Earthling Shape Shifters

Bill Winkler writes, Countless alien abduction episodes have revealed shape-shifting abilities of those Extraterrestrials involved with them. These have been accounted for by the abductees either through hypnosis, conscious recall or from memory "bleed throughs" over a period of time. Apparently shape shifting is a common phenomenon quite prevalent among those off-planet beings.

It is more probable than possible that Earthlings have the same innate ability to shape shift their bodies. A rather bodagscious statement! The most common reporting of alien abductions occur within the privacy of one's bedroom at night while the unwilling participant, or participants, are fast asleep. The following scene is redundant throughout the history of modern Ufology.

Two persons are asleep. One remembers, or is aided by hypnosis, that three or four small humanoids are in the bedroom. Their height is usually about three to four feet high. They approach the other sleeping partner, standing by that side of the bed. The sleeping partner is levitated up a foot or so from the surface of the bed. Slowly the ETs, together with the human in tow, move towards the window. Invariably the bedroom window is closed. Then further levitation occurs in order to accommodate the height of the closed window. Quite smoothly the group passes through the windowpane.

The remaining partner, all this time, has been immobilized. This immobilized state exists while the partner is absent from their bed. On occasion, not too often, the immobilized partner is aware, or made aware, of the return of the missing partner. Then sleep is induced. Forgetfulness is common. The couple awake in the morning and go about their business.

Not through walls or doors but through a pane of glass is the Earthling shapeshifted through. Walls contain a variety of materials such as steel, cement, wood, insulation, nails, cables, plastic and electrical wires with electricity properties flowing through them. A pane of glass is composed of one basic commodity, silica. As always, an old adage, follow the path of least resistance. In order to attain Molecular Density Disruption, it is far easier to pass through one commodity, such as silica, as opposed to going through a wall composed of numerous products of divergent ingredients. Therefore, logic dictates it is easier to change the frequency of an Earthling for it to pass through a windowpane as opposed to a wall. A side note: Extraterrestrials, just as angels and spiritual guides, have been seen coming through walls or ceilings. As with all things in life, it's just a matter of frequency.

Evidence could be gleaned from the crime scene. A crime scene indeed! An Earthling was kidnapped. In this era of highly sophisticated and sensitive instruments it would appear logical that evidence, al biet of a microscopic nature, can be gathered up and examined. From my personal experience of chairing a UFO Abductee Support Group for four years in Connecticut, the best candidates would be those Earthlings who are abducted on a regular basis. Thus, electronic sweeping up of their window sill, the floor beneath the window sill, the curtain, drapes could produce evidence of microscopic "shards" of glass.

Photography of the pane of glass, with appropriate sensitive cameras, may reveal structural changes occurring in conjunction with an abduction. X-raying the glass may reveal yet other abnormalities, such as molecular rearrangement to the glass itself.

Perhaps an Aura Camera can show a difference in a before-and-after photograph. Can the aura of the Earthling be imbedded in the glass itself? Earthlings auras changed constantly. If an aura image can be captured on a pane of glass, could it reveal changes? Could it reveal the image of black or gray? Black and gray, being the colors of depression, low energy and long-term chronic fear. Were this to be a consistent aura window-pane "reading," then could it be indicative of ongoing trauma in this particular Earthling? Could an aura imaging of the abductee immediately after an abduction perhaps reveal an ET standing there along side with the usual Spiritual Guides, as seen in those aura photographs?

Reverting back to the time of the abduction: hypnosis has revealed extensive and detailed information of the activities surrounding an abductee's captivity. Perhaps fine tuning the hypnosis to the time of the Earthling's body actually passing through the pane of glass may reveal yet further information.

Would biological examination and evaluation of abducted Earthlings reveal differences in their blood, chemical and urine samples? Are brain waves different with abductees as opposed to those not subjected to those emotionally traumatic and physiological molecular changes? source:

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