UFO videotaped over Kaufman, TX, 10-02-05

Hey B J,

I had done some taping of clouds and a few jets that past by also today. This particular object, when I first saw it, didn't appear to be a jet or airplane. It looked more like an orb, nearly round or oval.

It also was moving faster than the jets I taped. It was heading northwest and was probably 20,000 ft (guessing). Didn't hear any sound from it. I did hear the jets as they passed.

I didn't have my Sony camcorder with me or I would have gotten a good close-up shot of it. I had been using my Canon for taping clouds and it focuses in and out when taping something moving for some reason. Anyway, maybe there's enough here in between blurring to get a look at...Larry

A big thanks to Larry for another great video.

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