Triangle Montage


The following sighting reports of triangular objects for 1996 were extracted from data available at the
National UFO Reporting Center web site by James Easton.


  2/01/96 21:00 Big Pine, CA        Woman sees large triangular object 
                                    with white sparks pouring off its 
                                    nose pass over Highway 395, disappear 
                                    to East. Twice size of moon.

  2/18/96  2:05 Cedar Springs, MI   Man & wife witness three strange 
                                    lights near their rural home. They 
                                    exhibited red, green, and white light; 
                                    formed a triangle.

  2/19/96 22:44 Whidbey Island, WA  Three adults see triangular shaped 
                                    object, with 4 very bright white 
                                    lights, streak to the East. Emphasized 
                                    brightness of light, humming sound.

  3/20/96 21:00 Seattle, WA         Young woman & 2 friends witness 3 
                                    lights overhead, arranged in a 
                                    triangular pattern. Suddenly, a 4th 
                                    light appears. Not aircraft.

  3/24/96 20:10 Austin, TX          Commercial pilot & friend on Austin 
                                    airport see "triad of white lights" 
                                    streak directly over airport. "Speed 
                                    was incredible." Radar neg..

  3/26/96 21:45 Thousand Oaks, CA   Man & wife in hot tub see 2 "tiny 
                                    triangles" streak from South to North 
                                    directly overhead, as fast as 
                                    "shooting star." Silent; yellow color.

  4/12/96 22:08 Baltimore, MD       Man sees formation of 10-12 dimly lit 
                                    amber lights in wedge-formation pass 
                                    E to W overhead at VERY high speed, 
                                    like shooting star.
                                    (A formation or one object? - John)

  5/04/96  5:30 Morris, MI          Woman sees delta-shaped ship w/ convex 
                                    bottom & 3 prominent lights over house.
                                    Illuminates entire yard with light beam.
                                    Frightened by it.

  5/21/96 23:58 Charleston, IL      Four youth camping witness big white 
                                    light, then huge triangular craft with 
                                    2 red lights on side. 
                                    Object illuminated them with spotlight.

  6/12/96 12:15 Seattle, WA         Two young men, unloading van, see 3x 
                                    pinpoints of light streak directly
                                    Arranged in a triangular shape.

 11/16/96 22:00 Riverside, NJ       Woman & daughter see V-shaped obj. w/ 
                                    red/blue/green lights streak across sky,
                                    stop dead, hover. 
                                    Many neighbors witness object.

 11/17/96       Grandview, MO       Multiple residents see 2x large triangles 
                                    w/ lights & fireball behind it fly over, 
                                    call 911.
                                    Police choppers respond; neg.. Loud. TV.

 11/17/96  2:30 Arcadia, CA         2x young men see large triangular obj. 
                                    w/ lights on corners. Dips, rises, several 
                                    times, then STREAKS to W. 
                                    Had "shimmering effect."

 12/29/96 19:00 Hartsburg, MO       Relayed rept.: 2x men trapping witness 
                                    silent, black triangular obj. overhead. 
                                    3-4 white strobe lights; blue & red lights. 
                                    No sound.

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