UFO Seen in Northern Michigan, 11-06-06
UFO On November 6 about 8:30 PM driving from Watersmeet to Baraga in northern Michigan, its about a 1 hour drive. About half way we saw a light come from the right side and went away, about five minutes later there were two of them like they were chasing around so we pulled over and got out and hear this loud noise we had never heard before.

Coming around again two of them were flying really low. Size of normal plane and three white lights in a triangle and red light in the middle. There was no way it can be a jet the way it was flying whipping back and forth.

They go really far away until you don't see them and come back: it was loud. My wife wanted to leave, it was scaring her and before we left, hear the sound again and look up, it was dark cloudy and we saw the light come out of the clouds and went back up.

We got home and asked the neighbors if they heard or saw anything. The couple heard the sound but they thought it a plane so didn't even look outside.

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