Law Officer reports 'hovering boomerang' near Willoughby Hills, Ohio - Perry Nuclear Power Station, 06-16-04

Subject: UFO Sighting

Location: Willoughby Hills, Ohio (Lake County)

Date: June 16, 2004


On Wednesday, June 16, 2004, a veteran Deputy Sheriff in Lake County, Ohio and his wife observed an unusual triangular-shaped aircraft from two separate vantage points at nearly the same time. The husband and wife couple discussed their experience in detail the following afternoon.

The wife reported sighting the bizarre aircraft at a closer vantage point and with more dramatic detail, spotting this unusual object while driving east along State Route 91 near the State Route 91 and 306 intersections near Willoughby Hills, Ohio (Lake County).

Deputy Sheriff Kevin Coleman sought to report the two sightings to the National UFO Center, advising of the situation in a comprehensive summary on the N.U.F.O.R.C.’s “online report form.”

Separately, the witness was also contacted by telephone on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 for additional follow-up.

Coleman advised that he holds a position as Deputy Sheriff with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, and will see his 11th year in service this coming October. He was promoted to detective within 3-years of duty and has investigated all types of crimes and is a veteran SWAT member. He has also investigated plane crashes in vicinity.

Deputy Sheriff Coleman reports that the high-flying object he saw traveling from west to east last Wednesday, June 16 was nothing he was familiar with. The object was apparently higher than a jet airliner that was also seen flying through the area.

Most interestingly, according to the witness, was how this unidentified object seemed to be self-luminous.

“I was concerned to find out if this object was just reflecting sunlight. But after studying this for the length of time that I could, it did not seem to change in intensity or seem to be reflecting light in any way,” he said. “It had an angular shape to it, giving me the impression that it was self luminous. In my opinion, it was self- luminous.

“It was definitely traveling in the easterly direction of the Perry Nuclear plant when I first saw it,” Coleman said. “Then this thing seemed to slow down and get bigger. The object was just ‘gone,’ not accelerating or flew off somewhere, it simply disappeared.

“I had a good visual on it, there was no question about it moving off.”

When asked further about its departure method or how sure he was of this observation, Coleman affirmed his certainty that the object did not depart in a conventional sense.

“This was, without question, the hardest part for me to explain about the situation… was how it was gone. I mean it was just gone.”

Coleman said that the duration of his sighting was between 10 to 20 seconds from the time he first noticed the object traveling from west to east and increasing in apparent size to the point of its apparent disappearance.

The near-simultaneous sighting by Coleman’s wife of a boomerang-shaped aircraft hovering only 100-feet from the ground was far more dramatic, according to Coleman, and the duration of that sighting was over 1-minute and discontinued due to traffic circumstances.

First viewed to her right and in a northerly direction, Coleman’s wife thought the object was some type of military aircraft that was possibly in a holding pattern.

“My wife thought this plane was somehow related to the events of September 11th, or even in some kind of investigation related to 911,” Coleman said.

“What made this really interesting is that she was looking out her window to her right, which would be in a northerly direction which would have generally been the same direction as my sighting,” he said.

When asked if he notified any other police agencies of the sighting, he said that he did not, only filing the report to NUFORC.

Coleman was asked what his thoughts were about bringing this situation to the attention of Homeland Security personnel, or if he feels there is any need for concern due to the uncertain nature of the UFO and its June 16 proximity to the Perry Nuclear Power station.

"The concept of a huge, hovering, abnormal aircraft doesn’t register with us to take action on. I don’t know what this thing was, but it was far outside the scope of our routine training or duty. This did not seem to be an actionable situation. What I saw was not traditional.”

When Deputy Sheriff Coleman was asked if he had any objection to his name being listed in this report, he said: “I have no objection to my name being used. This is a subject that is not a hobby to me, my interest in this is simply reporting the truth about this matter. I believe I have been affected by this and nobody has given me a reasonable explanation for it.”


The Perry Nuclear Power Plant is situated on the Lake Erie shore about 35 miles northeast of Cleveland and between 8 to 10-miles northeast of the June 16th UFO sighting location. On June 22 it was announced that the power station will undergo stepped-up scrutiny due to equipment breakdowns and other issues. The plant had been shut down on May 21 due to equipment malfunction, several weeks before the UFO sighting.

In March of 1988 a dramatic UFO sighting took place at the northern-most point of Route 91 (known as the Eastlake UFO Case) where Coast Guard officers and civilian witnesses watched a UFO over Lake Erie. Several smaller objects were alleged to have advanced from the large UFO over the lake and one smaller UFO was seen near the Perry Nuclear Power Plant.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, N.U.F.O.R.C., and Painesville, Ohio researcher Dan Wilson.


June 23, 2004

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Subject: Hovering Boomerang Near Nuclear Power Station

Lake County, Ohio, Law Officer reports 'hovering boomerang' near Willoughby Hills, Ohio - Perry Nuclear Power Station - on June 16, 2004.

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Thanks to Painesville, Ohio researcher Daniel Wilson

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