Wisconsin UFOs Seen Almost Daily

FREDERICK Shawn and his wife called to tell me they are seeing UFOs near their home almost daily. As we talked they described seeing a UFO like a fallen rainbow at 12:48 PM, on November 29, 2004. He sent me some photos that I will bring to my readers. All the sightings started in July and continue. Often he and his family members can feel pressure in their ears as the craft pass over their home.

Many of the UFOs blend into the background and appear to be camouflaged. Some look like a dragon and seem to be operating in the valley near their home. He uses digital type cameras and a Sony digital video camera with night vision to capture the objects. He observes objects that look like Lucite willow branches and little marble things of light. The family also sees objects over the treeline that look like Tinkerbelle fairies.

He recently saw an octopus like object similar to one seen in Mexico City. The UFOs have silent propulsion systems that have magnetized everything in the house. He recently saw a UFO shaped like a large T antennae adjusting itself. When in motion it was invisible, but when it stopped moving they could see the object. Thanks to Shawn



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