UFO Sighting in Southern Illinois
Illinois-08-26-08-Before I submit this, let me begin by saying I am of sound mind. I'm not some kind of nut job.

I live in southern Illinois within the Salem, MT. Vernon, Centralia, Nashville area. On 8/26/08 there was a crescent moon. It was after midnight. I went outside because it was rather nice out, and looked up toward the moon. As I was looking up, I saw "something" coming into my scope of view heading directly from the west heading easterly.

I have always been fascinated by flight since I was a child and I have NO idea what this "thing" was. It appeared as though it was at about 10,000-12,000 feet in altitude, was a luminescent, almost transparent color of greyish white, crescent shaped, and appeared to be about 100 yards across.

As it traveled toward the light of the moon, it had what I could only describe as a feathery appearance between the outward edges of whatever it was, and no, it was not a bird. It was moving at a very high rate of speed. Not extremely fast, but at a very good clip.

I continued watching this "thing" move toward the light of the moon and once it reached the aura of the light of the moon... poof... it was gone. The thing about my sighting was how smooth and fluid-like its movement was. It was amazing to behold. I don't know what it was, but it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

The one thing that REALLY puzzled me was the feathery appearance between the outside edges as it moved across the sky. Propulsion signature, preparing to cloak? Very puzzling!

MUFON Submitter

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