An encounter with a UFO; from India

July 2, 2004. Sadanandan says he spotted the UFO in Dec 2003. It was an out of the world experience for 22-year-old Arun Sadanandan, resident of Nerul Sector 2, and one he is likely to remember for the rest of his life, when he noticed an UFO in Dec last year.

“I was on my way to evening classes, crossing the tracks at Nerul when I accidentally bumped into a couple. It was quite dark and I didn’t notice them. As I hurried on, I noticed a light suddenly appear above me,” recollects Sadanandan.

He continues, “It was pretty blinding so I tried getting a close look at it. It appeared to be an apple-shaped aircraft.”

“I was pretty excited when I realised it was an UFO. I immediately typed in a first-hand experience and mailed to a UFO-related website which I had come across,” adds the BSc student.

He even got responses to his posting. “I received a response from a gentleman abroad saying that what I saw must have been a US spaceship. But I am sure it was an UFO. It was stationary and there were no blinking lights, like in an aircraft,” he adds.

Arun posted his experience on the website, run by Prashant Solomon, a journalist from Delhi. The site chronicles many such sightings across India.

“I started this website some time around 1998 when I realised that there is very little information on UFOs in India,” says Solomon in a telephonic interview to metro.

When asked what he does to confirm whether the UFO sightings are authentic, he responds, “We have our own methods. We have a questionnaire to verify information and people have to answer that first. Arun went through the same procedure.” Solomon adds, “While the onus of the website is for sightings involving India, we also list UFO sightings or alien encounters abroad, if it’s very interesting.”

“This website endeavours to create a platform where people can share their encounters and report extraterrestrial phenomenons. We also hope to create a database of UFO sightings in India,” he says.

By: Rajendra Aklekar


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