Of all UFO reports ever submitted, the one of “Chad's” report to the Coast to Coast radio program has really fired up some interest. Probably, the sharpest pictures ever taken of an “unknown object” flying in close proximity of the viewer.

I do need to make one thing clear, other than the pictures, there are no physical evidence traces to prove it and I do have to leave the door open that it can be a fake, possible computer generated prank to get publicity. If this is a fake, it is the best one ever done.

Ever since I saw the report on UFO Casebook, I checked out the article and the follow ups to it at UFO Casebook and Coast to Coast and of the following reports of other probes seen as far back as 2006 in Alabama. I held off comment to them until all the “grapefruit” fell out of the tree (comments from 'questionable' readers).

What we will do here is disregard the reports and study the pictures in view as if this was a real craft. The photos are the only proof and by studying them, you can if they where fake and what is shown on them.


I am not a UFO researcher and have never seen a UFO. With 20 years and 5 months service with the United States Marine Corps, 16 years and 5 months of it was in aviation. My first four years was as a radio operator and I do have the training to identify both communication systems and, I know every nut, bolt, and piece of safety wire that holds together most airplanes in existence today.

Since the Marine Corps is the smallest of all of the branches of military, everybody “volunteers” for about 20 jobs and one of my other jobs was computers. I have been working with, building, and repairing computers since before Bill Gates and Paul Allen wrote DOS.

I am also “NOT” an engineer and do not approach this with an illusion that I am. For those out there who are engineers, feel free with your own analysis. Since I do not have the actual probe to study, all of this can be nothing more than a guess.

As you can tell by the drawings within this report that I am also “NOT” a graphic artist but I do hope that it is good enough to explain the subjects.

ANTENNA ARRAY – This array is not on all of the probes that have been seen. The one from Alabama shows that this array was not present and therefore, has nothing to do with the propulsion system of this craft.

It is designed so that this probe can be 'stacked' with other probes. One possible theory is that it is sampling the air. The array consists of very thick cables or pipes and if they are pipes, there may be a fluid system at work here.

Propulsion Ring – This is the vehicle itself. Within the ring are all of the components to produce a field to negate the effects of gravity for which the vehicle can hover, raise, lower, and take off with no resistance.

This field can also block off the effects of the atmosphere to eliminate drag.

These smaller boom arms are used to manipulate the field around the probe for movement. The two larger ones may also play a role in the operation of the probe, but are not used as sensors. The large pipes or cables on top are used either for fluid transfer (which means that the probe may use some sort of fluid dynamics to create the field in order to fly instead of a direct power field) or to supply a massive amount of electrical power.

The large 3-section boom is the main sensor array. This is neat, I have never seen any UFO type picture that displayed any 'decals'. This is the first. This boom would also contain the navigation and avionics for the probe, and would also be the transmission source (outboard section) for any information that was gathered by the sensors back to whom ever sent this probe. The small bumps you see on each boom section are lights (as seen on the Alabama photo). The small bolt shaped dots you see at the bottom of the ring are connection points for any and all accessories attached to the ring so that they can operate and communicate with the main boom. You can also see wire loops inside the ring. These are used for connection of equipment for the propulsion system and provide a guide so that when one probe attaches itself to the other, the antenna array are captured within these loops to maintain alignment and to lock down the probes to a fixed assembly.

The following page displays all four probes that have been seen so far. As you can tell, they are either the same probe, reconfigured for each flight, or they are four separate probes.


Now, let's look at the photos themselves and see if we can tell if they are real or fake. On the left will be the original photo and on the right will be an EMBOSSed version to pick out details. Of all photo effects, emboss is the best. You can not only detect images not seen in the original, but you can see the 3 dimensional aspect of the objects. If an object was a CGI image, the picture would be flat and not show a 3D detail image. You will also be able to detect photo editing. The one detail that stands out is of the object 'behind' the leaves of the trees and the wires on the power poles. This cannot be done without chopping off the background and replacing the background with something else. You would see this effect around the leaves and wires. If the objects where physical models, you would see pixelation in the background when someone would try to cover over the wires.

Let us start with this photo by “Chad”. This is probably the one everybody thinks that it is CGI. The sharp, crisp details shout out “FAKE” to everyone who sees it. Always remember, fact can also be stranger than fiction. Nice crisp details, you can see the lettering under the main boom and even some detail inside the ring. You can see that the 'pipes' lead all the way to the bottom. The mid section of the ring is smooth and is the connection point of all of the accessories that the probe is equipped with. The bolt like dots you see just below the mid section ring are the connection points for the accessories in order for them to operate. The antenna array on top? Only “ET” knows for sure.

Now, let us do the side-by-side comparison of the photos.


Sorry for the small size, I have to fit them to the page. The emboss effect stands out all of the detail of the photo. No wires, no pixelation around the leaves. The object is clearly behind the tree limbs.

On this comparison, you can see eight other objects in the sky. Two of these objects (I believe) are Venus and Mercury. If you look close at the emboss photo, you can see the details of the clouds.

Lake Tahoe REPORT

Cellular phones may have lousy digital cameras, they are still good enough for analysis. Emboss had no problem in getting the details out. Vehicle is behind the wires and nothing to detect that it was edited in any way.

Capitola REPORT

Similar to “Chad's” report except configured with different accessories. The main boom, I do believe, has different writing than the one shown on “Chad's”.

2006 Alabama REPORT

This is a report from Alabama. Complete different configuration as of the other probes. This puppy can probably be configured thousands of different ways.

The one thing that is consistent with all of the probes, is the ring. This is the propulsion system of the whole vehicle and we may be looking at the propulsion system used by UFOs. This is a guess of course but the logic is that our RPV (Remote Piloted Vehicles) also have miniature versions of power plants of their full size cousins (airplanes).


These probes have been viewed within a short time of each other on the west coast and a very brazen fact that they fly low and slow in broad daylight for anyone to see means that something very important is going on. These probes may be scanning the sub-surface area for minerals, water, etc., and they are remote controlled. The original report showed several, very distant objects, higher in the sky at a pretty good distance which could be where the probe was launched from and controlled.

There can also be a possibility that these probes do not have an internal power source. They could be receiving their power through a transmission source which would keep the probe small in size. This could be another function of the main boom that each probe posses.

Who built them? Nobody on this planet! If you take a look at NASA, they think that moving ahead is to re-create the Apollo era for the new space vehicle “Orion”. Could it be that Area 51 or any other secret base is building, operating, and controlling these probes? I don't think we have scientists smart enough to invent or to reverse engineer a pencil, let alone a space vehicle.

Is Area 51 testing experimental aircraft like flying discs? NO! Right now, they are working on the space plane which as of today, still has chemical engines and no anti-gravity planes exist.

If these are inventions of Earth, then they are experimental and their testing locations are questionable. Area 51 does not test fly anything within population zones and use flight corridors that are FAA reserved on flight charts so that no other aircraft can fly in those zones to prevent the vehicle from being seen at close range.

There is one thing to note from “Chad's” report – he experienced headaches after taking the bottom-up photos of this probe. His wife experienced fatigue. Both are symptoms of of microwave radiation and is short term. Microwaves will cook you from the inside out and a brief exposure will dehydrate your brain and blood vessels. If you see one of these probes and absolutely have to take photos of it, keep at a distance from it. These waves are from the propulsion system and are needed for the probe to fly.


2007-California-Last month (April 2007), my wife and I were on a walk when we noticed a very large, very strange "craft" in the sky. My wife took a picture with her cell phone camera (first photo below). A few days later a friend (and neighbor) lent me his camera and came with me to take photos of this "craft".

We found it and took a number of very clear photos. Picture #4 is taken from right below this thing and I must give my friend credit as I was not brave enough to get close enough to take this picture myself! The craft is almost completely silent and moves very smoothly. It usually moves slowly until it decides to take off.

Then it moves VERY quickly and is out of sight in the blink of an eye.

MORE THAN ANYTHING I simply want to understand what this is and why it is here?

source: coasttocoastam.com-

see more on this report... http://www.ufocasebook.com/strangecraftphotos.html

2007-Lake Tahoe-05-05-07-My husband and I were in Lake Tahoe over the weekend. We left on Friday afternoon and came back Monday morning. On Saturday at about 7 PM, I was walking out to my car to get a sweater when I saw this thing in the sky. It was pretty close I think, but still above the trees. It was moving and spinning slowly, heading towards my right.

I was startled and confused at first and wanted to take a picture, but our camera was still inside so I took two pictures with my camera phone before it passed behind the roof of the house. I ran around to the other side and was yelling to my husband to come out. We came around the other side and saw it just as it was going down behind some trees. He didn't get a good look at it, but he saw enough to convince him that it was something really strange.

We decided to take a drive around the area to see if we could see it again, but we never did. We didn't see it the next day either. Since we were renting the cabin for the weekend we didn't know any nearby residents but I would bet at least a few other people saw it. It was very visible and very strange looking. I was definitely a little freaked out but my husband didn't seem very bothered by it. He was more interested in it than scared.

source: MUFON Submitter 7013-

see more on this report... http://www.ufocasebook.com/strangecraftlaketahoe.html

2007-Capitola, CA-05-16-07-This week I was visting my fiance's parents in Capitola (we were actually there to tell them about our engagement, in fact). We were eating dinner on the back porch when we noticed this "object" sort of hovering in the sky. The camera was still out from earlier so I grabbed it and tried to get some clear shots of it.

It took off over the roof shortly after, so I ran into the street in front of the house to follow, trying to get more shots without wobbling around too much (which was harder than it sounds). It then came in lower over a telephone pole, where I was able to get a few more pictures, before it finally took off into the distance pretty fast. I thought it was gone but noticed it was still visible, so I grabbed a few more pictures.

At one point a car stopped to look as well. No one had any idea what this thing was but everyone in the car was visibly freaked out by it. Once it was gone they told me to call the news and drove off. :) I'm not sure who else saw it in the neighborhood since I don't live down there, but I'm sure at least a few others must have noticed it.

It was way too weird and way too close to go unnoticed. Once it was gone and I caught my breath I could barely stop my hands from shaking for the next hour or so. Needless to say, this is all we talked about for the rest of the night. None of us can figure out what it was (and that's saying something, because my fiance's dad is a mechanical engineer).

source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8418528@N06/sets/72157600236430072/-

see more on this report... http://www.ufocasebook.com/strangecraft3.html

2007-Big Basin, California-Okay, where to begin -- yesterday I was up around big basin for my assignment like I've been mentioning for the last couple weeks -- the theme for those that don't remember was photographing something at a small scale against a large scale backdrop to contrast scales and to play with depth of field etc -- I chose to photograph a couple of flower/weed things growing right on the edge of a drop off with the valley in the background -- I'm still using the rebel xt I bought off mark which is slr so I'm looking at everything through a viewfinder when I notice something _appear_ in the distance, like just pop out of nowhere --

I look up and there is this _huge_ who-knows-what-the-xxx _floating_ in the distance and rotating very slowly and jerkily (is that a word lol) -- almost by reflex I take another shot which is focused in on it this time and go to stand up but practically fall over because I cant even think straight --

I was able to get one more shot which came out kind of blurred and then the thing _vanished_ -- like, as in, now you see it now you don't -- I attached the pictures so you guys can check them out before I really decide to do something with them -- are these going to the 6 o'clock news or what -- any feedback would be great before i make a major decision here -- also btw I attached three pictures the first is when it _first_ appeared right as I was taking a shot of the flowers but I wanted you guys to see everything i saw -- sorry I only got 3 pix but this thing was seriously gone in like a matter of secs.


source: www.ufocasebook.com-see more on this report...


Dear Mr. Booth,

Re the prospective technical guesses and suggestions about the type, purpose, and construction aspects of the Rajman/Chad/Tahoe aerial craft in your last issue, No. 258 of 06/04/07 as reported by Eileen Nesbitt and P.Smith, there are several details I wish to comment on.

As to qualification for my comments and conjecture, I have six diplomas in electronics, specializing in logic analysis, control and process modelling and automation, as well as substantial structural engineering experience.

1. As to obtaining induced propulsion / system power from utility power lines - this would be critically dependent on maintaining (feedback-controlled) distance from these lines and the integrity of such lines - any power line break would be conducive to propulsion failure in the first instance, and secondly (at lower power needs) systems failure (line-following, metrics, sensors, control and telemetry). The possibility of secondary power storage in battery form would appear remote. This also begs the question of how these vehicles are launched in the first place - according to the suggested application scenario, they would somehow have to be mechanically brought into close proximity with the intended line-path at exact distances before becoming functional, unless some "fancy" ground-located power inducer is used - this latter case also appears remote as that system would surely need to be mobile in order to be used (launched) on any select power route of many. Another option, supercapacitor application as secondary power source, would allow only relatively short traverses at the apparent power usage needed for the mass/size/dynamic drag of the vehicle. This would appear to lead to unaffordable probabilities of loss of power, failure, crashes and destruction of the craft.

2. The craft are strongly asymmetric - certainly not an idealized aerodynamic design - the radial mass-distribution does not appear to be structurally compensated at all, and would need dynamic compensation for this in-flight. From the construction of the central body, the simplest propulsion scenario (more recognizable in the area of classical technology) would seem to be a high-speed rotor with differential porting allowing for navigational steering, alt-azimuth vectoring/adjustment and dynamic stabilization. The primary power-source, as derived from witnessed acoustic observations, would not be internal combustion, but perhaps more likely nuclear/electromagnetic, i.e. "electric," or some unknown exotic technology such as electrogravitic.

The segmented long projection on the "port" side of the craft (taking the twinned heavy structures each carrying three "prongs" or electrodes as being at its stern, its "6 O'clock") is in no way a "stabilizer" - this seems technically certain. As stabilizer, this element would in the first instance of probability be symmetrically present on the opposite, starboard side as well - if it were, this suggested functionality would be more acceptable. As it is however single and asymmetric, its "stabilizer function" seems aerodynamically absurd. Also, its radial position is not at all suitable as a suggested "weight compensation" for the long electrodes located at the craft's 12, 1:30 and 3 O'clock / or 0, 45 and 90 degrees, taking the stern as 180 degrees. There appears more statically uncompensated mass in structure located at the stern of the craft.

Instead, this segmented element looks far more like a type of antenna, and may well be a scalar-subspace antenna, instead of a conventional electromagnetic antenna system. Such antennas are at present in a highly controversial experimental phase (there are confirmations of their operational efficacy from several reputable sources) and are far more likely to be of non-terrestrial technical origin.

3. The idea that the "ceramic body" of the craft is part of a capacitor construction, is technically/electronically inapt: ceramics are indeed used as dielectrics in very low value capacitors (absolutely nowhere near the capacitance values, by many orders of magnitude, that would be required here) and also such dielectrics are at the dielectric centre. Used on the outside, as they are porous, would be inappropriate and meteorologically sensitive to moisture ingress. EDLC (Electrolytic Double Layer Capacitors, or "supercapacitors" available in values of up to several thousand farads, are far more suitable in power-storage applications, but would not appear to form integral isomorphic part of the typical radial vehicle construction here at all. The "ceramic" appearance of the craft-surface could well be just that, or more likely a similar-appearing surface of non-terrestrial technological origin, but is extremely unlikely to be part of a "capacitor."

The long electrodes radially distributed along the circumference of the craft don't look like telemetry antennas - also their triple redundancy (exactly equal dimensions) seems inapt, an azimuthal re-orientation, which is no navigational/technical challenge, would eliminate such redundancy. Instead, these could well be part of an unknown propulsion system itself.

5. To my mind, if these craft represent a terrestrial technology, the technology would far more likely have followed a more ordinary classical evolutionary path, and have been media-reported in their potential, and actual applications. Power utility companies would not appear to need a sci-fi secret aspect to attach to such "monitoring RPVs".

Taken all together, the entire structural appearance, taken as a "technological paradigm" seems to me to far exceed present human technology. My best guess, based on this overal impression, is that these craft are indeed serving a monitoring function, but not for human, terrestrial agents.


Frank Valentyn



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