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UFO Appears to Monitor Mexican Military Helicopter - See Video

01-30-15 - An amorphous UFO monitors the descent or landing of a Mexican military helicopter near a hill that is close to the track that goes from Ecatepec to Tulancingo. This event took place on November 14, 2014. It is a sequence of photographs to a decline in a hill, the Engineer Rueda caught with his camera near the highway to Tulancingo. See this interesting photographic sequence of a Mexican military helicopter that is descending or landing on a hill, this recording is fantastic, and has drawn many positive remarks from Ufologists...

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NASA’s Rover on Mars Accidently Shows Human Shadow in Picture

01-30-15 - Even slightest essence of mystery has fascinated the earthly world in countless ways. The possibility of finding life beyond earth is a question that never dies down. And UFO or Unidentified Flying Object has always added up the extra curiosity. The quest to know more about UFOs, extraterrestrial life seems to be ever increasing, with passing of each day. In this latest claim by UFO watchers, it was suggested that a photo taken by NASA’s curiosity Mars rover in 2012 clearly indicates shadows of human-like figures.

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Unidentified Flying Object Observed over McKinleyville, California

01-30-15 - While driving home Tuesday night I observed a very bright white light in the sky. I am always on the lookout for lights due to childhood experiences. The light appeared to be in our atmosphere and had a blue tinge on one edge; I thought it was a plane. When I was almost home I realized that the light was not moving and there was a smaller different color light next to it, flashing red and green. I hurried down my driveway and stopped the car, grabbed my cell and walked behind another vehicle where I could observe the light better.

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VIDEO: 50 Years of the 'Warminster Thing'

01-29-15 - For a year or more, the west Wiltshire market town of Warminster was the talk of the country – after a strange sound, and then weird flying objects sent townsfolk into a spin. And now, 50 years after ‘the Warminster Thing’ – Britain’s first UFO ‘flap’ which actually lasted for decades – a major conference event is to take place in the town. The one-night event will be held over the August Bank Holiday – exactly 50 years after the ‘flap’ became national news and the town was flooded with the curious.

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Video - Ball of Fire Spotted over Argentina, UFO?

01-29-15 - A bystander has caught video of a mysterious floating fireball that appears to hang over the sky in Argentina. With no explanation available many are claiming it to be a UFO. The video was actually taken at the beginning of January but has only just been uploaded onto the internet. Of course meteors move at very high speeds when entering the Earth's atmosphere and so tend to appear and disappear in seconds. UFOs come in many shapes and sizes, from your 'classic metallic disc' that has a tendency to float above well-known landmarks...

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Bright, Unknown Object Captured on Photo over Brighton, Tennessee

01-29-15 - The sunrise was so beautiful on the morning of 16 December 2014, so I decided to step out the front door, onto the porch and take a picture of the sunrise. I didn't see anything unusual, as I took the picture. Upon review of the picture, I noticed there was an object (egg-shaped with a line through it) in the middle of the picture. The object has a line through it, a "ring around it." There are power lines across the street, but the line/ring in the middle of the egg-shaped object is not a power line...

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UFOs Sighted over Rendlesham Forest - Caught on Video

01-28-15 - I spotted three balls of light in the sky yesterday afternoon (Sunday 25th Jan) whilst walking around Rendlesham Forest and couldn't believe what I was seeing! had a very weird feeling that I shouldn't have been there. I quickly recorded it on the phone and have uploaded it to see whether anyone else witnessed anything similar yesterday too. Very strange! I know Rendlesham has a long history with UFO sightings, but didn't really believe in it as I haven't seen anything odd in all the years I've lived here until yesterday!

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Unknown Object Drops Tether in Mandeville, Louisiana

01-28-15 - I was driving east on I-12 when I noticed a small airplane making a very sharp turn at low altitude. When I looked for the plane a second time, I noticed a chrome object in the sky stationary about 1,000 ft. above the next interstate exit. As I got closer the object had lowered a chrome tether about 300 ft. long. The object had a small orb moving around the larger object. The larger object with the tether was not moving. I stopped at the exit and observed the object still about 800 to 1000 ft. above me.

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UFOs Recorded in Airplane Turbulence During Lightning Storm

01-27-15 - This UFO video was recorded during a flight on its way to Europe from the US. The person recording the video was filming the storm as announcements came in, for all passengers to buckle seat-belts. You can see the lightning in the video as we highlight it for you. After the lightning appears, we can see what appears to be two separate UFOs come together as one UFO. We do not think this UFO event is ball lightning based on the color & behavior of the object/objects.

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‘50s Pinedale ‘UFO’ Stumped Air Force

01-27-15 - PINEDALE – Last week, the U.S. Air Force declassified thousands of documents that made up Project Blue Book and were released into the public domain. The Project Blue Book papers relate to the reported sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) throughout the U.S. over several decades in the last century. Due to Wyoming’s population, relatively few sightings were reported over the years in the state; however, one of the more interesting incidents originated near Pinedale and had officials at the Air Force stumped.

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Unknown Objects Disappear into Each Other over Oklahoma

01-27-15 - I was walking my dogs at 6:10 am this morning. I looked up into the clear starlit sky, and noticed what appeared to be a falling star at first glance. As I watched the object moving across the sky at an extremely high rate of speed from the west to the southeast. Then suddenly a smaller star-like object split off from the larger object at the same speed heading due south. Suddenly the large object stopped without ever slowing down. The smaller object continued south, then disappeared from sight.

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Texas UFO Encounter: Is This A Picture Of An Alien?

01-26-15 - The UFO startled Dawson while he was working at an oil field at night. A Texas oil worker claims to have captured extraordinary evidence of alien life, alleging that photographs he took during an encounter with a UFO depict an extraterrestrial craft with a clearly visible pilot. Ronny Dawson works as an oil tanker driver, according to the Metro, and encountered the strange UFO in 2011. Working near a set of oil tanks at night, Dawson spotted the craft as it moved over a nearby stand of trees, before its lights went out.

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UFO Investigations Get 2nd Life in Online Trove of Air Force Documents

01-26-15 - In the summer of 1949, special military investigators and Maryland state troopers descended on an old tobacco farm in Glen Burnie and discovered something bizarre in a rundown barn: "prototypes" of a flying saucer. The rudimentary flying machines were determined to have human origins -- the work of an eccentric designer who had disappeared -- but their discovery nonetheless was outlined in classified Air Force documents as part of a secret program to track sightings of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, across the country.

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Humans Spot up to 1,000 UFOs Every Month, claims MUFON Executive Director

01-26-15 - Spaced out humans spot up to 1,000 UFOs EVERY MONTH, claims man behind database of alien sightings... The skygazer in charge of a database of alien sightings has claimed up to 1,000 UFOs are spotted every single month. Jan Harzan, executive director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) said many of the reports came from reliable sources. The explosion of UFO sightings is driven by technology, he continued, with ubiquitous camera technology allowing even the most cynical of humans to take decent photos of flying saucers

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WATCH: A UFO in Lumby? Captured on Video

01-25-15 - LUMBY – When it comes to people reporting UFOs, the North Okanagan seems to be a hotspot. The latest example comes from Lumby where mysterious lights were captured on a cell phone camera. Debbie Gelter says she saw a light or lights from her home in Lumby on three different evenings. “You get that feeling in your stomach when you see something that is strange and you know you gotta tell somebody,” says Gelter. She says on the third occasion she saw two lights and called her son to take a video on his phone.

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Follow-Up on the Alien Radio Transmissions and What they Could Mean for Researchers?

01-25-15 - For the first time, astronomers have been able to pick up and observe a fast radio burst in real time as it moves through space. Though little is know about these radio bursts, which are short and sharp flashes of radio waves coming from an unknown source, researchers hope that this new live transmission may help them soon be able to pinpoint sources of cosmic transmissions. The first such fast radio burst was found in 2007 and was discovered only after analyzing older data. Since that time, a total of seven bursts have been found in the older data.

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Blue-Green Object Seen over Sedona, Arizona

01-25-15 - As my wife was backing up onto the street beside our house I was standing to my right side of the car with our dog which was on a leash; facing north and looking at the sky to the right of the mesa that towers over the houses on our street. We are the third house down from the mesa and the reason for my including this is that I had clear view of the open sky, no clouds or chemical trails, to the right of and above (the craft was approximately 1K above and to the right of the mesa) the mesa. Upon the craft appearing I yelled for my wife to stop and look...

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