that DNA harvesting is and has been underway for years--to be old news. I have no logical explanation for my missing tissue sample; believe me, I have searched. Here is the "breaking news" in the "Dark Journalist" promotional: "By examining her research on hundreds of cases in the alien abduction syndrome, she outlines a mysterious and vast program being set up by extraterrestrial... "

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Object Changes from Triangle to Circle in North Carolina

05-26-15 - Friend (SF) & I were leaving Goodwill in Charlotte - I looked up at the sky and mentioned how beautiful the clouds and sky looked. I saw what at first looked like a black bird flying just below the clouds, but at what I estimated to be at least 2 miles high. As I watched a few seconds, I called my friend's name to see what I was seeing. I said "That's not a bird." My friend said "It's not flapping its wings." We watched as it swirled around, doing a loop and flying like a bird would, but never changing its triangle shape. It reversed course to the east, changed to a circle, flew around about a short while, then took off to the north at a fast clip...

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They are Not Humans - So Stop Thinking of Them that Way by Chris Holly

05-26-15 - When it comes to alien life forms that may co exist in this universe with human earthlings one major issue seems to be a huge disconnect for the humans. That disconnect is that humans seem determined to give other life forms , other alien species human qualities when the truth may be they are nothing like us in any shape form or way of thinking. Aliens may have completely different views of good and bad as well as what is right or wrong. Aliens may not live or reproduce in family groups or see anything wrong in eating things we find unthinkable just as we have no problems eating cows, pigs , chickens and fish. My point is we seem to insist in trying...

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Ring of Lights Photographed over Houston, Texas

05-24-15 - I was at the downtown Houston Skate Park on Sabine St. with my family. We were leaving and the skyline looked really pretty and I wanted to take some pictures (outside with no windows or glass surrounding me) at 8:44 pm before I got into the car. I noticed what I thought was an airplane and another lighted object and thought how it would add to my night time, lit up building photos. When I got into the car and looked at my photos I saw the object and quickly noticed it was a UFO that has been reported before by various people around the world. I looked back outside and it was gone. I looked to see if any objects were at the height of where the object was...

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Triangle UFO Witnessed near Perry’s Monument Bridge in Pennsylvania

05-24-15 - I had just concluded an evening of fishing on Misery Bay at Presque Isle State Park. As I got into my truck to leave I looked at my watch; it was 8:25 pm. I proceeded to pull out onto the road driving west toward Perry’s Monument bridge, from where I parked to the bridge was only a few hundred feet. As I approached the bridge I looked to my left (south) toward Perry’s monument and noticed a bright light near the monument up in the air. The light was coming closer, the intensity of the brightness emanating from it increasing as it neared. There were other people present around the monument area and parking lot, but they seemed oblivious...

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Fact or Folklore: Are We Alone in the Universe?

05-24-15 - HARRINGTON, Wash. - Unidentified flying objects have long been a mystery around the world and here in the Pacific Northwest, we're no stranger to UFO sightings, so we decided to dig deeper into this flying phenomenon. In the small town of Harrington, Wash., one man is hoping to find the truth. Peter Davenport has been the Director of the National UFO Reporting Center for more than two decades. He's been collecting and compiling calls and emails of UFO sightings from here in Eastern Washington and all over the world. Peter's lifetime fascination with UFOs began in 1954 with his first sighting as a kid.

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Strange Lights over Russian Road Captured on Video

05-23-15 - The bizarre lights were filmed hovering in the sky above a quiet country road - but is it a sign of alien life forms on Earth? The strange white lights appear to be positioned very close together in the footage, which was filmed by baffled onlookers in the area. The lights appear to remain almost stationary as they shine brightly against the darkening sky. According to information submitted alongside the YouTube video, the UFO was seen in Russia's Astrakhan region. As the camera zooms out, it appears that the filmmaker is standing at the other side of a lake, looking across into the deserted countryside.

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Green UFO Glows over Netherlands: Photo Taken

05-23-15 - This green disk was caught off guard when the suns reflection was at the wrong angle and the cloaked UFO was revealed for a few seconds. This happens a lot during sunset, but the clouds caused a false sunset like state and the UFO was seen. You can clearly make out the round disk with the raised center and what looks like a steam from the top of the craft. A similar UFO was caught in the aurora borealis several years back with the same shape, that other sighting confirms that this is an alien craft. The Groningen blogger Harry Clipperton likes pictures of nature. On Tuesday he walked along a path in Onlanden...

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Metallic - Silver Sphere over Desert Hot Springs Viewed by Two Witnesses

05-23-15 - I was visiting my parents’ house in Desert Hot Springs, CA, for a Mother’s Day dinner on Sunday, May 10, 2015. At approximately 6:40 pm PST, my family I had just finished eating dinner while sitting outside on the patio. We were noticing some small birds gathering near my parents' bird feeder, when we then saw 4-5 large egrets fly over the house. This in and of itself is rather odd, as that is not a bird we typical see in our area of the Coachella valley. I turned towards where the egrets were coming from and noticed a silver sphere/orb rise above the roof line of the neighboring house. I would estimate this object to be...

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Sphere-shaped Object Hovers Near Home in North Carolina

05-22-15 - As my mother and I left the grocery store, I noticed something bright in the sky, but couldn't quite tell if it was a plane because it was so low, but my mother argued and said it was the North Star. When we got home it was still there so it couldn't have been a plane. I then thought ok, maybe it is the North Star because it was so big and bright, brighter than the moon. I took my phone out and used the compass on it and it was facing west of us, not north, but it couldn't have been because it was levitating in earth's atmosphere. I pulled my camera up from my phone to get a better look and as I held the phone still, zoomed in you can see a...

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Two Large Disc-shaped UFOs Seen over Titusville, Florida

05-22-15 - At 21:00 I stepped out onto the back porch, which faces west, and saw this very strange "thing" in the sky. It took a moment for my mind to comprehend what my eyes were seeing. In all my years I have never seen anything that even remotely resembles this craft. The first thing that was unusual about it was the color of the lights and the multitude of lights. The lights were so beautiful and vivid, seeming to twinkle rather than blink, ranging in color from red, blue, green, white, and yellow. The lights also gave away the sheer size of the craft. I would hate to make an approximation on the size of this craft, but it was...

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Strobe-lit UFO Reported over Villa Rica, Georgia

05-22-15 - At approximately 11:30 PM ET on 10 May, 2015, I walked out onto my back screened porch. The weather was clear and no moon was present within my field of view. Standing out on the porch facing south, I noticed a white strobe that flashed three times within a two second period. What made this seem so unusual was the large amount of space between the location of each strobe flash as the object traveled from east to west. A few seconds later, I saw the strobe flash three more times, but the distance the object had traveled during the second set of three strobe flashes seemed extreme. I continued to watch and saw the...

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Man Claims Sighting of 'Flying Saucer' over Eaton Rapids, Michigan

05-20-15 - At 4:00 am my dog woke me up at this unusual time for her to go outside. I went out and looked up to notice a flying saucer object with moving red and white lights. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief looked up again to see that it was there. I watched as it was approximately 100 feet above the tree lines moving about 25 mph NW for about 5 minutes before it was out of my view. There were red lights underneath on the outside then next to it were white lights; the lights were moving slowly in a pattern.

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Senior US Senator Saw TWO UFOs: Was Covered Up

05-20-15 - THREE 'highly reliable' US government officials reported seeing TWO UFOs hovering near a train line, but their superiors covered the sightings up, it has emerged. Formerly confidential files obtained by alien researchers detail the account given by senior senator Richard B Russell and two aides of seeing the "flying saucers" TAKE OFF. At the time, Sen. Russell was on a Soviet-era train during a fact-finding mission to Russia, nearly 60 years ago. Sen. Russell, was a former chairman of the Armed Services Committee and...

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