UFO photographed in Malta, 03-15-04

The UFO Casebook received this excellent report of a UFO event on May 17 2004 / 09:08:30. I would certainly like to thank Pierre for updating us with this sighting report.

He has sent excellent scanned images of the newspaper report from the Malta Independent newspaper.

The sighing occurred on May 15, 2004, 1:00 PM, Malta local time. A group of witnesses saw the UFO, and excellent pictures were taken. Pierre was not a witness himself, but the high profile of the case, he knew we would want to be notified. According to eye witness reports, the UFO was traveling from St. Julians to Rabat in Malta. The object was seen turning and flipping over as it made its way through the clear skies. The photographs were taken by Rene Rossignaud.


The Malta Independent

thanks to: Pierre Vella Brincat

UPDATED INFO, 07-03-04:

The UFO Casebook received more information on this case, below is the report:

Me & my girlfriend have witnessed this ourselves and the papers proved us right !!! Yes we were driving at 12:45 1:00 afternoon down to St'Julians when my girlfriend pulled my attention to what was hoovering right infront of us , I had to pull over cause I could not believe my eyes, we stayed and watched this for more then 10 minutes, unfortunatly we had no camera with us, but the picture stayed clear in our minds, so we buzzed off for launch ......

Until a friend e-mailed me this link to view the photos and we can say that it's the exact same discription to what we saw !!

Happy to have to experience such site !!!

The feeling is unexplainable

Happy Landing

Aldo L.


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