Out of Nowhere, by the Flying Fisherman, Part 1
...The Flying Fisherman

Reason for Writing the Narrative

When I first began to realize that something unusual had happened to me I thought about it most of the time. I thought if I wrote down what I remembered I could get it off my mind. It worked to some degree. If something came up, I could just write it down and not have to dwell on it. I also realized the need to share the experience with investigators and realized that it might be helpful to share experiences with others who have had similar experiences or were just interested in the subject.

Narrative Use

Since this narrative is on a public site, it can be used by any interested person for personal use. A reference to The Flying Fisherman, an anonymous experiencer or something like that is okay. Interested parties may share it with others.

The GPS Trails

Some one with a map program may want the raw data (latitude and longitude) to put the data on their map for further study. I can send these in text form or on a Microsoft Excel spread sheet. The update time is five seconds for each point. email - theflyingfisherman@msn.com

Discovering Three Sudden Position Changes


Lost Memories Recovered (Some of them that is)

Over a period of time during the year 2000, I discovered that in 1999 while fishing I had suddenly disappeared from one site and appeared in another on three occasions. I had no memory of what went on during the time I was moving from one site to another. These all occurred while I was fishing on lakes in a 16-foot aluminum fishing boat. With the exception of the first incident, I completely forgot the position changes until I was reminded in an unusual manner. The following narrative describes how I discovered the position changes and my reactions to these discoveries. It also covers events leading up to some of them and related information. Since 2000, I have become aware of another position change but of a very short distance. Later after considerable effort, I would find a therapist who could guide me to break through the blocks and I would learn some of the things that happened during what was missing time.

A Note to the Reader

Anyone reading this will find that I have some strong beliefs. I also strongly believe in and respect the rights of people who might not share those beliefs. Therefore, please understand that I am not writing this expecting to convert anyone but to provide information that may be of help anyone researching this phenomenon or to help me solve this problem. In relation to the narrative, my faith was integral to resolving the issue. However many Christians because of misconceptions of the Bible have found their faith severally tested or destroyed by such encounters.

If you are interested in looking into Christianity, whether you consider yourself a Christian or not, I would recommend going to the Bible direct. Such books as The Gospel of John and Romans are good places to start. A good version is the New King James, but any version except certain versions published by cults will do. If you were seriously interested, I would recommend reading Luke 11:9-13 and following the suggestion of Jesus Himself in the 13th verse. Unfortunately, I can no longer recommend any particular church or group. Christianity is burdened with false doctrines and man’s opinions. Many have thrown out the Lord altogether. The best source for Biblical truth is the Bible. A Christian friend may be of help but check out everything said with the Bible.

A Work in Progress

This version of my story is the most complete version. It remains of necessity a work in progress. As I learn or recall new things I try to update it, but even that is hard.

Included here are many things that I recalled, thought of and details that I used to establish time lines and other thoughts and speculations that I needed in order to sort this thing out. The facts, of course, are included. It should not be hard to tell the difference.

Also included are incidents that answer some of the questions people have asked me and as in questionnaires.

The First Incident

This is the first incident that I discovered and the first hint that something unusual had taken place. Later I would be able to remember many incidents from earlier life that I had put out of mind because I had never been able to make any sense out of them.

Trying to Fish

We had rented a place in a small resort on The Lake of the Ozarks. I had tried some boat fishing but with no luck. Shore fishing was good. Some time in the morning of Thursday, May 13, 1999, I was planning to go boat fishing. I had tried to talk my wife into going with me but she did not want to go. For some reason, I felt guilty about going alone. Therefore, I prayed, “Lord, if you wish to use me or me and my boat to help someone, please do so.”

I believe that I left after lunch at around 2:00 PM. On the way, even though I had planned where to go, I was mixed up several times so I was delayed in getting to there. The reason I was mixed up is some-what of a mystery. I basically knew where I was, but could not find Pin Oak Hollow Cove. I think a landmark that had a sign saying that it was the site of a juvenile detention center threw me off because in was not on the map. I finally ran into the water patrol. I asked where Pin Oak Hollow Cove was and they pointed me back to where I had just come from. This time I kept on going.

When I got the back of the cove there was a large white runabout type boat moored in the center and on my left, (the north side of the cove) there were two men in a red bass boat. I asked them if the white boat was theirs. One said, “No, but I wish it was.” I then asked them if they knew the name of the cove. They did not know. I thought that is what I should do, stop worrying about where I was and go fish.

I went into a small cove on the south side of the main cove and fished for some time without any luck. The water was very muddy due to wave action against the shore. A strong wind was blowing from the north, which made it hard to control the boat. I finally decided I had enough time left to find and fish another spot. I wanted a small cove on the north side of the lake to avoid the wind and mud. This cove’s small coves were all on the south side.

Vanished with No Memory

I used the trolling motor to get to the front portion of the cove; this was to allow enough time to look at the map before the wind blew me on to the banks of the cove. I put up the trolling motor, went to the back seat, and sat down. I briefly looked at the scenery, which was mainly bushes some grass and sand, or dirt, a desert like scene. It was clear and the sun brightly shown on the shore and bank. By this time, I had figured out where I was, in Pin Oak Hollow Cove.

I then opened my cooler, got the map out, and opened it. What I remember of this action is strange. The sun was shining on the boat. However when the map was partially opened I can remember that it was shaded almost black. Then it was in the sunlight again. This was not like a shadow passing over it. The mental image seems out of place. Just when I got the map opened, I heard a voice. I pulled the map down and there was a young man in the white boat yelling at me, “Do you know anything about these boats.” I was no longer in the small cove.

Rationalization Begins

I was in the main cove, Pin Oak Hollow Cove, in front of the large white boat I had seen on my way to where I fished, about 200 yards from where I was. (Approximate distance as measured on a Microsoft® computer map) It turns out that the three young people in it could not get their boat started.

I rationalized that the boat had drifted to this spot. This is not possible as the wind was blowing into the small cove. I noticed that the color of the water had changed from muddy to clear and that the shadows were longer and part of the white boat was in the shade. At the time I was in the small cove, the shadows were much shorter. I ignored the shadows but remembered change of the water from muddy to clear with no problem.

I had to admit that I knew nothing about their kind of boat but thought I might be able to help and put the trolling motor down and went over and asked some questions. I talked about the kill switch but they did not know what that was. I figured there was not much I could do, so handed the young man who had called to me my cell phone. He did not know how to operate it so he handed it back. I dialed the number for him and gave him the cell phone. His dad suggested that I tow the boat. I had not believed that I could tow a boat that large, but decided to try. It worked quite well.

A short time into the tow I punched in a waypoint into my GPS. At the end of the tow, I did the same thing. These points were made just in case I needed them to locate where I was. As it turns out at the time, they were not needed and I forgot about them. When I got to their dock I decided to take off, as I did not want them to think I wanted any money or favors. I think boaters should help boaters. On the way home, I noticed that the sun was much lower than what in my mind was only a short time ago. I reasoned that it could have taken along time to tow the boat. I would later learn that this was not the case.

It Begins to Dawn

In the days following this, I began to realize that I had been moved to the site of the boat by some unusual means but I could not figure out how. I began to think that the Lord had done something to get me there just at the right time, after all, I had prayed that if He wished to use me to do so. In addition, the opening of the map was completed at the second site. I then proceeded to forget the matter. I some times wish I could do that now.

A Year Later

Some time in May 2000, a year later, the whole thing came back and began to bother me. I then concluded that I had “appeared out of nowhere” and that likely someone on the boat had probably seen it. I also became convinced that it had happened instantly. I speculated that someone on the boat had prayed for help and some one else had said something as if they would not believe that God sent help unless the person appeared out of now where.

This egotistical fantasy called for suppressing many of the observations I had made. However, I had no trouble recalling the color of the water changing from muddy to the dark clear color of the main lake. This fact supported my instant position change conclusion. [I have now concluded that I am not completely at fault in suppressing these memories. See “Memory Analysis” below.] However, I could not get it off my mind. There were too many unanswered questions. One thing that bothered me is that God usually does not work outside of the natural laws.

I wanted to find the people I had towed and talk to them. At first, I tried a post on Odd Net at the Lake of the Ozarks. Those on the site kept asking me what I wanted to ask them. When I told them, it caused a stir. One suggested that I look at the telephone bill. He said that the number would be on there.

Denial Destroyed

Finding What I Feared to Find

Part of me did not want to find any facts that might change my assumptions. However, I still wanted the truth. I finally got up enough nerve in July of 2000 to find the bill. The number was not on it. I knew I should call the Phone Company, but proceeded to put that off also. I finally decided to call them and get the number, date and time. When the lady at the Phone Company said that the time was 6:02 PM, I knew instantly that what I had concluded was wrong. She sent me a copy of the bill with the information. The date of the cell phone call was May 13, 1999.

There is no way I would plan more fishing at that time before eating. This fact blew my entire desperate attempt to deny that there was a time delay. I had enough information on alien abductions to believe that they happen. I had no desire to be abducted. Now I was left with no way to deny that it may have happened. This forced me to look at the whole thing again and more closely.

A Closer Look

I realized that I should probably talk to the people that were on the boat, but I put that off. Before doing so, I decided to call the place I had towed the boat. I was interested in the possibility of staying there this fall. When I mentioned that I had towed a boat to his docks in 1999, He went silent.

Making the Call

I then finally got up enough nerve to call the number. This is the record of the call:

Jul 20,2000: I called them at about 7:00 PM and left a message on their answering machine. I pray they call back. This is getting to me.

8:23pm: I just got a call from a Mr. _____. At first he did not remember. When I mentioned that his son had used my cell phone and called that number he remembered. I got to talk to his son. The son said he did not know how I got there, but he seemed slightly evasive. He kept saying, “You were just there.” However, I got the over all impression that he was sincere. Apparently, I got there before anyone saw me. He thinks they arrived in the cove at about 3 to 3:30. I still think that was their boat in the cove so maybe my timing is off. I will refigure it.

In thinking about this conversation, I am not sure they were telling me all they knew. I am praying about this. Perhaps they were trying to protect themselves. I could certainly understand that. At any rate, the information gave me a better idea of when I was in the small cove. See the time line on Map 2: Getting to the Small Cove below.

The Reexamination


In August of 2000, I began to reexamine the whole incident. I went into my GPS program and looked for any possible clue. I found the two points I had made during the tow. The points are WPT 109, 13 May 99, 8:17 PM and WPT 110 13 MAY 99, 8:31 PM. The time has to be wrong as the cell phone call was at 6:02 PM. It is unlikely that I set it wrong as I had used the clock feature while we were driving to The Lake of the Ozarks. It sets it self when first turned on and when it is in a new time zone and cannot find the location. If it reset it self and then held it for some reason, then I was either over the Atlantic Ocean or the east coast depending on whether it went to daylight savings time or standard time. Unfortunately, I did not keep the GPS trail as it was a confusing trail and I did not realize its value. I did look at the trail there were two straight lines going to the east. One was from the first site and the other seems to be returning to the second site. The only way the GPS could read while in a craft of some sort was to be near a window of some kind. I have heard of abductees remembering such windows. The first sighting I had was of a saucer with windows; see “First Flying Saucer Sighting” below.

Map 1: The remembered GPS trail

I remembered that when I went past the cove I was in I made the first waypoint and at that time, I saw that all the water was in the shade. When I was in it most of the water was in the sun. This was one more thing I had ignored. (See Memory Analysis below) Since the cell phone call was made a few minutes after I got to the white boat at 6:02. The correct time on the last GPS waypoint was 6:31. The tow itself took 14 minutes plus a minute or two, as I did not punch it in until a few minutes into the tow. I did this just as we came to the small cove I was where I had fished. The figures show that I would have averaged a little faster than 6 mph. That matched what I thought we were going. See maps below.

Map 2: Getting to the Small Cove

Map 3: the Tow

[The maps above are not GPS trails but estimates drawn with the Microsoft program to help establish a time line]

Mental State

Some have questioned my mental state during this time. It was suggested that my confusion could have continued into the time loss and that my praying to be used by God if He wished may have played a role. However, I was quite relaxed even with the mix-up. I have often prayed for God to use me in some way and then proceed to forget it. If God’s Holy Spirit is going to use me, He arranges it within His time and way. It is not necessary for me to dwell on it or look for something. I did not realize that towing the boat could have been an answer to the prayer until much later while I was thinking about it. I have many such incidents during my life that have not had anything to do with position changes and time loss. In many such cases, I have not prayed specifically about it. The fact that I was not catching any fish did not cause any stress. I simply started to look for another spot. This is quite fortunate, as a confused mental state would have made it difficult to help the three people in the stalled boat.

Up to this Point

At this point, I knew that there was a time loss of some where between 1½ and 2 hours. I still did not know what happened during that time. About the only thing I could do is to continue to write things down in order to understand them. Then try to see if I could get help to find out what happened and pray about it. What I did not know was that there was more.

I am sure of this; I did appear out of nowhere. I appeared when they needed me. They may or may not have seen me arrive. This answered the prayer I made before going fishing. This also fits in with what the Holy Spirit does with me to help others, however this is a bit different. See “Beyond the Psychic” below. If there was an abduction then I need to remember Romans 8:28. I kept on praying about this and tried to get on with my life. This is for sure, as I trust in the Lord, He would not allow anything to happen to me that is out of His will. Even though I remembered the lines to the east on the GPS, I did not see their significance until later.

The Third Incident

The third incident was the second discovered and led to finding the second incident. Therefore, I am discussing it in the order of discovery. In addition, the third incident is essential to understanding the second.

The GPS Provides another Shock

Up to this time I had been reasonably sure that if I had been abducted it was only once. However, while doing some work on the GPS trails for fishing I got another shock. Some time later in August 2000, I had found a way to put the trails on my map program. When I put the trail from upper Carlyle Lake on the computer map, I got a surprise. It had an odd pattern on it, a rapidly moving curve that takes me over the railroad track and back! As I looked at it, I remembered that when I had gone under the bridge I had stopped and opened a map. What I had seen was that there were many stumps sticking out of the water and I needed to find the main channel and as much as possible follow it. Suddenly, without any memory of getting there, I found myself well into the lake section going in the wrong direction. I was quite confused. I remember waving my hands up and down. Because I was unsure, as to what side of the bridge I was on. I got the map out again and a compass straightened myself out and inexplicably proceeded to suppress the seemingly sudden position change. I then got back to exploring and fishing the area. The date was October 28, 1999. This date came from my fishing log. This is the only time I fished in this area of Carlyle Lake in a boat I did not remember anything about the trip over the tracks, which requires the boat to be airborne! When I looked at the trail on the map the memory of the position change came back as if unlocking a safe and seeing a long forgotten item. As time went by, I remembered more details of the position change.

The degree on confusion and disorientation is reflected in what I did. A compass is not needed on the north side of Carlyle’s railroad bridge. All one has to do is to line the map up with the bridge. I should have known what side of the bridge I was on by the many stumps sticking above the water. How someone can suppress an event of this magnitude I did not know but in several of the cases I have read about this is exactly what happens. As in these incidents, it took many months or over a year before something jarred my memory.

Map 4: The Carlyle Lake GPS Trail

The dotted lines on this and the next map are actual GPS points imported from the GPS program. I do not think that the two-dimensional trail gives a correct picture. (See “Drawing 1: The Curve” below) I think that the start of the curve is on the ground and the end of it is high in the air and the slight undulating pattern of the curve seems to indicate that the boat was spiraling as it went upward.

Photo of the Bridge and Railroad

The trees extend most of the way to Keyesport. The GPS trail path must have been higher than the trees. The first leg of the curve probably went over the trees shown or close to them. Note the size of the boats in comparison to the bridge.

The Second Incident

Another GPS Pattern

I then decided to search the saved GPS trails for other possible patterns like this. I found one at another place on the Lake of the Ozarks made during our fall vacation there. It was October 14, 1999, just two weeks before the Carlyle incident. As soon as I saw the curve and the gap, my memory of the event came back as with the Carlyle incident.

According to my fishing log, I left the dock at 2:03 PM. I fished along the bank as shown on the map before the curve. The trail shows that I went to another spot along the bank and fished it and going back to fish it a second time. I then turned around and went south again. The trail slows down and the curve begins. I only remember the fishing, but not the pausing. [I recently got a memory flash of getting my map out and looking over my shoulder at the bluff I intended to fish at. If this is correct then each time involved opening up a map.] At the next point, what I remember is straightening up as if I had just closed the cooler. I then looked at the bank, which was further away, and different and thought, “The scenery has changed.” I then suppressed this, looked around and noticed that I was fairly close to where I wanted to go, so I started the motor and went to do something more important than worry about scenery changes, fish. I had another “traumatic” event that day. I accidentally cast one of my best rods into the lake. I could remember that right away and could recall it anytime I wanted but the memory of the position change was locked until I saw the GPS trail that recorded it.

Map 5: The Lake of the Ozarks GPS Trail

Notice that the GPS points on the curve and other lines seem to be missing some points. This is exactly the case. When there are too many points for the GDM-16® program to copy it “thins” some of the intermediate points.

Drawing 1: The Carlyle GPS Curve

Time Loss

In both of these cases, at first, there was no sense of time loss. It appears that the position changes occurred earlier in the afternoon or were of shorter duration so that time loss was not as noticeable as in the first case. When I fish, I loose track of time until it becomes obvious. I might briefly look at my watch to see how much time is left but then I will forget it. As time went by, I realized that both afternoons went faster than normal. It is not possible to determine the length of time, but I believe they were both at least an hour.

A Possible Incident

In some other sections of this document, I dismiss this as an example of Selective Availability. However, I simply cannot forget the fact that during this time I did experience a position change. It involved only a few yards and I can clearly remember turning to my right and then from the other position turning to my left in the boat. This was a few yards apart in the same cove. The pictures below show the trail. The first one is on a map with dots. The second one shows the GDM16 version of the same area. It is easy to see why I cannot be sure of this. My guess is that this is an aborted attempt and I never actually was abducted. The group on the South West corner are the last numbers and may be the apartment we stayed at.

One difference stands out. The trolling motor was running both before and after the position change. Perhaps this effected whatever they use to transport things to their craft. I may have been fortunate to have been set down without injury.

Now What?

This is the last of the discoveries to this point of the narrative. What I needed to do next was to analyze and evaluate these events. In short, I need to sort things out. However, I think it is appropriate to include a section on interpreting the GPS information.

GPS Information

What is a GPS?

If the person reading this is not a fisherman, hunter or someone else familiar with a GPS (Global Positioning System) it might be a good idea to briefly describe what these are. A GPS receiver picks up signals from Global Positioning Satellites giving the position in map coordinates. Many now have a built in map. Mine does not. All can build routes by putting waypoints into the unit. A trail forms on the screen as you travel. This can be followed back. Hunters, fishermen and hikers find these very useful. There are also systems with maps that can be installed in a car. [Today many cars come with them installed] Since waypoints can be put into routes, I can build my own little maps. As noted in “The GPS Provides another Shock” above, the trails can be put on computer maps for study.

Different GPS Units

Before buying the GPS, I did some research. The cheaper units had fewer channels and less accuracy with corresponding problems. Mine was one of the best non-map units available at the time. The ones with maps were, for me at least, too expensive. Today a map unit can be purchased for about the same, as I paid for the Eagle Exhibition II. A cheap unit is more prone to inaccurate trails and sudden losses of position than the better ones. Considering the unusual use, that this unit has been put to it is a good thing I bought a better unit.

GPS Trail Analysis

The trails must be used carefully

In looking at the various GPS trails, I saw that if one wished one could find evidence of abductions at every break in the points or every move caused by Selective Availability. (See Could the Curves be Selective Availability? below) For me a suspicious trail is not enough. I need a clear memory of what occurred and as of now a distinct pattern, a curve and a point away from where I was. There is of course a possibility of some thing different may have occurred but I want more that just a suspicious trail. [I remember no curve with the May 13, 1999 incident, just two straight lines going to the east]

The important consideration here is that more is needed than a GPS trail. Without the memories of position, changes there would be nothing to convince me these were abductions. In my case without the trails with curves and gaps, I would be more willing to rationalize that these were simple memory lapses. Then, however, it would seem that a normal boat trail would be present in both of these incidents. In short, the trails and the memories worked together.

A Critical Look

Here I try to look at the trails as someone else would. The trail from the Lake of the Ozarks by it self is completely meaningless. The curve or arch is over the water and could be done with a boat. However, I do not think I have the skill to do it. I might be able to make a trail like this is if I worked at it. The back and forth lines to the left of the curve look as if they start and stop immediately. This is usually caused by the delay in updating the points. As I remember I was going back to fish the area again. The points are five seconds apart. This would not show the boat turning in a tight turn. At that time I kept the GPS on the side of the boat either up on the top of the flotation box or down beside it. If it fell or turned over there could be a gap in the trail. Without the Carlyle trail and the personal knowledge that in the next location I noticed that the scenery had changed this trail would not mean much.

The Carlyle trail is diagnostic. The curve goes over the tracks. The speed of the curve, represented by the distance between the points, is far too great for this area full of stumps unless one is sure they are in the river channel. On that day SA (Selective Availability) was not a factor, the rest of the trail was well within the normal tolerances.

Could the Curves be Selective Availability?

Some may try to debunk my contention that the curves on the GPS trails show an abduction incident by contributing it to SA, Selective Availability. My reasons for discounting SA are as follows:

For those who are not familiar with a GPS, Selective Availability (SA) is the built in errors that come and go from the satellites used by the GPS receiver. The system was originally designed for military use and the military was trying to keep people from pin pointing military sites. I have plenty of experience with this phenomenon and examples on saved trails. There was never a pattern quite like this among them. Selective Availability usually either produces a wrong position for a while or confuses the GPS, which often looses itself and then later finds the position creating gaps in the trails. In fact there would be no purpose in going off and coming right back as the above trails shows. Some times while going slowly the GPS trails become jerky and there are points here and there. Today things have changed and Selective Availability has been turned off.

Another source of gaps is pinning. This feature was designed to overcome some of the effects of SA. When still SA would sometimes move the point slowly, pinning would correct this. What happens if one slows down too much the GPS thinks you are still and holds the position until it realizes you have moved. This causes many of the small gaps. It also can create some large gaps particularly while trolling.

I talked on the phone with an Eagle representative and she used her GPS regularly. She confirmed what I already had guessed, that there were good GPS days and bad GPS days. On the day I made the Carlyle trail there was no evidence of SA. It was a good GPS day. The trail made at the Lake of the Ozarks did show some signs of SA. There did not appear to be any during the period of the curve and return. I noticed some later at the point I lost my rod. In fact, the rod is positioned in the cliff according to the GPS. My main reasons for discounting SA are that I have never seen a perfect parabolic curve during SA and I have a clear memory of a position change. SA patterns are usually erratic.

Despite the statements I have read, without SA, the satellites are still not perfectly steady and some small movement can be detected while standing still. However, every day is a good GPS day.

An Example of Selective Availability

Here is an example of Selective Availability that I knew about at the time. It is from a trip to the Kaskaskia River. As I was traveling back from fishing this oxbow, I can remember the route and the scenery. There are no position changes. I can remember noticing that the lower trail seemed too far away and into the south shore, what I did not realize, as the GPS has no map, that the upper trail was inaccurate. On the right side of the map, the trails appear to be on land. I do not consider this a problem, as the maps are not completely accurate. Note that the speed changes are less than at Carlyle.

Can the Trails be Faked?

I am sure that there is some way to fake the trails. Trying to fake the trails with as many points as I have would be very time consuming. In addition, if the map program itself were sent to some one, they could find the source of the points. The source of the points is listed in the properties of the particular pushpin sets. If the trail were faked on the map itself, the points would be listed as hand matched to the map. Of course, I put pushpins on travel maps in that manner all the time in order to plan for a trip. The only thing I can do is tell the reader is what I know, that is that these trails are not faked and that they have been downloaded from the GPS computer program by way of an Excel spreadsheet to the map program. I certainly would not want to hand match over a thousand GPS points to the map. The Carlyle trail on the GDM16 ® program has 1099 points. What is shown is a close-up section of the trail.

My GPS draws a line from one point to another automatically. Therefore, if there is a gap it fills it in. To duplicate this on some trails for fishing purposes I had filled in some of the gaps for clarity. Later I thought it best, for the purposes of this report, not to alter the trails in any way. All trails in this narrative are unaltered.

A Debunker’s Response

For the fun of it, I put the Carlyle GPS trail on one of the sites. I used About.com, as attachments are possible. The comment I made was; “Can an abduction be recorded on a GPS?” Some comments indicated that the trail was convincing to some. One of the responses came from a debunker. It many ways it was laughable. When I responded and asked for some specifics, he stopped posting. He even represented himself in his profile as an agent of the Air Force. I found another profile on him where he lists himself as a former Air Force agent. It was plain from his response that he may have read up on GPS’s but he exaggerated the errors greatly. He sounded somewhat convincing but his statements revealed that he did not know the difference between a 2D and 3D fix. There were other errors and exaggerations. Anyone who uses a GPS on a regular basis would have seen through what he said. Here is his posting. My comments are in italics.

Thanks for your reply.
Are you aware that there are times when GPS hickups occur where the clocks are resynced from the ground?

I asked for specifics here there was no response. I doubt that they’re very many times that the clocks are set. My unit gets its time from the satellites and is very accurate. If there are, the “hiccups” are not likely to be as large as the curves that took place during the memory loss portion of the position changes. [I now know that the Carlyle curve took six and one half minutes to complete making it impossible to be a time change]

SA has been off for some time now but it can be activated whenever desired.

What the debunker does not mention is that SA is now local in use. The object is to prevent a precise fix on a restricted site. It is no longer used in general.

Anomalies in GPS include errors (especially cross track) that can result in erroneous fixes. For example if your receiver locks three satellites and loses one as it nears horizon or is blocked by something the receiver will lose 3D coherence. This results in positional and altitude error. Then a quick pop up of a satellite can suddenly shift your GPS location back or elsewhere.

This would only happen with a very cheap GPS. Mine is a 12-channel receiver and almost never gives me a fix with less than six satellites. Here the debunker trips up, it takes a four satellites fix to get a 3D fix and the trails are all 2D and do not need a 3D fix. The loss of a 3D fix will not cause a problem with the trail.

I would concentrate on your state of mind at the time of the incident more than the GPS information.

Believe me I did. My state of mind was to fish and explore, in short to relax and have fun. In addition, as I mention below that the brain scan my doctor had me get was normal.

Take care. With the available differential codes from the Coast Guard stations your GPS error and accuracy would be minimal and positional data extremely high. You might consider enhancing your receiver to receive those signals. Far less chance of error.

I am already aware of available and expensive DGPS receivers. The present accuracy is adequate to for my purposes including recording an occasional boat flight.


The typical response of an egotistical debunker, he believes his statements are irrefutable and therefore there is no reason to wait around for a response.

Sorting Things Out


What I know so far is that there were three unusual events while fishing during 1999 involving sudden position changes and some time loss with no memory of what happened between the position changes. Two of these are confirmed by GPS trails.

Things in Common

All were while I was in my boat.

All were on major lakes in this area.

All occurred during times when no one else was in sight.

All occurred on a Thursday.

All days were sunny.

I was paused to look at a map or paused for some other reason when my attention was in the boat. [I recently had a memory flash of looking at a map during the last Lake of the Ozarks incident. It was to find a fishing hot spot. This means in all cases I paused to look at a map.]

I was not anchored.

Both motors were off.

I was fairly near the shore.

The new position that I found myself in was always further from the shore than the first position.

The new position was always is the same basic area of the lakes I was in. (I guess these whatever practice catch and release)

I forgot all or some of the details of the position changes in each case.

I needed something to unlock these memories. The first case involved a phone record; the other two were unlocked by seeing the GPS trails on computer maps.

On the days these occurred, I caught no fish. I have no idea if anyone else did or not.

Even though there may be some significance with the things in common, there is an equal possibility that there is none. For instance, I have not been able to convince myself that these occur only on Thursdays.

Not Blackouts or Normal Memory Loss

I told my doctor about these position changes and he sent me for a brain wave test. He thought I might be having black outs. When the test results came back normal he did not have a clue as what to do. In all three of these cases, there were no blackouts. I have blacked out when getting up out a chair too fast, usually after coughing heavily. I have a clear memory of the times I blacked out. It is like a fade out in a movie. I have the same memory from being put out for operations. I can also remember opening my eyes when waking up. There was nothing like this during these instances. This is one reason I had no sensation of time loss. As an older person, I suppose some one might wonder if I had a short-term memory loss. Well except for some medications during operations, I have never had problems with these. In the two cases that a medication caused short-term memory loss, I can remember the fade out just as when being put out by anesthesia. In the two cases of driving hypnosis I had, I clearly knew that time had passed.

The first incident is strange in that I started doing something in the first location and finished it in the second location giving the impression of a smooth transition. I started opening the map in the small cove and got it open in the main cove in front of the boat that was there. This meant that I started a simple task in one place and completed it about one and one half-hours later in another place as if it had never been interrupted!

Obvious Questions

To answer obvious questions, I remember clearly that at no time while I have been fishing have I ever had any periods of confusion, dizziness, or other symptoms out side of the three position changes. In the three incidents, I found myself in another location there was certainly some confusion but I quickly reoriented and went about normal tasks, fishing in two cases and helping the three people in the boat in the other.

A Not So Obvious Question

It may be normal to reorient and then go about normal tasks but it is not normal to forget completely an event as unusual as these were. The first one where I helped three people in a boat was remembered. I could not recall the other two until I was reminded by the GPS trails. Then and then only was I able to recall the events and the details surrounding them. In the first incident, I remembered the position change, but suppressed the evidence of a time loss. Until, that is, I called the Phone Company and got the time and date of the phone call, then I began to recall all the things I had seen that should have made me realize that there was a time loss. At the time, that I first realized there was a time loss I blamed myself for ignoring the evidence Now, however, I am not sure that I am completely responsible. I certainly did not want to believe that there was a time loss but it seems that it took a record in all these cases to jar the memories loose. There are many unpleasant events in my life that I can easily recall. Therefore, I can only believe that this is one more example of mind tampering on the part of the abductors.

Not the Desired Conclusion

I was not hoping to find more evidence of possible abductions but I would rather have truth than avoid facing it. These made me angry. My fishing was interrupted and it is possible that the presence of whatever was responsible for these position changes and time losses affect the fish. I did not catch a single fish on those days. Okay, okay maybe that is just another excuse. What displeased me the most is the fact that these things, which happened to me, were out of my control, with out my permission, and my memory of them was taken from me. I wanted to know what happened during those missing times. No, I was not positive they were abductions. If they were not, I wanted to know what they were. Not some guess but for sure, if that is possible. If they were, I wanted to know just what went on and I think that is possible. After that, I was looking for some action or method to stop this type of thing from happening to others and myself. First, I needed to understand what these things or beings are. [Since writing this I have recalled two memory images that make me very sure that these were abductions. See Memory Images below]

I have to be very careful to look at all the facts. As I get the facts, the conclusions, theories and speculation may change. That is the way it is when one is looking for truth. When our minds are made up, we tend to ignore new facts that could get in the way of our conclusions. The time to make up our minds is when new facts consistently continue to confirm the conclusion.

For many years I used to joke about the “little men” on the UFO’s I would say, “I have an agreement with them. I do not bother them and they do not bother me.” I never expected to be abducted nor did I ever wish to be.

Memory Analysis

Locked or blocked memories

Even though I might have been motivated to suppress some memories as noted above I found a strange pattern in what, at first, I could not remember.

1. In the first incident at the Lake of the Ozarks where I towed the boat the incident was too strong to suppress or forget, however I could not remember any details that would show that there was a time loss.

2. In the next two incidents, I could not remember anything of the position changes or the thoughts or reactions to them.

3. When these memories were unlocked or the blocks by passed by the phone call and GPS trails, then everything came back as if I had never forgotten them.

What I suspect is that if these were abductions then the abductors had something to do with blocking these memories. [Based on what I have learned and recalled since writing this, I am now sure that the aliens do affect memory in abductees]

Or is it something else?

In David M. Jacobs’, book The Threat, I found a new term, “blank.” The alien tells the abductee that they will insert a blank in their minds. I wondered if this was something like erasing a file. All that is erased is the name of the file. When recovering these I found that the first letter had been replaced with a question mark. I realized that if I changed the name by removing one letter or inserting a space that all the shortcuts and other means of locating the file would be of no use. The only way I could find the file would be to either search or find it in the folder. It would seem then all they have to do is insert a blank space in the path to the memory and then replace it at the next abduction. This encourages me to try again to recover the memories.

Memory Image Analysis

One of ways in which we remember is mental images of what we saw. However, we need to distinguish between mental images of what we actually saw and images that we created in our minds. For instance, I have two images of what happened at the second Lake of the Ozarks incident. One is from my view as I see myself straightening up, looking around, seeing the scenery, and realizing it had changed. This total mental video is from my viewpoint. I have another image of myself doing the same thing but from a near by viewpoint. I call this a “descriptive image” or visualization of what actually happened but from a viewpoint other than my own eyes. This is basically the same thing as talking about an event. We certainly do not commentate about an event as it occurs. However, later we do.

Other types of mental images are visualizations of anything we might be thinking about, anticipating what might occur, or what things might be like. Dream images are another. For me it is usually not hard to distinguish between the different types, although there are some that seem to fall into a gray area. In remembering something important such as these incidents or memories that relate to witness testimony, we have to be very careful to distinguish between memory images.

Recalling the Truth

I have made a study of reasoning processes, using mainly observation. What I noticed was that when events of a traumatic, unusual or simply complex nature occur the person does not remember the event in detail immediately. For instance if a person witnesses a crime, each time they think on it or tell about it the story will change slightly. Defense attorneys jump on this kind of thing. However, what is happening is that the subconscious mind brings forth details and helps put the event into proper order if the individual is struggling to understand and remember correctly. What we remember on the spot are the needed important highlights of a recent event. One very noticeable aspect of this is that the person while in the incident sees and remembers aspects which he, at the time and shortly after, does not understand. In the first incident, I saw that the shadows had grown longer in what I perceived to be only a few minutes. The significance of this was not noticed until a year later. However, I saw it and could recall it and reason about it at a later time. So if it is noticed that some of person’s story seems to change do not be so sure he is lying or making things up.

In cases of alien abduction, this is especially noticeable as the aliens tried to completely block the memories and they are very traumatic and difficult to understand.

Making Some Headway

I found that I could not really “sort things out” with out some study and help. I have made some headway in resolving this thing, but I have a long way to go. I tried to find a therapist. (See “The Therapist” below) I also went to the net looking for some sensible answers. These were not easy to find, but I found some sites with good information and have been corresponding with a few people. Some of the information that is commonly asked for is in the next sections.

Answering the Questions

This section tries to answer most of the questions I get when answering questionnaires or corresponding with experts in this field.

Sighting History

First Flying Saucer Sighting

Seeing is Believing

My first sighting was probably between June 1958 and September 1958 The sighting was in the evening after dark from the main street of Fargo, ND leading to Moorhead, MN. I worked in Fargo, lived, and went to college in Moorhead. I saw what I thought was a reflection in my car window in the shape of a flying saucer. I thought, “That’s how people see flying saucers, they see reflections in their windows and think they’re flying saucers.” Within less than a minute I realized what even today’s “experts” have over looked. “People are not that stupid.”

I looked again at the “reflection,” it was not doing what reflections do, and it sure looked like a flying saucer. To be sure, I stuck my head out of the window. I then continued to drive home. This was in the direction of the saucer, so I was driving directly toward it. This is not because I was chasing it or anything. It just happened to be in front of me.

The saucer was due east from my car, hovering appearing to be absolutely still. It was a classic saucer much like others I have seen in drawings made by witnesses. It was visible only in its own light, which went around similar to a lighthouse. The optical diameter was about one and one half the diameter of the moon. (This rules out Venus) At first, it was low near the horizon, probably about 10 degrees.

I observed it for about 15 minutes. When I turned South on the road to my trailer park it “followed” me as the moon follows us when we drive at night. This meant that it was quite a distance from me. I am not good at guessing altitude but it was about 45 degrees above the horizon when I got home. As far as I could see, it was hovering in one place. However, my drive toward it was several miles and it did not appear to get larger.

Not Exactly Exciting

I got out of my car and got a good look, there was no sound. I then went in side to get my binoculars. When I got out it was gone or had turned its light out. I shrugged, “So now you have seen a flying saucer, everyone and his twin brother has seen a flying saucer.” I then proceeded to ignore it until the little weekly Moorhead newspaper came out. There on the bottom of the front page was a small article in titled, “Flying Saucer Sighted.” The article stated that seven people had reported it to the “authorities.” I was not one of them. My guess is hundreds might have seen it.

The flying saucer I saw, illustrated below, was what I would call a garden-variety flying saucer much like others I had seen drawn in articles of sightings. It was not very exciting. I did not become a UFO hunter or get obsessed with them. I remember no time problem or position shift. Later I did watch Project Blue Book on TV. What I did not realize was the effect this sighting would have on my life.

["I shrugged, “So now you have seen a flying saucer, everyone and his twin brother has seen a flying saucer."]

The Next Two Sightings

The second and third sightings were both from the St. Louis Metro East area, very near the junction of Highway 64 and 157. The time is some where in the Eighties while I was working on the night shift at Farmers’ Home Administration.

The Second Sighting

We had a car pool at the time. When I arrived at the park and ride, the lady in our car pool was visibly disturbed. She stated she had seen a UFO. She pointed out a star and a short distance from it a light, star size, with what appeared to be lights going from left to right. It was clearly not a normal star. When we got to work, I told her I believed she had seen a UFO and told here about my first flying saucer sighting. She seemed better after that.

The Third Sighting

Not long after the second sighting, I was driving to work alone and passed the same site. I looked up to the right and saw a large object flying just over the treetops. It had red, blue and green lights going around it, presumably attached to its edge. It was dark and I could see only the lights. They rotated from left to right and were of pure color. As any photographer knows red, blue and green are the primary colors of light. The object appeared to be banking to its left (south). When I first saw it, it was traveling west. I was on Highway 157 going north near Highway 64.

I was tired. I took one look, turned away and said to myself, “If I ignore that thing maybe it will go away.” I then proceeded to work.

To Answer the Usual Questions

In relation to these sightings, I recall no time loss or place changes. When going home I would probably have noticed if I had lost time, as it was late already. With the next two sightings, I was on my way to work. I would have noticed and remembered if I had arrived late.

I did not take any of these sightings seriously. Today I think I would look at them a bit differently; I would probably get out, get a good look and take notes. I would also report to one or more to the reporting agencies on the Net or other agency if I were working with them. (As noted below that did not happen except to report the incident)

Recent Sightings

This report was filed on the net 9/1/01 at about 11:00 AM to NUFORC.

On Tuesday, August 28, 2001, I was fishing on the lake on the Washington County Conservation Center near Nashville Illinois with a friend. Some time in the early afternoon probably about 1:00 PM I heard what I thought was jet noise and looked up. There was a long narrow object silver in color with what appeared to be windows on the bottom. However, there appeared to be no wings or tail. I would describe this as a long cigar shape. It seemed longer than most airliner fuselages.

I proceeded to rationalize this away thinking that I could just not see the wings. I thought that the lighting made them blend against the sky. For that reason, I did not tell my friend about it. I looked at it for only a few minutes.

I have since thought about it and realized that I would have seen any wings. The sun was high in the sky and I would have seen the shaded bottom of the wings not to mention the engines. In addition, there are two major airports near the area. Therefore, jet noise is common. The jet noise did not seem to be coming from the object.

The final thing that came out of my mind was that the object was not moving in relation to the clouds. Airlines have to fly they cannot hover. It was too solid in appearance and too long to be a blimp.

I told my friend about this later and he asked me to let him know if I see anything like that when he is with me.

Once again, my first reaction was to try to deny what I saw. I wonder if I have another sighting or experience if I will react differently. I hope that I will.

Late in 2002, while in my wife’s car driving towards O’Fallon, Illinois, I saw what appeared to be a triangle. It was moving in an even fashion. Since it was at night, I saw only the lights. There was one large red light in the middle that blinked and slightly smaller white lights forming a triangle that were on steady. I thought at the time that it could be a stealth bomber, so did not note the date. Later I got a good look at stealth fighters on TV and they have smaller strobing lights. I also found that the description fits other reports of triangles.

5/22/03. On the way back from fishing at Washington County on Highway 64 in Illinois, I saw a cylinder UFO flying fast enough to leave a contrail. The time was about 6:45 PM. The contrail was split in two pieces so I thought it had to be a plane, but I could see no wings, tail or engine. It was quite long and appeared to be just under the high stratus clouds. It was silver in color and appeared to have structure, but I saw no markings. My wife was with me, but I did not point it out to her, as it was straight up and would have interfered with her driving. We were approaching O’Fallon and were probably nearest to Lebanon. I reported this to Filers and NUFORC on 5/25/2003. I left a phone message with NUFORC. I spotted a cylinder UFO of a different shape Tuesday, June 29, 2004 about three in the afternoon. It was silver in color and tapered the entire length.

The location is Carlyle Lake at the Hazlet State Park area in Southern Illinois near St. Louis Missouri. The object was very high and moving at what appeared to be faster than an airliner at that height. My wife and I were fishing at the time. I tried to show it to her, but she was unable to see it. Shortly after that, I lost sight of it. It was too far for a photo. This is the third cylinder UFO I have seen in this area but the others were of a different shape, even in size for most of their length and then tapered at the ends.


Dreams and Night Things

I had dreams of flying, falling and appearing in other places. The flying took place at St. James, Minnesota. I was probably six to ten years old. I remember being in my back yard. I would jump a little and then float down, then jump again higher until I could just fly. At times, I had the impression that someone was with me, but I do not know whom. The days were always cloudy, overcast, but not dark. It seemed that there was a lot of moisture in the air. One of the memories of flying from my back yard seemed more real than the dreams. I even saw things on the ground that I could not see from ground level only while in flight.

I had dreams of being floated in a “sea” of colored-lighted balls. I seem to remember these while we lived at Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. I was probably in my teens then.

I also remember hearing music played directly into my ears while in my bed at night. As far as I can tell, I was awake. The music was of a classical nature. It was if someone or something was playing directly on my ears. None of this was frightening; in fact, it was fun. I seem to remember that this was at Detroit Lakes.

An “Imaginary” Flying Saucer

I “invented” my own flying saucer. I always thought it was just a kid’s dream but recently I read that one abductee was taken to the engine room of a UFO and shown that it was driven by large magnets. The flying disk I dreamed up used flywheels of magnets to power it. There was one large wheel on the outside and within two smaller wheels one on top of the other on the inside. The wheels were turned in the opposite directions at high speeds. When the inner wheels were moved, the vehicle moved. The magnets were arranged in such a way as to increase the efficiency so it took very little energy to run it. I called it the Momentum Magnetic Disk. At certain high speeds, the molecular structure of the disk and of its occupants changed so it was invisible and could go through other objects. The craft had one problem. Between its visible and invisible state it became dangerous. Anything including air that touched it exploded. At that stage, it could be used as a weapon. In my imaginings, I would go through this state as fast as I could. Until now I figured it was just my personal science fiction. As of now I am not so sure. However unless proven otherwise I will continue to believe that this idea and the dreams were the products of an active imagination. What bothers me is that two very close relatives came up, on their own, with the same idea. The music, however, seemed very real and the colored light dreams were very vivid.

The Missing Truck

In 1938 when I was four years old, my sister and I stayed with my aunt. I remember vividly looking out the window at a building. Cars would drive behind it and come out the other side. One time a truck going fast drove behind the building and never came out. There was no way for it to stop or turn. Until now, I had no explanation for this. Now I think I could have been abducted and returned without memory to the same spot.

There is a possibility that my aunt was mixed up with the occult. My sister and I were introduced to the ouija board. I played with it some, but did not like it.

The Usual Questions

When I correspond or talk to investigators and therapists, I get a series of questions. I will try to cover those that I do not answer else where in this section.

Just before and After the Position Changes

I have answered most of these questions with “no” but one must be aware that all of these took place while I was fishing and all while I was paused in order to concentrate on something in the boat such as looking at a map While actually fishing I am aware of what is around me, but the awareness is focused on what effects the fishing.

1. Lights in the sky: No
2. Unusual beings or animals: No
3. Strange sounds: No, but I have a high tone-hearing defect.
4. Odors: No
5. Marks or cuts & scratches afterwards: No, but I have never checked. I do have a nosebleed problem. (I have since found some small marks that I cannot explain, but these could be anything) I also remember finding some scabs on the top of my head that I cannot account for.
6. Nausea: No. I probably would have noticed that.
7. Tinnitus When younger probably in my teens I had a problem with ringing in my ear. It was a high steady sound.
8. Confused & disoriented. Yes, particularly after the Carlyle incident and a little with the others. However, I recovered quickly in all cases.
9. Dreams of aliens Except for one recent dream where a person seemed to become something else, looking slightly like an alien, I have no memory of dreams involving aliens. (See “Dreams and Night things” above)
10. Sleep disturbances I have had some trouble sleeping at times. I don’t know if there is any connection. I do have a habit that comes from childhood of keeping a flashlight handy. In fact, I have three available at all times. I take two when I go on trips for night use.
11. Fears and anxieties I have had periods of being anxious, but these seemed to be job related. I now get slightly anxious when I find that no one else is in sight while fishing. However, this did not occur until after I found out I probably had been abducted. If I am really into the fishing or the scenery then I am unaware of any anxiety or fear and stop looking up at the sky.
12. Depression At times, I might be slightly depressed. I have more problems since I retired. However, others notice it more than I do. This may have nothing to do with the abductions.
13. Interest in UFO’s See “An “Imaginary” Flying Saucer” above. I have always been interested in space travel. Years after my first sighting I studied UFO’s for a while. I did not get obsessed with the subject. I do remember watching a movie about abductions, which I now know, was quite realistic. I remember being somewhat ill at ease while watching it. I had similar feelings watching the movie about Barney and Betty Hill.

The Psychic

Later Childhood Experiences

Fire in the Mind

When about twelve I was riding my bicycle and in my mind saw a fire. I knew that some one had something happen, but I felt that the fire was symbolic. Later I learned that some family members had been involved in an auto accident at the time I saw the fire.


In one case while at Catholic school in Chicago I tried to mentally stop a wheel of fortune with my mind to help a friend win. I was successful. I could not do it for my self however. In another case, I learned how to win at bingo. I consistently won by getting the “right feeling:” at the last number needed. I began to think this might be wrong and I quit.

Early Adult Experiences


In my second time in the Army, I spent time playing cards with buddies. I found that if I shuffled the cards until they “felt” right that I could win every time I shuffled. I soon got tired of that and began to decide who would win and shuffled for them. It worked every time. I had already decided that trying anything like that for money was totally out and after a short time quit this and just played for fun again.

Mental Projection

I slowly began to realize that I could project thoughts into other people’s minds. An early case was in high school where a man was looking for some chairs to seat a crowd of students in the school auditorium. There were chairs behind him but he did not realize it. I instinctively projected an image of the chairs to him and he almost instantly turned and saw them. I reasoned that this was natural and likened it to realizing that someone is staring at the back of your neck. Indeed, I had fun staring at some one’s neck and watching them soon turn around.

After I got married, my wife and I played mental games with one another. Mostly if she or I wanted to do something as eat out, we would project the thought to the other. It was quite effective. Later I began to explain to my children how to do this. I very much regret that.

The second time I was in the Army I practiced this quite a bit, to the point of influencing friends to do things by that method. I viewed it as a game. However, when one found out what I was doing he was not happy and denied that I had had any influence on him even though he bought every mental suggestion I made. As I think back, I would not want a friend that mentally influenced me.

Later in the retail business, I became a “psychic sales man” using mental suggestion to get people to buy items. I soon learned that the character of the person had a great deal to do with whether or not the suggestions worked. Strong individuals did not let such things bother them even acting as if they knew what I was doing. Others, particularly those who were trying to make up their minds were very suggestible.

One day a little lady came in to buy a roll of film. I did what I usually did, held up two rolls of film and asked how many she wanted. As I did this, I suggested mentally four rolls. She got flustered and nervously fumbled around in her purse, counted her money and said, “Four.” I decided that was not what a Christian should do and quit it. There is nothing wrong with nicely suggesting to people to buy or giving them reasons to buy, but I was messing around with people’s minds.

In thinking back, I believe I practiced the psychic selling for a fairly short period of time, probably not more than a couple of years. I remember some in Madison Wisconsin in a department store and some in South St. Louis at a member type store. Most of the time during those years the psychic selling was not the main selling method. Most of the time I used a fairly standard approach mostly trying to take care of the customers. Overall, these methods were more successful.

Later in life, I developed sales methods that were more customer oriented. I concentrated on trying to please the customers so that after buying from the stores I worked for they would become regular customers. The methods are somewhat involved, but are basic “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Funny thing, I was far more successful trying to please customers than when I was playing little mental games with them. Selling became fun and fulfilling. Management would regularly tell me how well my departments were doing.

Much later while working for the Government I was in a card game during lunch hour. We were playing “Uno.” One lady expressed that she did not know what color to change the cards to. I needed a yellow card to win. Without thinking, I reverted to the old practice and projected to her both the word ‘yellow’ and the color. I tried to take it back but that cannot be taken back any more than if one throws a stone. When it was my turn, I thought of not putting the card down, but did anyway. She looked at me and said, “You put that into my mind, didn’t you?” There were some strange looks on people’s faces when I admitted it and stated that it was wrong. That was many years ago. I have not slipped since. One might argue that in an emergency one should use this kind of thing. However, I have found prayer far more effective.

Mental Flashes

There have been several times that I have known when things have happened to loved ones. The most dramatic was when my wife ran off the road. While I was at work, I saw in my mind the curb, grass and trees coming up rapidly. I said to myself, “She had an accident.” Then knowing that I could do nothing about it I waited until she came to pick me up. When she told me about it, I said, “I know.” I then explained it to her.

What is this, Natural or Supernatural?

I first rationalized that these experiences and practices where simply developing natural abilities. I no longer think that. Yes, there is a certain area of the natural. Flashes of loved ones in distress and staring at the back of someone’s neck may be in that realm. In the case of the flashes, we do not practice them they just happen. I believe that the rest of the practices are in the Supernatural realm. I believe that there is a strong possibility that those who practice such things, whether they know it or not, are calling on the Forces of Darkness. There is always a price to pay and I paid it. I will not go into all areas of this, but realizing that I missed good customer relations while trying to be a psychic salesman was part of it, a small part.

What does this have to do with position changes and time loss?

For all I know, nothing. However many that I have corresponded with think it does or at least could. There are other sources for such experiences including the actions of ancestors, our own actions knowingly or unknowingly and simply the fact that demons bother people and try to influence us.

On the other hand, if I have been abducted as a child then one source for these experiences could be the abductions. Just how is unknown. The devil does not particularly care about what source he uses to influence us as long as he does. I do not either; I just care about stopping it. The demonic influence is easy to stop using Biblical methods because we call on God and His power. If we rely on our own strength, we lose. See “Handling the Grays” below.

Beyond the Psychic

The Purpose of this Section

The following probably does not have anything to do with the position changes or UFO sightings. The reason I am including it is to provide a contrast to the above psychic experiences and in at least one case, there may be a relationship. On the other hand, I really do not know what relates to the abductions.

To begin to understand the incidents one must understand that I believe that anyone who has been “saved” or “born again” is a child of God by spiritual birth and has God’s Holy Spirit within them. This means that all true Christians are the servants of God and He uses them, as He wishes, but not against their wills. When I had my religious conversion at the age of fifteen I, with out reservation, gave my self to God. I expected to be a missionary of something like that. I never made it, however over the years God by His Holy Spirit has regularly used me often in some remarkable ways. I tried to remember all of them but I do not think that is possible. In fact there may be times that I was unaware that God was using me. The incidents I have listed here are a few that have stood out in my mind. By the way, if you thought that the above examples of psychic experiences were way out or strange, wait until you read these. (See “A Note to the Reader” above)

Preventing a man from committing suicide

While serving the Army during the Korean War and stationed in Northern Japan I made friends with the ammunition sergeant of the regiment. He was a nice person but with troubles that were more than he could handle. There were problems with his wife back home. To forget his wife he got himself a Japanese girl friend and took to drinking. He shortly had problems with his girl friend she became pregnant. One night we just sat and talked. He had a bottle of whisky and before the evening was out he was drunk. During the talk he revealed that he had prevented another sergeant from committing suicide and that he intended to commit suicide if he should get demoted and how he would do it. I would have liked to help him but I knew if I reported to someone that he would just deny it.

One day when the regiment went to the field for military training exercises I was asked to stay in the warehouse that I worked and lived at to guard it. My sergeant friend showed up late and in very bad condition. He didn’t just look drunk but sick as well. He stated that he knew he would be busted this time and left. I figured now he would shoot himself. I knew that the only way I could stop him was to get to him just as he was putting the gun to his head. The chances of that were almost nonexistent. I returned to what I was doing and prayed turning the whole matter over to God and waited to hear the shot. Suddenly I got up and walked, but not by my decision, to a room that I had not thought he would be and opened the door just as he was putting the gun to his head.

I had no idea of what to say to the ammunition sergeant of the regiment. My mouth opened and I said, “That thing is not loaded.” He said, “Yes it is” as he took it away from his chin. I said, “Here let me see” as I reached for it and took it from him. I unloaded it. I could not have planned it better, but then I did not plan it. He had scheduled an ammunition trip for that day and had forgotten it. When I reminded him he realized that he could go on that and not look as if he were late We talked for some time about his returning to work and the Gospel, which, as I was to find out later, he needed very badly. He then left to get the ammunition. I knew that he was very sick but he could still walk. After he left I called the MP’s and asked them to check up on him along the route. They found his convoy at the side of the road and him standing there unsteady. He was brought to the hospital.

I prayed for him until about 3:00 in the morning and then felt that the matter was taken care of by God. I then went to sleep. The next morning at reveille it was announced that the ammunition sergeant of the regiment, at about 3:00 in the morning had passed away.

Yes, he died anyway but it was very important that he not take his own life. Note these facts:

This was the only time I was ever asked to stay back while the rest went into the field.

I was the only one who could have helped him.

I was asked to stay in the place that he came to.

A series of lucky coincidences? No way.

"What Goes Around Comes Around"

After the Korean War and when I was back in civilian life things got rough. I decided to go back into the Army in order to earn a living for my family. Things got very bad and I began to think of doing what my sergeant friend had tried to do. I really believe the reasoning was suggested by demons, as in retrospect, none of it made sense. I had come to believe that God wanted me to do it. God never wants anyone to commit suicide.

I was on Guard duty during the day and decided while walking in a mental haze to run and put my head under a truck’s wheel. Just as I began looking for a truck I heard a voice near by. I looked around not knowing if the person was addressing me or not. He again spoke, I said, “What?” He said, “You’ve been promoted, you made spec four.” I thanked him and thought, “If the Lord let me get promoted then He doesn’t want me to commit suicide.”

Funny thing, I didn’t even know the man, but I know who sent him.

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