Mid-air Collision
HAS ANYONE OUT THERE SEEN MY UFO?-In short, the UFO I collided with was a ball sphere about 2/3 the size of a football field and 'appeared' to be made entirely of millions of equally spaced opaque glass or ice crystals that were not moving. As my wing passed through the crystals they shattered in contact with the leading edge of my wing so I got a really close look at them. They were all identical crystal shapes of 6 inches long, 1" in diameter, and either 5 or 6 sided (fairly sure 5 like a pentagon), with no irregularities (as if machined or grown) and the ends were pointed. I'm not sure if the pointed ends were smooth or were pentagon or hexagon like the sides were.

When the outer quarter of my port wing passed through the crystals (removing a lot of paint and fiber glass from my wing tip) I noticed that only those crystals that contacted my wing were effected. None of the others moved (as if my injected wing turbulence didn't effect them). I tried to stay focused on the details of the UFO while in physical contact and use my peripheral vision to determine if the broken crystals fell from the UFO. I'm pretty sure they did but, never was positive about this.

As my wing passed through it, the induced drag to my wing tip caused my aircraft to cartwheel enough to roll me CCW about 60 degrees. I remember this because I became instantly worried about gyro damage and then just as instantly thought how insignificant that was considering what had just happened. Also keep in mind that I never would have intentionally collided with the UFO had I not been wearing a parachute -- I'm not THAT bold.

As for the flight and weather details; I was flying my camouflaged Grumman Yankee TR-2 (AA-1B) with tail number N1650R from Detroit to Columbus International in Ohio. At 15 miles out and about 8 thousand feet I spotted what appeared to be the sun (incredibly bright) parked on the back side of a rather large cumulous cloud at about 4 thousand feet and about 5 miles NNW of Port Columbus. It was around 2 to 4 PM in the afternoon with an absolutely clear blue summer sky above the sparse cumulous clouds. I was in radar contact and was given permission to vector 30 right to investigate. Descending to the UFO's altitude of about 4K it never lost it's brilliance -- just like staring at the sun.

But when I arrived within about 100 yards north of it, the brightness switched completely off revealing a huge medium grey sphere that looked slightly translucent or opaque. Later, after seeing the crystals, I assumed that what I probably saw was the reflection of the sun through the crystals and my aircraft had probably reached an angle relative to the UFO where I was outside of the crystals reflective angle. It was then that I made a decision to turn toward the object for a closer look. When I was really close and could see that it was NOT solid, I made the decision then to at least drag my wing through in an attempt to knock some of the crystals loose and perhaps find them on the ground later for analysis.

Permission to vector and investigate was given by civilian radar approach control at Port Columbus International Airport in the summer of 1985. Approach radar did NOT ever see a single blip in the area of the UFO which was only about 5 miles NNW at about 4 thousand feet. As for investigations, this was on a Sunday and GATO was closed. The only evidence would be any recordings where they state that they see nothing on radar (no evidence) and all the paint and fiberglass missing from the leading edge of my outer port wing (still no evidence). I examined thoroughly looking for fragments of the UFO imbedded in the wing but found nothing. I didn't think until much later that there might have been microscopic evidence in the fiberglass. I've been kicking myself for that ever since then. The good news is that the wing was repaired and repainted so it is possible that microscopic fragments still exist imbedded underneath the new paint. I recently checked the "N" number and the plane is still flying and is at an estate in California. I'm seriously thinking about buying it back for this reason.

Name withheld


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