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UFOs and Water

  • 1947 Malta, Small Creatures Seen in Water Craft

  • 1947 Washington State, UFO Allegedly Crashes into Ocean

  • 1952 Italy, Disc Plunges Hose into Water

  • 1954 Brazil, Occupant of Disc Fills Tube with Water

  • 1960 New York, Disc Pulls Water from River

  • 1965 British Columbia, Canada, Craft Pulls Water from Lake

  • 1965 Cone-shaped UFO Lands in Florida Everglades

  • 1966 Northwest Pacific, USS Tiru Encounters UFO over Water

  • 1967 Falcon Lake, Canada, UFOs over Lake

  • 1967 Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia, UFO Crashes into Ocean

  • 1968 Vermont, UFOs over Lake Champlain Abduct Two Counselors

  • 1968 USO Seen by Crewman Aboard Coal Ship

  • 1969 Voronov, Russia, Occupant of UFO Takes Water from River

  • 1969 Gulf of Mexico, UFO Over Ocean Observed by Tanker Three Days

  • 1970 Germany, Strange Object Takes Water from River

  • 1970 Canada, Tagish Lake, UFOs Photographed over Lake

  • 1970 Bermuda Triangle, Glowing Sphere Hovers over Ship

  • 1971 Costa Rica, UFO Photographed Entering Ocean

  • 1971 UFO Emerges from Ocean-Puerto Rico

  • 1973 New Hampshire, UFO Splashes into Rainbow Lake

  • 1973 Florida, UFO Takes Water from River

  • 1973 Mississippi, Two Men Abducted at Pascagoula River

  • 1973 Japan, UFO Hovers over Ocean, Takes Water

  • 1976 Spanish Canary Island, Alien Sphere Moves over Ocean

  • 1976 Maine, Allagash Waterway, Four Men Abducted

  • 1977 Dominican Republic, Water sucked into tubes

  • 1977 Brazil, Two UFOs Enter & Emerge from Ocean

  • 1978 Brazil, Aliens Extract Water from Sea

  • 1979 Peru, Blue, Transparent Tubes from UFO Contact Water

  • 1984 UFO Incident at Whaley Lake, N. Y.

  • 1986 UFOs Seen from USS Edenton

  • 1988 Lake Erie, Coast Guard Encounters Giant UFO Hovering

  • 1990 USO Photographed in Aegean Sea

  • 2001 Brazil, UFO Occupant Sucks Water into Tube

  • 2006 Oklahoma, UFO Moves over Pond

  • 2010 UFO Night Sighting from Ship on Timor Sea

  • 2011 RAF Tornado Crew Spotted UFO over North Sea

  • 2011 Triangle UFO Witnessed over Michigan Lake

  • 2011 Fisherman Encounters UFO over Badajoz, Spain, River

  • 2012 Unknown Object Hovers over Lake Eufaulla, Oklahoma

  • 2012 UFO Caught on Video from Cruise Ship in China

  • 2012 Unknown Object Seen over Ocean in California

  • 2013 Two Fishermen Report UFO over Ohio River

  • 2013 UFO Moves over Boat in Mountain Home, Arkansas

  • 2013 UFO Appears out of Water in Panama Beach, Florida

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