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UFO Depiction
Police Officer Explains Mystery Behind North York Lights

07-29-14 - Police officer explains mystery behind mysterious lights hovering over North York - Strange lights cause concern in North York. Several videos of colourful, flashing lights hovering over North York popped up on social media overnight, prompting musings about an alien invasion in Toronto. But a local police officer may have the answer to the mystery. A number of people on Twitter reported seeing the strange lights in the sky moving around the area of Yonge and Sheppard in the Willowdale neighbourhood. Many of the tweets included photos and videos.

UFO Depiction
Unidentified Light Reported over Felton, Delaware

07-29-14 - I was getting ready to go to bed at 11:15 pm and looked out the window at sky to see if it was cloudy or not. I saw a bright light coming in a northeast to southwest direction. The window was open as it was a nice night and we had shut the AC off. There was no noise from the object. It had no FAA required lights. There was just this white light. As I watched, a meteorite shot past in an opposite direction crossing the path of the light. The light passed out of sight over my house and there was never a noise. We live near an air base and I was in the Air Force.

UFO Depiction
Triangle-shaped Object Observed over Tulsa, Oklahoma

07-29-14 - At least one craft with very bright lights very low in the sky seen by 2 people in Tulsa. My friend and I were driving east and we saw an extremely bright light in the sky. It did not appear to be moving and it did appear to be twinkling so I assumed it was a star. I got out my stargazing app to see what star looked so large and close and there was no major star in that particular spot. We drove for about 3 more miles and eventually it seemed to make a triangular shape. For a few minutes it looked as if there were 2, but we aren't sure.

UFO Depiction
Decorated War Hero Photographs UFO over Swansea (off-site)

07-29-14 - "I awoke around 04.30 hours. It was very hot in my bedroom so I opened the window and noticed a strange, stationary object hovering above Swansea. I would say that it was over the Llansamlet area. The object made no noise and my first notion was perhaps it was an exceptionally large bird of prey however the object remained stationary for at least five minutes. I thought that it was strange and it seemed to have something hanging below it so I grabbed my phone and I took several pictures of it. The whole time the object made no movement and no sound."

UFO Depiction
Triangular UFO over Kassel, Germany on Video

07-28-14 - Kassel, Germany, June 26, 2014 - This video has generated almost no views the first few days since it was posted. Maybe it is just not a popular channel yet. Anyway, the video shows a small child at play, more than likely being filmed by a family member. Then the camera pans up to the sky and shows a very clear triangle UFO. It moves at a steady pace from left to right until it disappears behind a large tree. Yes, I am aware that this may be CGI. Take a good look and see what you think.

UFO Depiction
Casino Workers Spot Large Triangle over Atlantic City

07-28-14 - We were at work on 6th floor of outside pool deck checking pool operation at 9:30 pm. We noticed a large light about 1-2 miles out at sea not moving and looking down at the water. Light was stationary and not moving. Light started to move towards us because we could tell the light was getting bigger. The object started to turn right because the light started to turn right. At first we thought it was a Coast Guard helicopter because the station is at the Brigatine inlet where we work at the Revel Casino. The Coast Guard is always doing maneuvers and rescue training.

UFO Depiction
UFO Sighting in Upper Rissington, UK/England

07-28-14 - I was outside having a smoke when I was looking at the stars I saw a round saucer-like craft flashing red, blue white lights and after watching for 30 minutes went back to white light and red, blue single light to four. The object made absolutely no sound. A plane was flying over and the craft continued to hover in the same place. A satellite passed over too. It was a clear night with no cloud cover and object was not in atmosphere but hovering in our sky as I could tell from satellite passing over but was on course with UFO. It was not, however, passing over in the trajectory of UFO.

UFO Depiction
Stars Appear to Move over Cottonwood, California

07-28-14 - Well, I was playing music with one of my close friends. The night was winding down it was about 3 am. I step outside of my trailer... I look up and noticed something not right in the sky. To my first glance, it looked like the stars were moving. Not like shooting stars, but in strange patterns. It was nothing like I had ever seen before. I run inside to get my friend and he sees it to. We observe that the “stars” we see respond to this cloaked ship of ever-changing size and shape. My friend, not as freaked out about this, went to bed because he had work in the morning. I stay out there for 3 more hours watching.

UFO Depiction
VIDEO: Can this UFO Sighting be Linked to Wiltshire Crop Circle?

07-27-14 - A woman says she has been left ‘freaked right out’ after she saw a strange light in the sky – then heard that not only had a friend seen it too, and photographed it, but that a mysterious crop circle had been discovered the following morning. Jo Webb said she and her friend Lisa Willcox were returning home to Malmesbury from an evening trip to Cirencester on the first Monday night of July, when she saw a strange light in the sky. “I was driving and I spotted a bright orange light in the sky to the right at an angle of about 45 degrees,” she said. “We were driving down the A429 just approaching... "

UFO Depiction
Triangle Releases Smaller Objects in Mexico Forest

07-27-14 - My brother and I were having a cigarette outside in the woods just before midnight, when we noticed that something was moving up and down just above the tree line. It was a bright red triangle-shaped craft. Then suddenly it stopped moving and just stayed there hovering making no sound. Then we went to get into the car, but I wasn't able to get it started. Then the radio became crazy, changing stations without us touching it. We then got out of the car and started getting closer to the object by foot. As we did, we noticed some strange patterns on the outside of the craft, and suddenly it released three or maybe four smaller objects.

UFO Depiction
Unknown Object Moves with Great Speed over Adelaide, Australia

07-27-14 - Whilst driving home from work (I finish at midnight) on the expressway around 12.40 am roughly at O'Halloran Hill, I noticed what I thought was a firework rocket rising from behind the trees on my left hand side about 200 meters ahead. It never had the trail of sparks though. Since living in the UK I have seen a lot of stupid kids firing rockets (Guy Fawkes Night). I really expected it to explode like a firework, but the white light hung there for a split second and then 'whoosh' it shot forward. Now the first thing that I thought of is when I used to watch Star Trek and the ship went into warp whatever and just disappeared.

UFO Depiction
Strange, New Humanoid Presence in Argentina

07-27-14 - Once more we find ourselves with direct information regarding strange presences during the month of May 2014 on the shores of Necochea, Argentina. It is here that we have found four (4) witnesses who speak of seeing strange lights at night on the Necochea’s very shoreline, its beach, as well as sightings of a strange humanoid-type creature. These events occurred on Sunday, 18 May and Tuesday, 20 May at night. In both cases, the sightings took place from an apartment on the coast of the swimming resort itself. It should be noted that at the time, these were very cold evenings and with rain/showers during the first incident.

UFO Depiction
Archived Case of the Week: UFOs Encountered by Space Shuttle Atlantis with Video

07-26-14 - Space Shuttle Atlantis, after spending 12 days completing the assembly of the International Space Station, prepares to come back to earth. Something strange happens; the Commander, Brent Jett reports to Mission Control that he is seeing something outside the ship he has never seen before.

(Wikipedia) Selected by NASA in March 1992, Jett reported to the Johnson Space Center in August 1992. After two years of various technical assignments in the Astronaut Office, Jett was assigned to his first mission as the pilot of STS-72.

A year later he again served as pilot on STS-81. From June 1997 to February 1998, he served as NASA Director of Operations at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Star City, Russia.

UFO Depiction
H-shaped Object Videotaped over Los Angeles

07-26-14 - Originally published on Jul 16, 2014 by UFOVNI - Los Angeles, California - 07-09-14 - According the the publisher, on July 9, 2014, skywatcher Jonathan Castro filmed an amazing UFO. The object was in a rare 'H' formation. (I debated whether or not to post this video. It's neat to look at, but there is a very good chance this is an inflatable object. The way the sun plays off of it, it is probably made of mylar.) But do take a look and see what you think. You may have a different opinion. Comment if you wish.

UFO Depiction
Close Encounter over Long Beach Island, New Jersey

07-26-14 - My husband and I have seen craft over the years in the Long Beach Island section of Ocean County. Some have been videotaped by others and featured on the news. But this most recent sighting occurred around mid-June, just a few weeks ago. It was twilight, and we were driving home along the main boulevard. He spotted it first; we could see it at the end of the street leading to the beach. We drove up the street and parked to observe. The craft was sort of rectangular, but more like an upside-down pie plate, except very thick. There were a series of white/pale yellow round lights all along the mid-section from nose to tail.

UFO Depiction
Unknown Object Videotaped over Lake Havasu City, Arizona

07-25-14 - At approx. 8 pm, my roommate and friends called me out of the house to come check out a full half circle rainbow. I grabbed my smart phone and took two pictures. I switched phone to video mode (5 mega pixels) and filmed the entire rainbow and noted a strange cluster of clouds, I make the comment it looks as if a UFO could come out of that strange cluster of clouds. I put the phone on standby but still in video mode, and go in to use the bathroom. They called me to come back out and see this UFO. I turned back on the phone, before I go out the front door. (Driveway faces Southwest) As I walk out, I see...

UFO Depiction
Disc-shaped UFO Reported over London

07-25-14 - I was sleeping in my bedroom when I felt a strong urge to look up and out of my bedroom window. This was unusual as it was approximately 3.30 am in the morning. Immediately I noticed a large disc on edge less than 200 feet away with 12 small white lights in groups of three, rotating around the disk travelling across my line of sight, just above the rooftops. My first reaction was "wow there's a UFO" with ABSOLUTELY no chance of misidentification. I would estimate that it was between 100 and 200 feet in the air and the disc looked like it was on edge with the small white lights in...

UFO Depiction
Oceans on Alien Planets Could Help Us Find Extraterrestrial Life

07-25-14 - A new study showed oceans are vital in detecting alien life on other planets and extra-terrestrial objects. The research, published today in the journal Astrobiology, revealed how vital oceans are in regulating the climate on Earth-like planets, University of East Anglia reported. Researchers created a computer-simulated pattern of circulating ocean air and how it would effect and Earth-like planet. They found the planet's rotation would significantly impact heat transport when the presence of the ocean was taken into account. "The number of planets being discovered outside our solar system is... "

UFO Depiction
Long Legacy of Military Intelligence and Flying Saucers

07-25-14 - In 1952 shortly after a spectacular series of confrontations between US Air Force Jet interceptors and unidentified radar targets over White House air space, US Army General John Samford, head of US Army Intelligence fielded questions by the US press corps along with Air Force General Roger Ramey. In a key point made by General Samford he stated that no known project on earth was responsible for the appearance of the UFO phenomenon. He also acknowledged that a certain number of sightings were inexplicable through the course of analysis by military investigators.

UFO Depiction
Huge Spinning UFO Filmed outside The I.S.S then Feed Cut

07-24-14 - The publisher states: A man named Adam Langston from Boca Raton, Florida sent in the footage seen in video. The footage is from the ISS, and shows a huge, disc-shaped UFO spinning toward the station. But what happens next is even more interesting; the camera is cut to the inside of ISS where it appears the astronauts are viewing the object on a video monitor. Then the feed is cut until the object is gone. According to the publisher, the file has now been removed from the NASA site. (Footage edited for clarity by www.ufocasebook.com)

UFO Depiction
Drones Stretch the Legal Boundaries in the Sky

07-24-14 - FORT MYERS, FL - Drones are the talk among hobbyists and a hot commodity at Paradise Hobbies in Fort Myers. "These things are everywhere... really," said Chris Velez who works at one of the hobby stores. "And a lot of people see things in the night sky and think, oh my God it's a UFO or whatever." Velez says for about a hundred bucks you could own one too. Ads are popping up on radio. "Imagine seeing your neighborhood from a whole new perspective several hundred feet up. You may call them drones but paradise hobby simply calls them fun."

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