Photograph of possible Unknown Entity in Puerto Rico

by Prof. Reinaldo Rios

I was on a visit to the Forest Reserve of the Yunque, a place highly identified as one of many sightings of UFOs in the Island of Puerto Rico. This report of Reinaldo Rios is committed to study a photograph taken by one of the assistants of a UFO group that visited the area on Saturday, June 11 at 10:00 p.m. approximately.

I was present on the day the photograph was taken. Apparently the photo was taken randomly. It reveals an unknown entity, which could be an extraterrestrial being, or another rare creature. The certain thing is that I was a witness when the photo was taken in the dark during a long walk and after viewing the digital film, it impressed all those that were present. We must understand that the zone is one of high incidence in phenomena/paranormal activity. Hopefully this has exposed an extraterrestrial being in a close encounter of the third kind.

June 11, 2005-Slopes of the Yunque. Entity at bottom right.

Special report:

Prof. Reinaldo Rios

Press OCPI of PR # 97-055

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