Triangle photographed over Tennessee, 12-09-04
Tennessee 12-09-04

The UFO Casebook received this sighting report today from MUFON Tennessee Director, Kim Shaffer.

A witness in Bristol, TN sent this digital photo and report stating that at 22:28 hours on December 9th, he was returning from an out building where he had taken some photos of items he was selling and saw this very large, silent set of lights in the sky.

The object was due west of him, toward Kingsport, TN, where a sighting had been reported earlier that night.

The witness stated that he did not see the brighter large light emissions but only the three triangle shaped lights. The camera was in analog mode and this photo has not been enlarged or enhanced. The investigation is ongoing.

(B J's note) The smaller photo displayed here has been enhanced. The larger photo (click on small) is in its original state.


Thanks to Kim Shaffer

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