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UFO Case Files-Photographic and Video Cases
  • 1942-The Battle of Los Angeles

  • 1947-Pilot Sees Six UFOs, Morristown, NJ

  • 1949-Norwood, Ohio Searchlight Incident

  • 1950-The Trent UFO Photographs

  • 1950-The Great Falls, Montana Film

  • 1951-The Lubbock, Texas Lights

  • 1952-The Barra da Tijuca Photographs

  • 1952 The Tremonton, Utah Color Film

  • 1952-Washington, D. C. Sightings

  • 1952-Customs Inspector films large UFO

  • 1952-Coast Guard UFO Photograph

  • 1956-UFOs Reported over Jasper, Colorado

  • 1957-Lake Isabella Photograph

  • 1957-The Virginia Ring-Cloud UFO photos

  • 1958-The Trinidade Island Photographs

  • 1960-Yacanto Photographic Case

  • 1964-Solway, Firth Photograph

  • 1964-The Warminster Thing (UFO)

  • 1965-Russian River Photograph

  • 1965-Sherman, Texas UFO Photograph

  • 1965-Tulsa, Oklahoma UFO photograph

  • 1966-Roaring River Photograph

  • 1969-The Russian Crash, Sverdlovsky

  • 1970-The Tagish Lake Photographs

  • 1971-UFOs photographed in Austria

  • 1971-Costa Rican UFO Photograph

  • 1975-The Billy Meier Photos/Videos

  • 1976-The Canary Island Alien Sphere

  • 1977-UFOs Invade Colares Island

  • 1978-UFOs Photographed New Zealand

  • 1981-The Carlos Diaz Photographs

  • 1981-The Hannah Roberts Photograph

  • 1985-Interstate 84 Photograph

  • 1987-Corydon, Indiana Video

  • 1987-The Gulf Breeze / Walters Photographs

  • 1988-The Phobos II Incident

  • 1989-The Belgian UFO Wave

  • 1989-The Nashville UFO Photographs

  • 1989-Carp, Canada (Guardian) Landing

  • 1989-Russian Crash Retrieval

  • 1990-The Pitlochry Photograph

  • 1990s-Alien Interview-Area 51

  • 1993-The Maslin Beach Photographs

  • 1994-UFO Photographed in Mongo, Indiana

  • 1996-UFO Photographic Case, Alabama

  • 1996-UFO Photo Hungary

  • 1997-UFOs merging on film

  • 1997-UFO Desert Crash

  • 1997-The Phoenix, Arizona Lights

  • 2000-UFO Photographed / Stinson Lake

  • 2000-Bonsall, UK Photographs (Rowlands)

  • 2002-Tyrone, PA Sighting & Photograph

  • 2002-UFO Photo, New Mexico

  • 2002-The Albany Airport UFO Video

  • 2002-The Leyland, Lancashire Videos

  • 2002-Afyon, Turkey Sighting with Video

  • 2003-UFO Photographed / Wisconsin

  • 2003-Ashland, Nebraska UFO Video

  • 2004-Long Beach, CA Helicopter Footage

  • 2004-Pascoe Vale Triangle Footage

  • 2004-Mexican Military UFO Footage

  • 2005-Security Camera Videotapes UFO

  • 2007-Air Force Colonel Photographs UFO

  • 2007-Photographs of the Strange Craft

  • 2009-Unknown Object in Photograph of Plane, Norway

  • 2010-Ring-Shaped UFO Videotaped over Los Angeles

  • 2011-CNN iReport Video - Strange UFO Seen Flying over York University, Canada

  • 2012-Flash Video Files, see list

  • 2013-Flash Video Files, see list

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