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There is, however, one element that is not along those lines, which I still do not fully understand. Of course, I really do not need to.<p> I was working for a local military base in a clerical position and on my way to work on a winter day. My windshield wipers started to make a clicking noise. Thinking there was ice causing this I parked on an empty parking lot and checked them. During this time, I felt strongly that the Holy Spirit was working with me for some reason. Satisfied all was okay I tried to leave. The lot was ice covered. Ordinarily this would be no problem as I was used to driving on ice. This time my rear wheel had settled into a depression that just fit the wheel. I was solidly stuck. <p> It took quite a while to get help. Some one finally helped me and I was on my way to work still feeling strongly that God wanted me to do something. As I approached the base, I saw a lady, an African-American, trying to get her car started. I knew instantly that the Lord wanted me to help her.<p> I stopped to back up and saw something in front of me. It appeared to be an invisible wall made of large blocks of stone similar to those I have seen in some parks or in upscale neighborhoods. I could only see outlines enough to realize what it was otherwise it was transparent. It extended on both sides of the road in front of me blocking me so I had to back up. I now think the Holy Spirit was telling me that this was what He wanted me to do and how important it was.<p> By the time I reached to lady, I was very nervous. I was so nervous that I forgot I had jumper cables, but when she brought that up, I remembered and backed up next to her car, jumped her battery and got the car started. I was blocking traffic so I had to leave quickly. She tried to pay me, but I accepted her thanks and left waving at her. The wall was gone.<p> I know there was a very important reason for the Lord wanting me to do this. Maybe some day I ll find out what it was, if not in this life in the next. I had never before had an experience like that and I have not had any since. I am not prone to see things that are from the spiritual world.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> Helping a Friend on the Way Home</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> I was working for a government agency in downtown St. Louis. That day my schedule had been changed so I was going home at a different time than usual. As I went, I saw several men having car trouble I felt the Holy Spirit working with me and thought,  the next person I see with car trouble I ll stop and help. As expected around the next corner there was a man trying to get his car started. I stopped next to him and started to backup and park. I heard a voice at my car window and turned to see an old friend of mine. We tried for some time to start it by jumping and finally one of the traffic trucks stopped and gave us a tow. I stayed with him as long as he needed.<p> This is typical of how God s Holy Spirit works. As in situations like this, I can almost be sure that someone was praying and God finds a willing person to answer the prayer. When He chooses me, I consider it a great honor. Notice that He works ahead of the problem planning to answer a prayer that had probably not yet been said. (Matthew 6:8)<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> Preaching at the Sun Shine Mission</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> The Church that I was attending had a monthly program to provide a service for the Sun Shine Mission in St. Louis. This was quite a while ago and the mission is now in a new location with new management. At that time our church was having considerable trouble. The pastor had just resigned; in fact, he had gone to the mission to work there. The leader ship had divided into two factions. On the Sunday that we were scheduled to be there I did not know if the Church leader ship would take care of it or not. With the exception of the person giving the sermon they relied on volunteers to show up. I had done so on a fairly regular basis. I had never been asked to preach. On that day, I was not even sure I was going. The Holy Spirit began to work with me to prepare a sermon, which I did. I felt that if I did and some people from the church leader ship showed up I would say nothing.<p> When I got there, no one else had showed up. Later the organist came. I explained to the man in charge that I was prepared to speak if no one else showed up. He looked up and said,  Organization. I said,  Organization? He said,  God s organization. I ended up preaching and by the Spirit s guidance prepared five more sermons and preached them. One Sunday I decided that the Spirit did not want me to do so and stayed home The next time I came one of the workers told me that the Sunday before two groups had showed up and fought over who would run the service. He said,  It was a good thing you were not here. <p> After the last time I prepared a sermon but felt that the Spirit was not leading me. Therefore, I went without thinking I would have to preach. On that Sunday, the church leader ship had its act together and from then on out provided the workers for a service on their scheduled Sunday.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> Telling the Church Secretary what I thought of her</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> I used to work as a secretary for the Government and had a good idea of how hard a job it is. I started to notice the Church secretary and felt that she was doing an exceptional job. This weighed on my mind until I felt compelled to call her and tell her what I had noticed. She seemed very happy, even relieved to hear someone telling her she was doing a good job. Later during a conversation at church, she mentioned how she had grown to think she was doing a poor job, even thinking of leaving when I called, just at the right time.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> Seeing the Mission of the Church</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> I was talking to the pastor of a church I was attending. He was quite discouraged. He stated that he was not sure he should remain the pastor, as he had no vision for the church. I told him that maybe God would reveal it to some one else in the church as one of the elders. I then forgot the matter thinking that if God revealed the mission of the church to anyone it would probably not be me. A short time later, the church was presenting deacon candidates to the church. I went to vote on these and was pleasantly surprised to see that the candidates were people I thought were already deacons. I also noted that many were military people. These facts weighed on my mind and more and more. I felt that God was using the church, which was very friendly and receptive to military personal to train unofficial missionaries to go wherever God would arrange to send them with the help of the military. I likened the church to Lake Itasca in Minnesota. A small stream flows from it so small that you can jump across it. However, that stream is the Mississippi River and its waters flow to the ends of the Earth.<p> This weighed on me I was going to talk about it at testimony time at evening service, but finally I had to call the pastor and tell him about it. During the service, he mentioned it. Later I learned that the church officials and the pastor felt that it was their mission and vision. Needless to say, the Pastor stayed.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> The Contest and the Calculator</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> I had entered some pictures in a local photo contest for the Core of Engineers at Carlyle Lake Recreation Center. I had thought they were looking for pictures for brochures of something like that. I decided to look for pictures that might fill that need and enter them. To my surprise, I won some prizes. Local merchants at Carlyle provided the prizes. While there, I felt led to pray that God would use me to answer someone s prayer or fill someone s need. I didn t think any of the prizes would do that.<p> One of the prizes was a scientific calculator. I liked it but felt I didn t really need it. I was about to call someone else, but felt I should call my youngest daughter and see if anyone in her family needed it. To my surprise, she had just enrolled in a course where she needed a calculator and wondered how she was going to be able to afford it. I called just in time for her to have it for her class.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> Three Teenagers in a Boat</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> Of course, we have already mentioned this at the beginning of this narrative. But it gives me a chance to point out some similarities to the above events.<p> I was led to pray to God about using me to help someone.<p> I was delayed in getting to where I wanted to go. This set up the timing. The position change and time loss also figured in. Since I was planning to fish else where I would have been gone before they needed me. (Romans 8:28) <p> Therefore, I arrived just as needed.<p> God was at work in advance of these people s need for help. (Matthew 6:8) <p> </div><div align="center"><H2> The Contrast</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> I am sure the reader can easily see the contrast between the psychic tricks and the work of God s Holy Spirit. The incidents here are not much different from those of other Christians who walk in God s Spirit. I just wish I could say I always did so. At first, I thought that the above events had little or nothing to do with possible abductions but since I belong to God, the possible abductions probably do have something to do with my Christian life. [Since writing this, I have had numerous opportunities to witness to my faith on the net while posting on some UFO sites and to provide help for fellow abductees. I post on the UFO/aliens bulletin board on About.com as  The Flying Fisherman ] <p> <H2>Miscellaneous Events</H2><p> </div><div align="center"><H2>The Jumping Fish</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> In various reading and correspondence, I have found that experiences with animals seems to be of interest to investigators of this phenomenon. On September 15, 1999 I was returning to the dock on one of the Kaskaskia River s oxbows. I was at idle speed as required. Suddenly I noticed some thing that looked like the head of a fish coming out of the water right next to me. Then water fell on me and I turned and saw the tail of a large fish going into the water. I realized that a large fish had just jumped over me. A short time latter I asked some near by fisherman how they had been doing. After answering, one of them wanted to ask me a question. I said,  Sure. He said,  Did I see a big fish jump over you. I told him he did, then said,  That s funny I had a big fish jump over me and I didn t see it but someone else does. <p> A person brought up in the western culture as I was usually passes such events off as pure coincident. However, I am not so sure. Yet I do not know what to make of it. If the reader has some ideas let me know.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2>The Bobcat</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> <div style="margin-left: 25px;"> I was walking in Giant City State Park below Carbondale Illinois. I was toward the end of the trail walking an upper section up a fairly straight trail. I looked to my left and there on a side trail was a bobcat just standing there looking at me. (I cannot remember if anyone was with me or not) I looked up bobcats in an encyclopedia and they are not as tall as this one was. The picture showed stockier legs. This one had abnormally long legs. They were straight more like the legs of a dog than a bobcat. I have no recollection of any thing happening at that time other that seeing this strange animal. It was just staring at me. I don t remember what if it did if anything. I don t remember what I did either. I think I just walked on ignoring the animal. <p> </div><div align="center"><H1>The Road Ahead</H1></div><div align="left"> <p> <H2>Why We Need Help</H2> <p> One of the big things I have learned from this is the incredible ease we have in rationalizing away the truth. All one has to do is either suppress the facts that interfere with what we want to prove or simply put emphasis on certain facts over others. It is also easy to speculate as to what happened and create mental images of what might have occurred. Thus a professional therapist who is trained and experienced in recovering lost memories is needed. I cannot emphasize enough that the therapist must not suggest what happened, but guide the person to points where they recover the actual memories.<p> Another reason for needing a professional is that a probable abductee such as myself does not know how they will react to the memory recall. It could have been a pleasant or neutral experience, but that is not likely. I had thought of using self-hypnosis. However, it was this consideration that prevented me from going that route. I would encourage anyone experienced in going into trances to avoid that route. My experience with self-hypnosis is light trances and post hypnotic suggestions. These were not that successful so I abandoned the practice. <p> <i>Finding a Therapist</i><p> Finding a good therapist was not to be easy. It certainly does not help to have someone or someone else causing memory problems. At that time I had not been successful is recovering memories for the time between the position changes and that is why I believe I needed help. As a Christian, I believe God uses people to help people, otherwise, what good would we be? <p> I was not able to get help from the Christian community as most are hung up on the  Demon Premise. See  UFO s, Aliens and the Bible below. Some Christian counselors have strongly advised that I not try to recall the memories. In the recall of memories journey I had already traveled too far. The most effective method for me has been prayer. If God does not want me to find out what has happened, as some Christians have advised, I wonder why He has enabled me to find out as much as I have? The Lord certainly could have prevented me from finding out about the time loss in the first incident and the position changes in the second two incidents and I would have blissfully gone on with even caring about any of this and well protected  from anything negative. I noticed that other groups tend to be hung up on various theories, which become fact to them. Such as the  astral theory, (See  Other Views below) The New Age view, (See  The New Age View below) and other various guesses presented as fact. So getting help may be tough. <p> Since God has provided the keys that unlocked the memories surrounding the position change events, it looks as if He wishes me to seek help in finding out what happened between the position changes.<p> <h2>My Goals</h2><p> <b><i>1. Finding out What Happened</b></i><p> It is hard to know how to handle a situation when there is no memory of what happened. With a few different facts, I would relegate this to a medical or neurological problem. However, since my GPS was running, I would think the trail would have continued in a normal fashion and the brain scan was normal, I continue to think something very unusual happened. Therefore, my first goal is to find out what happened. Without knowing what happened it is hard to set other goals, but assuming abductions these are the general goals. <p> <b><i>2. Stopping Further Abductions</b></i><p> Everything I have learned so far leads me to believe that abductions are not a good thing. <p> <b><i>3. Helping Others</b></i><p> When the Lord lets us go through something it often means that He can use us to help others. Telling my story may be of help to others in similar situations and from what I have learned there are many others.<p> <h2>The Review</h2><p> </div><div align="center"><H2>What are the facts?</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> There are two factual areas in this narrative to date. Each has three facts to deal with. These are as follows.<p> <i>The Sightings</i><p> I had several UFO sightings. None had any position change or time loss. All were over major metropolitan areas. Two involved other witnesses. <p> <i>The Position Changes.</i><p> There are four position changes. One clearly has a time loss, two of the others probably do. These are based on memories of time that I was awake, they are not dreams nor are they dreamed up. Certain aspects of these incidents were temporarily blocked or locked from memory.  Memory keys were required to unlock these memories. In the first case, a telephone record with the time of the call was the key. In the other incidents, the GPS trails on a map were the keys. </div><div align="center"><H2>What are These Things?</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> There are a large number of guesses as to what these things, the occupants of the UFO s are. I will not go in to all of them, just mention my own ideas.<p> <div style="margin-left: 25px;">1. They are Created beings from somewhere else, some other planet, or possibly from some underground or under water areas. They may have traveled here for many years in large craft where they lived, reproduced, and died so that those that are here may have been raised in route. They may have advanced technology in some areas but not in all areas. Open contacts may benefit them and us. However we need to use great caution, they way they act and the things they have done do not look good. It seems that they are acting mainly for their own benefit while at the same time pretending to be concerned about us. Based on the theory of relativity they could have traveled here faster related to their time during near light speed travel. <p> 2. Some of the manifestations and experiences of abductees reveal a possible demon connection. Demons may be parading as space alien brothers and giving us an anti Bible and God message focusing on the environment and not the spiritual needs of man. Unfortunately this idea seems to have been carried to the extreme by some Christian groups to the point of believing that anyone who has been abducted is at fault and a not a good Christian. My position is that even if some abductions are by demons, most are not and the knee jerk assumption that the abductees are at fault makes things worse for abductees not better. <p> 3. Some believe that the experiences are of an  astral or out of body experiences. I think this is a possibility in some cases, but we should not apply them to all cases. My GPS trails show that my boat and I were taken up. This is a very real physical event and so were the position changes.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2>The Speculation</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> As to what caused the position changes all is speculation just as to what the UFO s are, or where they come from or what pilots them. What I was looking for are the memory keys to the lost time in-between the position changes or help recovering the memories. <p> </div><div align="center"><H1> Further Developments</H1> </div><div align="left"><p> <h2>The Therapist</h2><p> From a net search, I found a therapist in St. Louis. She has been helpful but I have strong blocks to getting into deep enough trance in order to begin to remember what happened. She tried to work on the blocks. It seems that I both want and do not want to find out what happened between the position changes.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> Other Problems</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> The therapist tried other methods and these worked to some extent. I am not sure what my problems were but I spent much of the time beating around the bush. She also tried pressuring my out stretched arm if it yields it is a  no and if it stays firm it is a  yes. I am not so sure that this is a reliable technique. The example she gave gives me strong reason to doubt it. I also doubt it because there are only two possible answers. However, I think the subconscious answers  no for  I don t know. After eleven sessions with no results, I quit her.<p> <h2>Other Developments</h2><p> </div><div align="center"><H2>Calculating the Curve Times</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> I decided to find how long the curves were in time. The Carlyle curve was 6.5 minutes and the Lake of the Ozarks curve was 3.8 minutes. I would have to guess that there would be some possibility of passing out as I would have had time to become terrorized and if higher than I thought I might have been oxygen starved for a short time. If I at that time had a memory of what happened on previous abductions I could have been calm, but I have to consider that I may have been out for a short time. </div><div align="center"><H2>Memory Images</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> I have several persistent memory images. The first one I noticed was a structure that appears to be a part of a craft. The lighting is soft. The structure seems to be part on an arch that holds up the ceiling of the craft. This is an approximate drawing. I have a fairly clear picture of the front part of the structure the inside section. I am not sure of how it meets the main roof or floor.<p> <p> </div> <center> <Img Src="http://www.ufocasebook.com/out/ff10.jpg"> <p> <b>Structure Drawing</b> <p> </div> <div align="left"> The second is my looking at my boat in a dark area at the edge of the craft. It seems to be sitting on a door of some sort. The door is not clear. <p> The third is of some people in another similar section to where I saw the boat. This is doubtful. I think it might be a visualization of my thinking that the people in the moored boat in the first incident may have been abducted as I was.<p> The last is of a gray. It is on my right walking slightly behind me. The view is one that requires my head to be turned and eyes looking to the side. It seems to be escorting me somewhere. Though the general appearance is like what I have seen in drawings and on TV the color is a darker gray and the  eyes are not the same, they slant more almost straight up and down. The lighting is very much the same in all the images, a soft light and not very bright. I am quite sure that this is a genuine image. It is very typical of what I would do in a situation like that. Try to get a good look without drawing attention to myself, a side-glance to get an image.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2>Memory  Snapshots </H2> </div><div align="left"><p> When I was a child, I aspired to be an artist. I got into the habit of looking at scenes or objects and forming a memory picture of them for later use in paintings or drawings When in a strange situation I start to take these much like taking a snapshot with a camera. This is where the images from the UFO came from, but I do not know which incident they are connected to. I think the reason that I can recall these is that they are deliberately memorized images unlike just experiencing something. They are etched on the memory expressly for recall later.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2>TV Gives Me a  Feeling </H2> </div><div align="left"><p> I was recently watching a TV advertisement by a local appliance chain. They had an arch with some supporting posts at the end of the arch. I gave me a funny feeling and I realized that it looked something like the structure I remembered from the craft. </div><div align="center"><H2>Trying to Make Contact</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> I have been tempted from time to time to try to make contact with them and ask for my memory back. However, I keep thinking that is dangerous and wrong. I really think they are nothing to mess with.<p> I have mostly decided not to try to contact them, but leave it up to the Lord. I still go fishing in my boat. There is some risk involved, but I do not do it to contact them, but to fish. The experiences have taken off some of the enjoyment. It is harder for me to get enthusiastic about going fishing. In that sense, I feel that they robbed me of something. I also tend to look around and in one case had a UFO sighting, which I reported on the net. That was in 2001. See Recent Sighting above.<p> I put this on a post to a person I believe is knowledgeable on this subject. Here is her response. <p> Alien Skipper s response<p> <div style="margin-left: 25px;"><i>"I think you should continue to try to enjoy your fishing, and leave the aliens to the aliens. From what I've heard, it is the aliens who decide when and where. I have heard of some persons who believe they can "contact" the aliens, but I cannot vouch for it. Seems like monkey-business to me. Remember, it is the aliens who control <b>everything. Nothing is left to the abductee. Nothing, sad to say. </b>Damn it, everything seems to be on THEIR terms alone. I really resent this fact. (no kidding, huh?) I do recall a couple of abductees actually physically fighting with the aliens, but alas, to no avail. The young man who got one by the neck briefly was also kidnapped again later."</i><p></div> <div align="left"> I had thought about what would happen if one were on one of their craft and did some violence. I would think the consequences would be grave. One could harm some one that ran the UFO.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> Stopping the Abductions</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> Above I said that I wanted to find out how to stop further abductions. It seems that I have been successful. I did a lot of praying about the problem, turning the matter over to God. I thought some good might come from some future contact, however since I prayed about it there have been no abductions. I will continue to leave it in His hands and if an abduction occurs, I will call on Him. However, I will not try to initiate it.<p> For some time I have wondered why I have not been abducted from my bedroom as many others have said they were. In several sources, I have read that running a fan or other electrical item can keep the aliens away. I have run a fan in my bedroom for years in order to circulate air and provide some noise. I have had some experiences as a child that indicates that I may have been abducted from my bedroom, but these are not for sure.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> Unsure of how to Proceed</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> At this point, I was not sure of what I intended to. I had partially given up on recovering the memories, for this reason I decided to get some books and get an over view of what happens to people that are abducted. If a person is planning on a regression to recover memories this is not recommended, but with me, it proved to be helpful. This will be explained in the next section. <p> </div><div align="center"><H1> The Process of Recovering Memories</H1> </div><div align="left"><p> <h2>The Regression</h2><p> </div><div align="center"><H2> The Minnesota Hypnotherapist </H2> </div><div align="left"> <p> As mentioned above I found a therapist in Minnesota. His name is Craig Lang if you wish to learn more about him he has a web site. http://home.comcast.net/~lang.craig/ I first found him on the net and then e-mailed him. I also talked to him on the phone several times. I became convinced that he was the right person to help me recover my lost memories. However I was not sure if I should proceed or not.<p> Around this time my wife came to me and said that some of my children did not believe what I said happened. She said that she wanted me to find out and encouraged me to go to the Minnesota hypnotherapist. Since I felt she was behind me I went ahead and made the arrangements. Up to this time, I was unsure of what to do.<p> I arranged for a trip but on the way up, I got a call from my brother who told me that my mother had suffered some kind of a stroke. Therefore, I cancelled that trip and visited my mother. She had some small strokes and was able to go home after a couple of day. Later I rescheduled. My wife and I arrived at his house near Minneapolis, Saturday, April 6, 2002. He had sent me a picture of him and his wife, so I knew what to expect. He lived up to his phone image of being a pleasant and understanding person. I am now convinced if anyone is trying to recover memories from missing time that a person that specializes in this type of work is needed. I found out that Craig got into this by investigating UFO sightings that turned out to be abductions. He has been at this for some time Since I had sent him my narrative, he already had much information to work with and the beginning interview went quite smoothly. After that, we started the regression. He began by getting me to go to places that were pleasant to me. I started to jump around from place to place where I had had pleasant experiences. The page that has my story is http://home.comcast.net/~lang.craig/FF_Report1.htm <p> </div><div align="center"><H2>The Giant City Abduction </H2> </div><div align="left"> <p> One of the places I had found pleasant was a park in Southern Illinois called Giant City. It is known for the geological structures where large rocks have split giving the effect of streets between buildings. It is an eerie and fascinating place. I went there many times with one or more family members and a few times alone. When I went alone I liked to explore areas other than the marked paths. At one spot, a stairs had been built to go up to the top of the bluff. I have photos of it and have incorporated it into a painting. During the first part of the regression, I found myself remembering one such time at Giant City when I was walking alone. I remember coming to the rock stairs and walking up it. It was sort of a feeling of being on top of the World. The next scene I remembered was strange. I saw to my left a tree going up, a bit of grass growing and to the right another tree seemed to be there, but I did not get it all. There was grass in front of me and I was on solid ground, but after the trees, there was sky with clouds. I know that beyond the top of this bluff there are trees growing from lower areas up above where I stood, so I should have been looking at trees not sky.<p> Then I rose from the earth and began to fly. I quickly found myself looking down at a scene like being in an airplane and seeing the ground far below. I said,  Is this an airplane? It looks a lot like what I saw in an airplane. However, there was no window and no airplane. All I could see were the toes of my shoes. I was airborne with no means to do it.<p> Then I found my self in the clouds approaching a cloud that seemed more solid. I was then inside it and I felt that it was a ship, not a cloud, but I perceived it as being in a cloud. I remember floating into a door in the cloud inside I saw more clouds and some stick like men. Later Craig would explain that to me after the recall of the Carlyle abduction Later, however, I had a clear recall. I was lying on a table looking up and some strange windows that were curved. I could see the stars and they were very clear. Since it was day light I must have been quite far up as the sky was black. The next thing I remembered was going back down and my feet touching the ground. I would like to return here and see if I could recover more of this abduction at some future time. For now, I need to concentrate more on the Carlyle abduction, which follows The Bob Cat below. <p> </div> <center> <H2>Photo of the Giant City Steps</H2><p> <Img Src="http://www.ufocasebook.com/out/ff11.jpg"> <p> <H2>The view from the top of the steps</H2> <p> <Img Src="http://www.ufocasebook.com/out/ff12.jpg"> <p> </div><div align="center"><H2> The Bobcat</H2> </div><div align="left"> <p> Because the strange bobcat was seen at Giant City, we decided to see if I could see anything there besides an ordinary animal. I have always had the sense of some one else being there. I mentioned that I thought it was my daughter. Then my wife, who was at the regression, said that she was there and that she remembered me commenting on the strange looking bobcat. That confirmed that I thought it was strange on the spot.<p> I tried to get a closer look at it while in the trance but even a closer look revealed nothing more than an animal. Its appearance seemed strange. It had ears like a bobcat but the legs were longer than I had seen in pictures and there were no spots. As I looked at it, an image appeared next to it that looked like a distorted gray. However, it was too quick for me to get a better look at it. It was if a gray was trying to disguise it self. However, I cannot be sure about this. <p> </div><div align="center"><H2>The Carlyle Abduction</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> Craig and I agreed to try the Carlyle incident. It was the most recent and had the most interesting GPS trail that clearly showed that the boat was in the air over the railroad embankment. <p> He had to work hard at getting through the blocks they and I had put up to remembering this. I cannot go into all the details of this. He tried to get me in by replaying the start of the fishing trip repeatedly and then by backing me up from where I found myself at the position change. He had me on board the craft by backing up, but I remembered only a cloud like interior, everything was unclear.<p> Then he repeatedly had me try from the beginning. Then, suddenly, I noticed my eyes turning rapidly to the left as when one hears someone say something said they do not believe and they swing their eyes. I played this back twice. The next thing I saw was the railroad embankment. Craig asked me what I saw next. I repeated I am looking at the embankment. Then it came at me at high speed, I thought I would hit it, and then I began to curve up away from it. These memories where in still frames one after another, not a smooth action memory. I had always speculated that the boat would remain level and I would remain seated, but the boat began to tip back and even after trying to hang on to it I began to free float along with some other things in the boat. I did not see these clear enough to know what they were. Then I saw the bottom of the craft and found myself going through it and into the craft. It seemed to be some kind of gray substance. When I visualized the abduction I thought that the boat remained level and that I would look up and get a view of the UFO, but I kept my eyes fixed on the boat apparently too frightened to look around. I also thought there would be some kind of door. <p> While in the craft, I saw things as cloud like as at the Giant City abduction. At this time, I saw an area that appeared brighter with some kind of light. I saw some vague figures to my right and one of them came over to me and held his hand out as if to touch me. When I looked at his hand, it appeared cartoon like. I felt revulsion when he did that. He put his hand on my back to guide me somewhere. We ended the session for that day and agreed to try getting on the ship to recall what had happened there the next day.<p> Craig explained that when people see things they do not want to see they turn them into clouds and cartoons. I was well aware of the dual feelings I had about finding out what happened. He repeatedly suggested that things would clear up. That night I put myself into a light trance and suggested that the clouds would clear up and things would be clearer. (I had previously practiced some "self-hypnosis.")<p> The next day when I got on board things were clear. I again saw a gray coming over to me. This time when he reached out the hand was clear, not a cartoon. He guided me somewhere and I said,  I think I am dressed as I did not remember undressing. I probably knew that I had no clothes on, but was trying to deny it. I then saw a table and focused on it. I said,  I think I may have done this before as I got that feeling. The table was unlike any that I had visualized while reading about tables on UFO s. The room was now clear the cloud like appearance was gone. I believe Craig s suggestions and mine had worked together. At this time, Craig gave me a test to determine if I was suggestible. He asked about a feature on the table but I simply denied that the feature existed. Craig did not want me to detail what the feature was.<p> I got up on the table by myself. It was then that I realized that I was not dressed. This was somewhat embarrassing. When I was fully lying down, I saw a larger alien with big eyes similar to the smaller aliens coming out from a partition or something like that on my left. He came up and put his eyes into my face. I felt as if his eyes became very large and seemed to engulf me. I felt as if I was partly into those eyes. I had the sensation that he was sucking something out of me but afterwards, I felt okay. While he was in my face, I noticed a reflection in the eye on my left. It was long and quite bright. Reflections in eyes are normal, but this was so distinct that it got my attention. I noticed no bright light sources at that time. It was momentary, but not a fast as a flash from a camera. After he left, I swung myself off the table and went in the direction of where my clothes were. Then I see myself back on the table again and I just swing off again and try to get to my clothes. Then I look down and see my pants, shorts, and lean over to pull them up. I can see their little hands helping me get dressed. I do not think I needed their help.<p> The next thing they did was to put me into my boat. The boat was on some kind of ramp. The ramp opened and I could see light beyond the opening. I could just see them beside me; they appeared to be pushing the boat. I heard a scraping noise of the boat against the ramp. I then saw that I was being pushed in my boat straight out into the air. I got a look at the lake below, the stumps and the bridge. I was so scared that I stopped the session at that time.<p> The rest I had learned previously as Craig backed me up into the craft. I knew that I probably separated from to boat as it fell and that it splashed into the water, but the splash was a small one. I then found myself seated in the boat with no harm done. What happened next is detailed in The Third Incident above, the things I remembered after seeing the trail.<p> Below are recent pictures of the boat I was in during the abduction. This should give the reader a better idea of the incident. The original seats became too worn to keep and were replaced since the incident.<p> </div> <center> <Img Src="http://www.ufocasebook.com/out/ff13.jpg"> <p> <h2>Boat Pictures</h2> <p> </div> <div align="left"> </div><div align="center"><H2>Some Thoughts </H2> </div><div align="left"><p> Although I mentioned it, the above does not really do justice to all the work Craig had to do to break through the blocks. He seems to have considerable experience in solving this kind of problem. There are still gaps in this experience. I believe that the aliens block things in stages. Some areas may be harder to recover than others are. It also may be that I helped block some things that were unpleasant such as being forced to undress.<p> At first when I found myself back on the table, I thought that I might be replaying something, but there was really no reason to do that. What I think now is I might have been put back as there seemed to be no one there when I got off. Then at the first opportunity, I again tried to get back to my clothes. This may have displeased them and may have had something to do with my being pushed out of the craft. However, without remembering other abductions I really have no comparison to be certain of this. I was able to remember more of what happened before the abduction. It seems that I went to the front of the boat. When Craig asked me what was next I could not come up with what happened. I speculated that I put the motor down. Then I remembered that from a standing position I saw the embankment coming at me so the abduction occurred just before I could put the motor down. In that case, I remembered the intention to put the motor down. The view of the front of the boat that I saw as I began to separate from it in flight showed no motor down. If it were, they would have had to put it up before shoving me out.<p> <i>The Interior of the Craft</i><p> The interior of this craft was tan unlike the craft from Giant City which had a gray interior and as I had remembered from the memory image of the structure and of the gray. The only areas I remember were the examination area and the place where I got dressed. Things appeared molded in to the walls and floor of the room. The room seemed good-sized, but not very large. The lighting was soft with the exception of the reflection mentioned above in the larger being s eyes. I only saw one table, but I fixed on that and if there were more tables I did not see them.<p> <i>The  Big Guy </i><p> When I could see the larger alien s face, I noticed that it was lighter than the grays faces. It was white or a very light gray. There was more detail I saw something like wrinkles. He actually seemed to be smiling at me, but it was not a nice smile. However, I am not sure that I was seeing his mouth. As with the grays, the eyes took up most of his face. He had a chin and it was pointed. </div><div align="center"><H2>A Post on the Net</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> I think that this post I put on the net illustrates my feelings about the abduction quite well.<p>  During the regression, I remembered the details of the flight to the craft. My boat appeared to be flying straight at the embankment and then curved upward as the boat and I went up the boat turned up and I came out of it. I remember trying to hang on to the front of the boat. When in the craft I do not remember the first few minutes. During that time, they undressed me. I then remember a gray coming over to me and guiding me to a table that I did not want to go to. I did not like the idea of him touching me. While lying on the table with no clothes on a larger alien who had something the grays did not have, a chin,came up to me and did a brain scan. It was so overpowering mentally that I thought my head was being sucked up into his huge eyes. I felt as if he was sucking my thoughts out of my brain. Not a nice feeling. After they were through with me they helped me dress, help I did not need and then put me in my boat and slid it off a ramp about 600 to 900 feet over a stump-filled section of Carlyle Lake in Illinois. It was a nice view, but I was too scared to enjoy it. <p> <i>Reading about Abductions</i><p> As I mentioned I decided to read about abductions. I made some previous comments about the books I read. The most useful were two books by David M. Jacobs, The Secret Life and The Threat. As I read, I visualized what things might look like. While doing the regression I noticed that what I remembered was different from the visualizations. This made me surer that these were the real memories.<p> <i>Craig Lang s Prediction</i><p> Craig told me that in about six months I would begin to think that what I had recalled would seem like a dream or something. Apparently he had heard from some of his subjects who had told him that. Well in about six months I did have some thoughts along that line however every time I did the Carlyle GPS trail would flash in front of my mind. As I have said elsewhere, a GPS trail by itself is not evidence of an alien abduction but for me it was a powerful reminder of the reality of the events. <p> </div><div align="center"><H2>The Next Step</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> Since I need to recover more abductions and details of the ones I was able to recall during the regression, I e-mailed Craig and he recommended read about self-hypnosis and recommended a book. I ordered that book and picked up one from Borders. I have since not been able to engineer this.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2>Friday, May 10, 2002 Trip to Giant City</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> I went to Giant City with my wife to take some new pictures of the Giant City steps and climb them to see if that was the spot where I may have been abducted. It clearly was not. With my wife s help, I figured out that the steps were part of an older trail, more rugged than the current trail, which we used when my children were young. We went down the steps and did not approach them from the bottom. Later, when I was alone I went up the stairs and climbed to the top of the bluff. Since I walked around the top of the bluff area, exploring it, the abduction could have been from anywhere up there and since I remembered only part of the scene so there is little chance of finding it.<p> I went to the visitor center at Giant City. They had a stuffed bobcat there. It looked smaller with shorter legs and it had spots. I asked them what its relative size was. They said it was about average. I said I thought the one I saw was about three and a half feet tall. They thought that would have been unusual. As They thought I may have seen a cougar, but I am sure it was a bobcat because of the ears.<p> I learned from them that there are many trails in that area and many changes have been made. The final path that I took is not the main trail. Since I recalled the abduction just after seeing the steps I still think that the abduction took place somewhere in Giant City.<p> </div><div align="center"><H1> Views and Opinions</H1> </div><div align="left"><p> </div><div align="center"><H2>Note to the Reader on Views and Opinions</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> Please take the following for what it is, views and opinions. These are my opinions of others views and my views. If anyone reading this has other ideas or facts that would show that I am wrong, please let me know. I am in a learning mode on this area. The main purpose of writing this section is to show professionals and other qualified or interested persons where I am on these issues. In studying about this issue, I found that some people have very strong opinions and react strongly against those who disagree with them. No one really has all the facts involved, so it is far better to take an open view or at least to disagree in a friendly and respectful manner.<p> <H2>Reasoning Processes</H2> <p> In order to understand how certain opinions are formed it seemed a good idea to look briefly at how opinions are formed. </div><div align="center"><H2>World View Reasoning</H2> </div><div align="left"><p>  The mentality of today is identical to the Middle Ages. It is confined to our individual worldview and anyone who thinks other wise is crazy. Most people have a very small and limited worldview. Often they have strong vested interests in keeping their view intact and will attack anyone who says anything that challenges that view. The debunkers are often of this sort. But then, there are professional debunkers who really don t believe what they are saying. <p> </div><div align="center"><H2> I Want to Believe Reasoning</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> The next most common reasoning is found in anyone with an agenda. It does not matter if the agenda or belief is true or not, this kind of person frantically looks for evidence that supports his or her position. Often the results are both comical and tragic. In the study of the abduction and UFO phenomenon, there are many people on both sides of the issue that use this type of reasoning. Evidence that seems to support the UFO issue is often accepted with out much critical examination by those who believe in UFO s. One of the most important elements in reasoning is to determine whether the reasoning is logical and factual or emotional. If emotion enters the reasoning processes, the facts that get into the way of the emotional desire to reach a certain conclusion will be disregarded or explained away. Unfortunately, this makes some of members of the UFO community their own worst enemies doing great damage to their own cause.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2>Realistic Reasoning</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> This is the roughest reasoning of all. It requires looking beyond one s desires, prejudices, and expectations. In other words, it means breaking down the filter system we build all our lives and look only for truth even though it is not what we wish to find. In all cases, we need help. I have found that this help comes only from God. During my search for the truth of these incidents, I had very conflicting desires. Today I have integrated what happened into my life and I can proceed without the conflicts I had before <h2>Who or what are the Aliens?</h2> </div><div align="center"><H2>The Sources of Information</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> Most of the information we have on the aliens comes from the witnesses, those who have had contact, willingly or unwillingly with the aliens. The willing people are usually called  contactees. The unwilling are called  abductees or sometimes  experiencers. From the standpoint of their stories, the contactees are a mixed bunch with considerable variation although the themes for saving the earth are similar. The abductees on the other hand mostly have a very consistent testimony and most do not like the experience. Others are either brain washed or have convinced themselves that they are part of some grand happening. Some of the more conservative investigators question or rule out the abductions of those who report aspects that are different from the more commonly reported abductions. I think we need to evaluate all abduction stories on an individual basis. I try to look at the over-all picture along with details of the story. Both Travis Walton and Whitley Strieber have been doubted. I read their books and despite the differences, I believe they are telling the truth. In cases where there is considerable stress and fear, it is normal to have some misconceptions. These misconceptions do not mean that the whole story is false. It is also clear that most stories including mine have memory gaps in them. <p> </div><div align="center"><H2>Aliens reported by Contactees</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> These aliens consist of two types both reported by people with mostly willing contact with them. The first type is simply beings made up by publicity seeking people. The other type seems to be spirit beings as demons.<p> In the 1950 s a group of people claimed that they had friendly contact with  space brothers who where trying to help us save the world. Most of these were exposed as frauds, but some may have had some kind of real contact with something. Those claiming to be contactees continue to today to spring up. Many of the contactees sought publicity, formed cults and at least tried to make money on their experiences. Since some of the messages given to contactees were claimed to have been transmitted telepathically or by channeling it is certainly possible that the messages are from spiritual beings such as demons rather than physical beings from other planets. The messages all point away from the Bible and are often against all religions. The message is mainly environmental and evolutionary in nature. Spiritual evolution is also preached along with reincarnation. These messages appear to be based on the message the Devil gave to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, although more developed and complex. <p> Most of these aliens are reported as being like human beings. Often they are described as beautiful women. They seem to have strange names similar to those used in popular science fiction or the names of ancient gods or demons. The contactees often claim to have been taken to other planets that are more advanced than our own.<p> Currently my opinion is that most of these contacts either are made up or contact with demons deceiving people into thinking that they are space brothers here to help us. If that is true then we can apply spiritual warfare methods to stop them.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2>Aliens reported by Abductees</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> Most of the abductees have avoided publicity and many wish to remain anonymous. Their stories are consistent with other abductees. There are individual differences in the reports, but over all they have many of the same experiences. They report a variety of aliens most of them are called grays These are the now classic aliens with small bodies and large heads and big black eyes. There seem to be two main kinds, smaller ones who do most of the work and larger ones who seem to be in charge. These are called when there is trouble with abductees.<p> Other types are hybrids of human/alien origin that range from mostly like the grays to others that seem more human. Also reported are beings described as more human like. These are usually tall blond beings and called  Nordics. These are more often reported in Europe than in the United States. Other kinds of aliens include insect-like, reptile-like beings and tall human like beings with dark hair. There are other types reported also.<p> It is currently my opinion that the grays are created beings that are of a fallen nature similar to humans. They certainly may be influenced by demons, but we can dream up plenty of evil without help from the spirit world. The grays seem to be working to produce a life form that will be subservient to them and aid them in taking over the earth and ruling it. They clearly intend to be our rulers in the future. There is no indication that they are here to benefit any one but themselves. <p> I believe that most contact with aliens consists of those reported by abductees however; we here risk the possibility of being simplistic. In studying this issue, I have found several cases that appear to be combinations of more than one of the above types in some cases all three. Those who are abducted by real aliens are subject to the alien brain washing and they can develop different views of the experience. This is addressed below. I have also noticed that spiritual elements begin to influence and take over in some cases. In one rather famous case, I saw elements of all three. At first, it appears that there were a series of real abductions, then spiritual elements, probably demonic, began to enter and then the individual began to embellish his experiences with what appears to be fictional exaggeration.<p> Since I am writing to a general audience including Christians I need to address the need to seek the proper spiritual influence. Born again Christians only need to call on God and His Holy Spirit during times of contact with aliens or anytime they feel the need, which should be quite often. I am not as good at this as I should be. I do know that calling on God, the God of the Bible, has helped me on numerous occasions. I am sure that without God s answers to my many prayers I could not have resolved this issue. </div><div align="center"><H2> What the Grays do</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> <i>Engineering a New Species</i><p> The main physical activity of the grays seems to be the production of hybrids. To do this almost all abductees have either eggs or sperm removed. Women often have the resulting fetuses put in their wombs to develop and when partly formed removed. The means that the grays employ to do this are varied. They involve intrusive medical procedures, rape and deceiving people into intercourse. Their success has been less that spectacular. Abductees often report that the resulting children are listless and weak. They also seem to be studying us in a physical way. This may relate to the hybrid program. They do not seem interested in our culture except to influence us to see things their way for their benefit. So far, I have not recovered any memories of their removing sperm from me but it is likely to have happened.<p> <i>Brain Washing</i><p> There are two main views concerning the grays. They are our friends or they are our enemies. In reading the stories of abductees who think they are friendly I find that in almost every case these people relate some horrendous experiences, but then by some stretch they turn it into a positive experience. In other cases, some relate all the good things and then on questioning or later, they come out with the negative aspects often while still calling the over-all experience good. It is hard to understand this unless there is some active brain washing on the part of the aliens. The statements of abductees certainly support this. The method is staring into the eyes of the abductees and the showing of  movies that show future disasters on the earth that we are to avoid by caring for the environment. They do not succeed with everyone. Some of the abductees in the book, The Threat by David M. Jacobs, Ph.D. characterized the movie like scenes of future disasters as  propaganda. <p> It makes sense to convince the intelligent beings, us, whom they are experimenting on, that it is for the greater good. Their aim seems to make allies of as many people as possible so that they can conquer the earth easier. This is done by brain washing. However, the brain washing is far more effective that mans techniques. The brain washing often takes on the form of convincing the abductees that they are really part alien and therefore should be on the aliens side. Often the abductee  remembers  past lives. I am convinced that this is deception by the aliens or demons working with them. The themes of their mental deceptions of us include the most common elements of false religions and cults taught by man. Common is the false idea that we can become  as God or become gods. They try to convince people that God s creation was accomplished by His breaking Himself up and all creation grows out of that, so the theme is that we are part of God, therefore God. However, the Bible makes it plain that God, at first, created out of nothing. He then created some things out of parts of what He previously created. Man was created from the dust of the earth on this planet not by aliens. Another common theme is that the aliens in some way are responsible for us being on this planet. Often they try to convince us that we were biologically engineered by them. <p> Although I do not believe that the aliens are demons there were some cases where it seems that the aliens either gave or convinced the abductees that they had alien spirits. These would be almost certainly demons. Here is a quote from Abduction by John E. Mack page 262.<p> <div style="margin-left: 25px;">"Eva s access to past life experiences is part of the process of the expansion of her consciousness beyond a purely physicalist or materialist perception of reality. In this area, the alien beings function as spirit energies or guides, serving the evolution of consciousness and identity."<p> </div><div align="left"> The key phrase is  the alien beings function as spirit energies or guides, Another frequent theme is rebellion against established authorities and fully justifying it. Rebellion is a common satanic theme. In most of his writings, John E. Mack seems to buy the more bizarre aspects of alien abduction, but the following quote seems particularly insightful.<p> <div style="margin-left: 25px;">"Dave s case richly illustrates one of the more interesting mysteries of the abduction phenomenon, the creation or staging, presumably by the alien beings or whatever intelligence guides them, of alternative physical realities." ("Abduction" by John E. Mack page 292.)</div> <div align="left"> <p> My conclusion is that they are our enemies. What do we do about them?<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> Handling the Grays</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> I believe that most of the grays we encounter are created beings of a different species. For this reason, in spite of my problems with the aliens, I believe we need to respect them as fellow creations of God. Bearing in mind that humans are responsible for much evil we need to be realistic about them. We also have a responsibility to defend our planet, and ourselves so respect does not mean cooperating with them. <p> They seem to have advanced space travel technology. However, they are not necessarily advanced in all other ways. Their crafts may have the ability to move between dimensions or something like that. They may be able to travel faster than the speed of light. (I know, it is deemed impossible, but not long ago it was thought impossible to travel faster than a horse) On the other hand, they seem to be behind in human relations. It has been stated they are interested more in our reproductive system than our culture. They seem to know what cameras are and try to stop the use of them when they are around, but they permitted me to leave my GPS running so that I unknowingly recorded three abductions.<p> The UFO people could be composed of the same thing we are, individuals. If they seem to look alike, they still could have different personalities just as we do even though to us they may seem the same. Some of their kind may find that what these are doing to be wrong. The ones that are here, however, should be avoided. If you see a UFO, I recommend hiding or traveling the other way. Getting out of a car to get a better look at a close UFO has been know to cause radiation sickness or invite an abduction. Not a good idea if you do not look forward to being experimented on both mentally and physically.<p> If they are regularly abducting some one, it is difficult to stop them. So far, the only effective method I have found is to pray and call on God. Since after finding about the abductions and praying about them I have had no further position changes or other evidence of abductions so I do not expect any future involvement. This allows me to live more normally, but I remain vigilante. I have read of some other ideas, but these only seem to put off abductions not stop them.<p> Considering the strong possibility that the grays are influenced by demons and could even be demon possessed, we must assume that we are dealing with the  Powers of Darkness. The Bible gives clear instructions for handling these situations. My favorite verse is James 4:7.  Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. However, the first four words are the most important. Another is to bind Satan s power in Jesus name. If calling on Jesus name is effective then we should not hesitate to do so and this does not depend on what they are.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> The Christian View</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> The Christian community for the most part seems to be hung up on  The Demon Premise (See below) and  good Christians do not have trouble with demons. Therefore, abductees are not good Christians and need to be spiritually reformed. I read a well-documented book by Merrill F. Unger that detailed the fact that  good Christians do have such problems. See  Finding a Therapist above. I consider this approach to be like blaming the rape victim for the rape. <p> Some advisors that I corresponded with on the Net very strongly advised against trying to recover lost memories. This is a quote from one of them,  I am serious about God revealing what you need to know and shielding you from anything negative. I wonder if he has read the Bible. It is full of negative things we need to know about. I went through all his correspondence and found no scriptural back up for any of his opinions. This person also said that God would not allow anything to happen to us that is out side of His will. My question has to be if God allows something to happen to us why would He not want us to know about it? In my case, God could have easily prevented me from even knowing about the abductions. However, He permitted some unusual events to take place that revealed them to me. <p> Here is another quote from a person writing from a group that seems to be  Christian,  As you have learned, you'll get no support from the Christian community, who write off all unusual phenomena as demonic. Living a Godly life, prayer, Bible study and asking God for His divine protection is the best I can recommend for you. This person at least gave me some sources for locating an abduction counselor. I have no problem with the advice to live a godly life, however I do not think doing so will prevent abductions. As I mentioned before prayer and calling on God is effective.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2>The Demon Premise</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> <i>A Narrow Restrictive View</i><p> <div style="margin-left: 25px;"> One particular pattern that emerged was the observed ability of many UFOs to shapeshift and/or appear and disappear as opposed to flying in and out of the sighting area. This ability absolutely transcends the physical or natural realm and enters the supernatural realm. <p> </div> <div align="left"> This is an example of faulty reasoning. Many Christians have developed a small worldview severely limiting the natural. We do not completely understand light or electricity and many other aspects of daily life. Yet anything outside of that view tends to be called supernatural or paranormal. Well, the paranormal was thought normal many years ago and by many people outside of the narrow culture of the Western World. In reading the Bible, I found that the writers moved from what we call normal to the spiritual world as if the two were connected closely. That certainly seems to be the case.<p> During the reading of several books and some simple observations, I found several simple explanations of shape shifting and disappearances of UFO s In the book, "Unconventional Flying Objects" by Paul R. Hill I found that UFO s often have force fields. These appear to make the craft change both shape and color. In some cases, these seem to bend light around the craft making them difficult to see. However, there are some even simpler explanations. When observing aircraft we often loose sight of them due to changes in light reflections off them. No one says that they have disappeared. I attended an air show and saw this in action. Several people there including me stated that they had lost sight of the jets. In the case of disc shaped UFO s it is possible to view them from the sides and they will appear to be cylinder shaped. Then as they turn and tip up their disc shape becomes apparent. But not all observers see this, they could see a shape change.<p> Here is a quote from "UFOs Friend, Foe or Fantasy" by William R. Goetz. This is typical of looking for reasons to justify a premise that really do not prove anything. <p> </div><div align="center"> <h3>Why Believe That UFOs Are Demonic?</h3></div><div align="left"><p> <div style="margin-left: 25px;"><i> Reason #1... Their Character"</i> <p>  The best words to use in describing the character of the UFO entities who have manifested themselves to people would have to be 'contradictory' and 'deceptive'. <br> On the one hand they claim to desire the well-being of mankind, expressing eagerness to show us mortals how to avoid nuclear war, environmental disaster or other dangers. Their supposed vastly superior intelligence and technological know-how are to be made available for our benefit to lead us into a peaceful new "golden age" for Planet Earth. They're<i> benevolent</i> beings, we're told. <br> On the other hand, these entities manifest malevolent characteristics. They "take" people against their will; they murder, rape and conduct physically invasive experiments and examinations on their abductees. They damage property and strike fear into those whom they visit. <p> </div> <div align="left"> <p> The first part of this argument could just as easily describe humans, particularly those of New Age persuasion. It is unlikely that anyone would call humans with similar ideas,  demons. On the following page, Mr. Goetz quotes from Whitley Strieber s book Communion where Strieber calls the  visitors demons. What he does not address is that Strieber has now come to believe that they are not demons but friendly to us. He now seems to regard them as our guardians and benefactors http://www.unknowncountry.com <p> The second part of the argument seems to support the physical nature of the aliens. What Goetz does not address here is the fact that aliens block the memory of what they do to people. Why would a demon block such memories? It would seem that they would have motive for people to remember.<p> Goetz goes further to prove his contention that the aliens are really demons by comparing the symptoms of the demon possessed to that of abductees. From both my experience and study, he has picked the extreme of both to compare. I do not feel that the comparisons are valid. The main problem I see in his reasoning is that he mixes up the physical or real aliens with demons that are appearing as aliens. The actions of each group are quite different. This putting all alien phenomenons into one lump is quite common. <p> I had a long phone conversation with a man who most certainly was being influenced by demons pretending to be aliens. Among other things he saw in his home a  hologram that appeared as a women like Mary who called herself Athena, one of the Greek gods. This vision told him that he was her son. The father was another god whose name I forget but I believe it was Apollo. He was told that he was a UFO pilot in a former life and met aliens in human form on several occasions. This type of encounter is unlike the common abduction experiences with grays.<p> Goetz espouses the theories below. Although he did not spell it out, it is clear he believes that good Christians will not be abducted. He recommends using the same pronouncements to stop an abduction as to cast out a demon, as he believes that is what they are. What he fails to see is that abductions are not always some aliens coming from a space ship to get you. They can lift you off the ground before you know what is happening. If you are in a car, they may take the car as well. They got both my boat and me. There is also information that they can render a person unconscious. Another thing that Goetz did not address is the habit of the aliens blocking the memory from the abductees. It seems strange that demons would do that in fact the behavior of demons and the alien grays has many differences. Yes, there are some similarities. I am sure that this statement from his book will anger many women abductees.  The purported pregnancies, births and displays of mutant [sic.] fetuses reported by abductees must therefore be simply demonic deceptions. He also added,  Powerful and persuasive, undoubtedly, but deceptions nonetheless. From page 259. <p> <i>  Good Christians cannot be abducted</i><p> One clear part of the premise is that  Walk the walk Christians do not be abducted. I do not agree assuming that this applies to all saved Christians. <p> <div style="margin-left: 25px;">"A key to understanding the premise of spiritual warfare is to understand there are generally two types of Christian; "talk the talk," and "walk the walk." The "talk the talk" Christian is carnally minded, nodding mental ascent to Christian concepts and principles, but either chooses not to, or has never learned how to apply them in his personal life, navigating his way through life his own way via the senses realm. The "walk the walk" Christian on the other hand is a Spirit filled Christian who has developed a relationship with Jesus Christ on an individual level and applies Spiritual principles in his personal life and is led by the Spirit in every situation. The data gathered so far indicates that each and every human being is potentially open to spiritual manipulation and deception by the enemy. A "talk the talk" Christian can, knowingly or not, open up doors to the enemy, but a "walk the walk" Christian, if confronted by the enemy, knows the power of the Spirit and knows how to wield it against the enemy, so the enemy seldom waste their time on "walk the walk" Christians. "Talk the talk" Christians make for an easier target.</div> <div align="left"> <p> Here is a prime example of simplistic reasoning. It is true that the  spiritual Christian will more often understand when they are under spiritual attack, however examples of very spiritual people in the Bible such as Joshua and Peter show that no person is completely free from being deceived by evil spiritual forces. The person who has the Spirit of God is saved and he usually walks in the Spirit. However, from the statements in Romans chapter seven and First John, it certainly appears that does not mean that the saved person walks perfectly all the time. The many warnings in the New Testament concerning evil spiritual influence indicate that we must be on the alert all of the time.<p> One minor point that the holders of this premise seem to over look is the fact that if an abduction involves a person being taken from where they are to another place then Jesus Himself was abducted during His forty day fast in the wilderness by Satan. He was also tempted. Satan, the chief of the demons, tried to influence Him. I would suggest that the people who believe that  good Christians don t get abducted learn how to time travel and go back in time and see if they can reform the Lord. Why are there not more reports of abductions from the  spiritual or  walk the walk Christians? <p> I believe that the abductors treat different subjects differently. Some do not respond well to the brain washing that others buy into, so the abductors try to keep the memory from these as much as possible. The only reason for abductors to allow the return of memory is for their advantage. If they have a malleable subject then it would be to their advantage to open up that person s memory. See New Abductee Trend, URL below. Another possibility is that Christians are reluctant to report possible abductions due to the lack of understanding in the Christian community.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2>Various Other Theories</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> <i>The New Age View</i><p> For the most part the New Age view is that these beings are friendly and trying to help us  save the Earth. In reading various narratives by abductees, I find that their opinions vary as to whether these beings are good or not. A good source of information on a recent change in the attitudes of abductees is New Abductee Trend by Donna Higbee http://users1.ee.net/pmason/new_trend.html her view is not New Age.<p> <i>Other Views </i><p> There are various other views. One of these is the  Astral view. This means that although abductions are real they are on astral or spiritual planes. These are out of body experiences; your body is still back where it was. This is a perfect example of the head in the sand reasoning so common with some of these groups. They focus in on one theory and ignore most others. Many experiencers have told of experiments on their bodies and have come back with wounds and implants to prove it. I am not sure how the astral people explain that, it just looks as if they ignore it. This same group recommends salt, Bibles, iron crosses, leaving lights and fans on and other items around to scare the  astral beings away, a modern version of the bogeyman or vampires. Note: fans do seem to help as I have been using one for years and have had no problems during that time being abducted in my bedroom. Since writing the above, I have run across other investigators who think that the astral view has some validity, but they do not say it applies to most abductions. Here is a quote from the astral site mentioned above. <p> <div style="margin-left: 25px;">  What you may not realize is chances are very good your "abduction" is of an "astral" type or spiritual type, not real flesh and blood extraterrestrial aliens. The real aliens DO exist, but they really have no need for this nonsense; they are not responsible. <p> </div> <div align="left"> I obviously do not agree with the statement. I strongly believe that most abductions are done by real aliens, although demons may be influencing them.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2>Whom do They Target?</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> I do not have all the answers for this question, but it seems people with some psychic experiences and abilities are vulnerable. On the other hand, psychic abilities could be latent and stimulated by alien contact. However, I some times wonder if chance encounters are involved more than some particular type of person. Driving alone a country road seems to offer them an opportunity. With some of my abductions there was no one else in sight. On the other hand, many are taken from their homes even with family members present and later the family members have no memory of the events. Over all I believe that most abductees are chosen randomly and later the aliens may screen out some subjects and continue to abduct others that meet their purposes. <p> </div><div align="center"><H2>UFO s, Aliens and the Bible</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> There are some verses in the Bible, which support the idea of people from other worlds. The Bible discusses the  heaven. This in many verses can be translated as  Universe. This is the rendering of Matthew 24:31from the Amplified Bible:<p> <p> <div style="margin-left: 25px;"> And He will send out His angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather His elect [His chosen ones] from the four winds, [even] from one end of the universe to the other. <p> </div> <div align="left"> <p> The Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 3, page 61, has this definition of  heaven. <p> <div style="margin-left: 25px;"> <b>The atmospheric heavens. </b>When the word  heaven occurs in the Bible, it refers, except when it is used fig., to one of three realms to the atmospheric space immediately above us, to the stellar heavens that must ultimately embrace the universe and to heaven as the abode of God. </div> <p> <div align="left"> From this, we can know that those who are His are not all confined to this Earth. To me the idea that an infinite God would only create life on one tiny planet seems ridiculous.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> Are the Aliens in Bible Prophecy?</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> Daniel Chapter Two is a panoramic prophecy from the time of Babylon s Nebuchadnezzar through the Second Coming. Some including myself believe that part of this prophecy refers to an alien presence on the Earth shortly before the Second Coming. Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that troubled him. None of his court advisors could tell him what the dream was or what it meant. Finally Daniel was brought in and he explained the dream by the power of God. For the whole picture I suggest reading the chapter. <p> The dream was of a giant image or statue made of different kinds of metal starting with gold and ending with iron. Each metal represents a different government and era but at the feet and toes a different substance, clay, is mixed in with the metal. Then a stone cut without hands falls on the feet and the whole image is destroyed. Daniel explained the dream and its meaning to the king. I am only going to address the applicable part concerning the feet and ten toes.<p> <div style="margin-left: 25px;"> 42  And as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile. 43  As you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay, they will mingle with the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay. The New King James Version. </div> <p> <div align="left"> There are of course many explanations and interpretations for these verses. I have found two main views of this Scripture. The first is one kind of man with another. One explanation was that the people of the weak part of the kingdom would intermarry with the people of the strong government in order to gain power but this will fail. I believe that if this were the case then the prophecy would be clearer on it. Since the verse states that  they will mingle with the seed of men and not the partly strong part of the kingdom or some other group of mankind it must be that this is a different species. Any group of mankind inter-mating produces successful results genetically except with people that are too closely related. <p> The second view is to relate this prophecy to the sons of God in Genesis Chapter Six. The mating described there was successful. It appears that results of this inter-mating ended with the Biblical Flood. The mating or genetic engineering of some kind in Daniel Chapter Two is only partially successful and a permanent result is not achieved,  but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay. The grays have produced some hybrids but they have not been able to reproduce with each other and the more human they are the harder they are for the grays to control. Those holding the second view at least see that this must be some other species with humans and not humans with humans. <p> Further evidence of a different species involved is that metal was used to represent human government from the top of the figure to its toes where a foreign substance is introduced. I believe that this prophecy foretells the coming of the grays and what they will do. Note that they appear to become part of Government. I believe that they will try to worm themselves in as  advisors. Then they will become more influential at which time the government will rein them in. I do not believe that the aliens will be able to bioengineer themselves well enough to exist on the planet without artificial environments as they must now use. Thus in all ways they will be weak. Their aim, of course, is to rule us but I believe that they will fail. There is also a possibility that the weak and strong parts of the government could also include human governments of weaker countries but the mingling with the seed of men and the clay indicates an alien presence. <p> The prophecy is attributed to God not man. Once again, this shows that the God of the Bible knew the future. <p> <p> <h2>Faith and World View</h2><p> </div><div align="center"><H2> The Spoon Fed Christian</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> The average Christian of today gets his or her religion mostly from church leaders and teachers. Their faith is then dependent on man rather than the Word of God. This does not mean that the teachings in all churches are false, but nearly all denominations have their own false doctrines. Often these doctrines interfere with the God-given mission of the Church. I am often amazed at how many church leaders defend their doctrines, which have no support from the Bible what so ever. Then point out with great skill the false doctrines of other Christian groups and denominations. <p> Western spoon-fed Christians tend to ignore the Bible when it comes to spiritual matters. They tend to lean on their upbringing and deny the very real and very active spiritual world.<p> As strange as it may seem, often the view of many Christians of the World and Universe is similar to that of the Evolutionists, that we are alone in the Universe, the only planet to sustain life. To a person with this view contacting the reality that we are most likely not alone is a great shock. It often becomes very important, even an obsession to deny this reality. <p> The same problem is seen in race relations. It takes an almost blasphemous twisting of the Scripture to make white man superior to other races. Of all the races it seems to me that the white race has more individuals who believe they are better than others are. Yet he who believes he is superior makes himself inferior to the very people he thinks he is better than. Fortunately there seems to be a growing number of white people who have learned they are not better than any one else. <p> </div><div align="center"><H2> The Independent Christian</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> The definition here of  Independent Christian means Christians who go to the Bible direct, paying attention to what God says and not what man says. These for the most part have a very different view. Independent does not mean someone who isolates himself from other Christians.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> Christian Reality</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> Most of us are combinations of the above. It is amazing talking to a Christian who checks the Bible and prays to know the truth and then hear him defend some favorite doctrine with man s reasoning. I find the same thing in study bibles. Scripture will be correctly used to argue against the false doctrines of other groups or denominations, but when it comes to the false doctrines of the study bible writer he uses man s reasoning and twisted or out of context scripture. I should point out that many church leaders and teachers encourage personal Bible reading. The problem is that we tend to read what we have learned into the passages we are reading so we think the passage agrees with out pet beliefs.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> My Personal View</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> Fortunately, the view I developed leaves me open to new facts and ideas. I have studied the Bible extensively although I do not consider myself an  expert on it. As I went, I threw out many of the myths about the Bible and found that the book has room for any real fact. There is plenty of room for intelligent creatures other than human either spiritual or physical, bearing in mind that we are spiritual creatures living in a physical body. Thus recalling encounters with beings other than human did not destroy my Christian faith.<p> As to what these things are the over all picture leads me to believe that we are not dealing with all the same group. In short, the manifestations of what we believe are UFO s and aliens may be at least several different types. In some cases, we may be dealing with some kind of spiritual beings such as demons masquerading as space aliens. In other cases, we may be dealing with aliens from somewhere else or from hidden areas in the earth or under water. I think we need to be open to any possibilities and not become stuck on some particular theory. Often when we are trying to figure out what something is, this or that, we discover that the answer is both. This has been addressed else where in this narrative.<p> <h2>What should Christians do?</h2><p> </div><div align="center"><H2> The Earth</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> In my reading of the Bible, I have found nothing to justify the many ways we have raped our planet. Mostly the Bible seems to encourage responsible utilization of what God has given us. Remember, however, that the Lord promised to prepare a place for us. It is up to us to do the job He gave us and not get off on some tangent and forget to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, UFO s and aliens are not the only things that distract us from the Gospel. Satan seems to have endless means to do this and he gets considerable help from people who call themselves Christians.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> The Message</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> The message of Christianity is that Jesus Christ died for the World. (John 3:16) It is our job to be concerned about the souls of men. Yes, we should be responsible to the Earth and our environment but since God will also save the Earth, when He sets up His everlasting Kingdom, we need to concentrate on the everlasting souls of men.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> Our Response</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> What Christians need to keep in mind when dealing with anyone or any other intelligent creature is what Jesus said in Matthew 5:44: <p> <div style="margin-left: 25px;">  But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you. <p> </div> <div align="left"> This verse is mostly thought of when dealing with other human beings. However, we do not know just what kind of beings we are dealing with. There is a good chance that the verse applies to them as well; after all, there are those, as myself, who regard them as enemies. I do not believe that this means that in circumstances of self-defense that one cannot defend one s self. Anyone who does the things they do to people is not good whether they are alien or of this Earth. The good that is perceived is the results of both self-deception and brain washing. As in the movie, Independence Day, people including the president wanted to believe the aliens were not hostile. This was fatal for many and almost lost us the Earth. Of course, that was fiction, but it raises some thought.<p> These beings have convinced some people that they represent God. God does not approve of intrusive medical experiments, rape or intruding into people s minds.<p> <h2>The New Alien Religions</h2><p> Although it is very old, at least dating back to  Ancient Astronauts I have become recently aware that some sites on the net that seem to be objective are really promoting a UFO religion. These sites claim that the Biblical angels are really space aliens. They even claim that  clouds are spacecraft. Here is a quote from one of them, <pre> The Bible in my opinion is a wonderful book about UFOs and their messengers the angels. </pre> Some of the same sites put forth the theory that man was either genetically altered or put here by space aliens. Where as I believe everyone has a right to believe what he or she wants, I need to point out that this plays right in to the hands of those who wish to explain away God. I noted that several have mistranslated the Bible to suit their theories. The Bible uses a plural word,  elohim. In the singular sense it is translated  God. It means  lords,  gods and other meanings in the context used when used in the plural sense. The concept that God is one, but three persons, is embodied in that use of the word. Another reason for the use is to magnify God. Those who wish to turn the Bible into a book supporting the UFO religion or polytheism make it a plural word in a plural sense but that is not how it is used. I have heard similar false statements made on various TV programs. <p> One person I talked to was told by some kind on an image or hologram that he was the son of two gods. (See above) He also talked of a god whom he referred to as the  creator who communicated with him on a regular basis. The message he was given that the creator would be with him in different dimensions and lives. This message is contrary to the message of the God of the Bible. This particular person had no computer and did not get on the net. Therefore, his ideas were in many ways different from the usual believer in space alien religions. He did believe as many that man was placed here by ancient aliens. <p> I believe that God created man here and He was not a space alien putting some early genetically engineered people here. We are an original creation. I believe that the aliens are most likely original creations also but as we are fallen beings that without God are evil. What they are telling people here are lies. They are deceivers and seem to be good at it. I think that they have done a real job on many. <p> Many polytheistic religions such as paganism have jumped on the space aliens as gods. One person differentiated between the god who created the universe and the god who created man on earth. Man on earth was  created by a space alien called Yahweh, a blasphemous suggestion.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> Anti Biblical Views</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> Many today are trying to turn the Bible into a book about space aliens by making verses in the Bible support their views on aliens. They use various incidents in the Bible such as encounters with angels, visions from God and when people such as Elijah, Enoch and Jesus being taken to heaven as the work of space aliens. In addition, the various appearances of God are turned into encounters with space aliens. The pillar of smoke and fire in the Exodus is a UFO according to people of this view. Even the creation of man is now credited to ancient aliens.<p> One of the most famous of these is the story of Ezekiel. Ezekiel has a vision of God and God delivers a message to him. God comes in a flying vehicle and this is the basis of saying it is a UFO and that God is a space alien. I suggest that any one reading one of these statements simply look up the passage and read the text and the message that follows and judge for themselves is the incident and message similar to modern abduction experiences? I have not found any Biblical incidents and visits by angels that matches the actions and messages of modern space aliens.<p> What is the real purpose of such reasoning? The purpose is the same as it has always been to remove ourselves from God. The further God is from us the less we are responsible to Him and the more we can do as we wish, which for the most part, is what God does not want us to do. It does not matter what method we use to deny our responsibility to seek God and His will for us. There are many, a few are: Evolution, agnosticism, atheism, New Age religions, Eastern religions, the many false versions of Christianity and the many cults that constantly spring up. It is easy to find God, just call on Him and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. In one way or another, He will answer your prayer. The worst way to avoid God is just to put things off ignoring God and hope that things work out. They will not. God expects us to seek Him and the Bible reveals that He draws us to Him by spiritual means. <p> I need to make a few comments about evolution. Many of the aspects of nature that are used to support evolution are true. It is clear that new species develop from older species and species divide off from main branches. Plants also develop and change. I do not have the same narrow view of creation as some Christians do. I believe that God created a flexible and changing creation, which is He designed it to adapt and change. My only real argument with evolution is when it is used to explain away God. I do not believe that all creatures came from lower organisms. I think God started various groups. Such as plants, sea creatures, and possibly more than one type of land animal such as reptiles and mammals, but this is conjecture. <p> </div><div align="center"><H1>If You Have Been Abducted</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> <h2>Cause for Suspicion</h2><p> As you have read this, you may have wondered if perhaps some of the events in your past indicate a possible abduction. When I first began to suspect I went to the net and tried to find some answers. One route was to take various tests. At first, I flunked, as I did not understand the questions. These tests simply do not prove whether you have been abducted or not but can provide some insight.<p> My own list follows:<p> <div style="margin-left: 25px;"> <b>1. Missing time: </b>If you ever feel that time has gone faster that it should stop and make some note of it even if mental however writing down something is best It does not necessarily indicate an abduction but it could mean something. <p> <b>2. Position change: </b>If you find yourself in some other place than you were seemingly a few minutes ago, this is a good indication of something amiss. Again take note; if possible write down your thoughts at the time. If you later find this note and have forgotten the incident, it will most likely bring it back. If you forget a position change, you can almost bank that you have been abducted. If something else had happened such as a short-term memory loss due to some problem you have and are not aware of you will probably not forget it. The aliens are expert at blocking your memory. In my case, I forgot the abduction immediately after my boat was put down. I was then able to re-orientate myself and then forgot the position change itself. <p> <b>3. Things in the bedroom: </b>Probably because I run a fan in my bedroom, I have not had the usual bedroom experiences. Many abductees report seeing little men and usually describe what are known as grays. Usually they remember seeing them and then they leave. What could have happened is that they are remembering the beginning and the end of an abduction. However, careful these experiences can be sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is often used to explain away all abductions but sensing a presence in the room is an aspect of sleep paralysis<p> </div> <div align="left"> For more information, I recommend researching the subject and going back in this narrative and looking at my experiences and answers. Refer to  Answering the Questions for further information. Craig Lang s site listed under  The Minnesota Hypnotherapist will be a help. </div> <div align="left"><p><h2>If You are Convinced You have been Abducted</h2><p> </div><div align="center"><H2> Where to get Help</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> This is where the dilemma starts. Even in this enlightened day, most people look at anyone who claims alien abduction or talks about the related experiences as being crazy and are less than helpful. Avoid talking to it with anyone until you are sure that they are receptive. I recommend finding someone who is up on the subject. A local branch of MUFON, which you can find on the net, can be helpful, but not always. I got some help, but to get a regression I had to travel to another state.<p> </div><div align="center"><H2> If You are a Christian</H2> </div><div align="left"><p> The first thing to do is to call on God and turn the whole problem over to Him. Seek His guidance in every step you take. What follows is general advice and you should be convinced it is God s will before proceeding. At this point if you are not familiar with the verse, look up Romans 8:28 and read it.<p> If you have someone in your church that you know is receptive, then, by all means, confide in them but be certain that they can keep a confidence. Unfortunately, most in the church are of no help. See  The Christian View and  The Demon Premise above. </div> <b> Some Recent Interest in the GPS Trails</b> <p> Craig Lang recently, April 2012, emailed me about some people who had developed an interest in the GPS trails especially the Carlyle Trail. I wound up emailing and talking on the phone to a "GPS expert." (He wishes to remain anonymous)<p> We went back and forth but he figured out that the altitude information that the GPS reads out on the GPS screen is stripped out by the GDM16 program that is used to get the information from the GPS to the computer. All I got was the trails which read out as lines or a graphic image of the trail and any routes with waypoints and icons.<p> This permitted me to work with the routes on the computer which is handier than on the unit. When exported to a map program the read out is in dots which can be analyzed. The unit only saves two trails but I could save any number of trails on the computer and down load them to the unit as needed.<p> There is other information that could be transferred to other electronic devices that is lost. Without the altitude and other information he could do little in analyzing the trails, but I can as I lived it. Here is my idea of what happened based on memory and the Carlyle Trail.<p> </div> <center> <Img SRC="http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/fishermanimage.jpg" width="740" height="450" alt="image"> <p> </div> <div align="left" The common idea that people have of and outdoor abduction is a flying saucer coming over the intended abductee, hovering over them, and levitating them up to and into the craft. Based on the GPS trails, my memory and the above picture it appears that was not the case when I was abducted.<p> It appears that a UFO came in low and with whatever force field they use, drew me back toward them while flying at me from an angle where they were out of my sight.<p> As it got close, it flew upward drawing me faster toward it and then just kept going as it drew my boat and me into the craft through the bottom of the craft. I was abducted on the fly there was no stopping. <p>This is what created a parabolic two-dimensional curve. A miniature picture of this would be how an eagle gets a fish. He dives and extends his talons grabbing the fish and drags it back while flying off. At least the aliens don't eat the abductee.<p> Note that the curve from The Lake of the Ozarks is much shorter. I believe this is due to the high cliffs that were around much of the lake area I was in; this forced the UFO to dive at a steeper angle.<p> We cannot assume that this is how all abductions are done but since they apply to some of mine they probably apply to other abductions. My memory of being abducted while walking or just outside is that I was taken up straight at about a 45 degree angle upward to a UFO that was just hovering but not straight up as most pictures show.<p> In one case after getting to the altitude of the UFO I was flown along in the clouds level to the UFO until I was taken in.<p> A computer graphic artist, with the angle information, could possibly use a computer to draw out a more accurate picture of what happened. It seemed to me I was going up at about a 75 degree angle at the end of the flight.<p> </td> </tr> </table> <p> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- google_ad_client = "pub-7518747415195612"; /* 728x90, created 7/4/08 */ google_ad_slot = "5690704701"; google_ad_width = 728; google_ad_height = 90; //--> </script> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js"> </script> <p> <A HREF="http://www.ufocasebook.com/alienabductions.html"><font size="3" color="#33CC00">Alien Abductions </A></font> <p> <A HREF="http://www.ufocasebook.com"><font size="3" color="#33CC00">UFO Casebook Home Page</a> </BODY> </html>