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UFO sightings
1989 - UFO Encounter with US Navy Nuclear Submarine

October 24, 1989 - A sailor reports about the UFO sighting he had while in the Navy. "I was assigned to USS Memphis (SSN-698), Homeport - Titusville, FL. (Cape Canaveral.) Our mission was Special Assignments which meant we protected the Space Program. We would go to sea and patrol while the shuttle was on the pad.

On October 24 and 25, 1989, my ship was on patrol about 150 miles of the Florida coast. We were cruising at about 500 feet when the submarine started experiencing electronics problems. The ship was malfunctioning, our tanks were blowing out of control, we were losing navigation ability and the communications area was totally lost.

UFO Sightings - Recent UFO News

UFO over Exmouth, Australia
Australia Police Share Footage of UFO During Thunderstorm

02-18-19 - Police in Broome, Australia, shared unusual video footage that shows an object flying in the sky, and they’re not sure what it was. “After reviewing CCTV at town beach of last nights storm, it appears we were not alone,” Broome Police tweeted, including emojis of flying saucers. In the video, on the left side of the frame, an unusual white circular shape can be seen before it moves out of the picture. The footage was captured during a lightning storm, but the white object doesn’t appear to be lightning. Users said that it was an alien spacecraft, but others were not so sure.

UFO over Stockton, California
Reader Reports UFO over Stockton, California

02-11-19 - I was driving my co-worker home, from my place on Piccardo Circle to her place at the Tyrolian Village on March Lane. I was then working for the developer. Instead of taking March Lane direct I cut behind the 3 story I think it was Pac Bell Building right across at the entrance of the apartment complex. Slowly a saucer with lights moving consistently around the middle came from around the front of the PAC Bell Building and toward us. It was moving very slowly. I stopped the car, checked the time to make sure we didn’t lose any if we were taken up, prayed to God we weren’t and rolled down the window to hear a sound coming from the saucer thinking it may be a blimp prank ... there was not a sound at all ... none!

UFO over Victoria, Australia
UFO Videotaped over Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

02-09-19 - Filming a lightning storm in Moonee Valley - I didn't realise I had filmed something else until I was editing my Slo-Mo clips. I thought it might be a bird at first, but zoomed in on a paused still image and it looked too flat to be a bird. Taking into account the frame rate of the footage, the speed of the object must have been very quick for me not to even notice it during filming the lightning. I was pretty excited to actually capture a UFO on video.

UFO over Burleson, Texas
Unidentified Flying Object Videotaped over Burleson, Texas

02-04-19 - Driving down I-35 westbound and Rendon Crowley Rd., next to Texas Health Huguley Hospital, I was on the phone with my girlfriend, driving ahead of me, and we both witness strange red/white flashing lights in the sky a little in the distance. We drove parallel to these lights and it looked like they were linked in a chain together 3 lights majority stay red followed by one majority staying white, then 2 more majority red (still flickering the opposite color red to white or white to red). They formed a broken V-shape, while spread out seemingly linked together somehow. I wanted a better look so we exited the highway.

UFO over North Carolina
"Pill-shaped" UFO Spotted in Broad Daylight in North Carolina

01-31-19 - UFO hunters on the internet are currently poring over footage of a strange, ‘pill-like’ craft filmed earlier this week. The unexplained object was caught on camera in broad daylight hovering over the skies in North Carolina. The footage has been uploaded to YouTube and has already drawn over 8,000 views. ‘When I got inside and checked the footage I was blown away by what I saw,’ wrote YouTuber Spacebret in the description of the video. ‘I have no idea what this object is. It is pill shaped with bullet headed ends. This is in rural North Carolina just outside of Greensboro. Enjoy the video and let me know if you have any idea as to what this object is.’

UFO over the Netherlands
Disc-shaped UFO Captured on Video over the Netherlands

01-26-19 - A man from the Netherlands uploaded this video to MUFON as submitter 97875. The footage was captured on January 19, this year. Hardly any details were given except that he saw the unknown object flying and caught it on camera. You will see in the short clip the disc-like object enter the scene from the right and move toward the left and away. We put a slow-mo section in to get a better view. See what you think.

UFO over Volcano
UFO Exits Volcano, Hovers in Mexican Skies - See Video

01-16-19 - UFO comes out of volcano and hovers in Mexican skies; alien enthusiasts in a frenzy. The UFO researcher claimed that unidentified flying object sightings are quite common near this Mexican volcano. As UFO sightings continue to perplex alien enthusiasts and space experts, popular extraterrestrial researcher Scott C Waring recently shared some eerie pictures and clips that show a bizarre flying object coming out of a Mexican volcano.

Bizarre Video Of Police Officer Appearing To Teleport

01-14-19 - The dashcam footage shows a police officer leaning towards the window of a vehicle in front, presumably talking to the driver. But then, just as they were about to either slap them with an infringement notice or send them on their way, a beam of light consumes the officer. After a few seconds, the beaming brightness fades away, leaving just a pile of smoking clothes by the side of the road. The car then pulls away, the driver seemingly not giving two shits about the vanishing officer; perhaps it was an infringement notice heading their way after all. The astounding footage was shared by UFO Today, on Saturday and has amassed 11,000 views.

UFOs over Oregon
Three Unidentifed Objects Videotaped over Oregon

01-06-19 - Submitter 97401 has uploaded what I believe to be a very interesting sequence of events. Taken at night, the video shows three separate lights, red according to the narrator, but the color is not defined in the video. He seems to be familiar with aircraft activity and he describes the events throughout the video which was taken in Diamond Peak, Oregon.

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UFO over Temple, Texas
(UFO) Captured on Video and Photo in Temple, Texas

12-29-18 - It was totally silent and no one was in the parking lot, save for my wife. As she neared the car, she happened to look up. She noticed something unusual about the sky, as if it was textured. She attempted to understand what she was seeing. Her eyes began to accustom themselves to the sight in the sky. Dark, black clouds seemed to be lit from within, very dimly. She noticed some slits of white within the dark clouds. She wanted to capture the anomaly on her phone's camera. Several photographs were taken...

Sphere-shaped UFO Stops in Midair in Tonawanda, NY

12-25-18 - I was driving a shuttle for the local transit company, when I saw a very large orange-red spherical object emerge from the clouds, dipping down in a swerving fashion towards the north, then northeast. It was going far too fast to be an airplane, drone or helicopter. Far too big too. When it turned east, it stopped in the air completely and I could then see a blinking light. The way it maneuvered, it could not have been any traditional craft. It was very cloudy and dark outside, but the craft could clearly be seen

UFO over Pentagon
Pyramid-shaped UFO Videotaped over the Pentagon

12-21-18 - In the bizarre clip, what appears to be a giant black triangle can be seen hovering over the US Department of Defence. Although the footage is dark, changes to the exposure of the video show the mysterious shape as it looms eerily above the Pentagon. The shocking footage was filmed by Alex Dude on Wednesday (December 19) and was later shared by YouTube conspirators Blake and Brett Cousins on their YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon. Describing the baffling clip, Blake remarks:

UFO over Rhode Island
UFO Captured on Photograph over Narragansett, Rhode Island

12-20-18 - Submitter 97128 has uploaded five photographs to www.mufon.com. The photographs were taken on 12-19-18 in the city of Narragansett, Rhode Island. The photo was taken of a woman on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean. The photographer states that he did not see the UFO while taking the photos, only when he reviewed the pics later. Photos taken with HUJI cam. We are publishing two of the photos on this report; all five are very similar.

UFO Videotaped near SpaceX Dragon

12-14-18 - Conspiracy theorists who released the UFO video argue that NASA and Elon Musk are hiding something sinister which is happening in the skies. 'Third Phase of Moon', a popular conspiracy theory channel run by the Blake and Brett cousins has recently uploaded a strange video that shows a mysterious UFO near Elon Musk led SpaceX Dragon spacecraft which was en route the International Space Station (ISS). In the recently released video, a large triangular object was seen flying past the SpaceX spacecraft at a mind-blowing speed. The conspiracy theorists also argued that the live feed was interrupted soon after the object was spotted.

UFO over Waterford, Ireland
Purple UFO Videotaped over Waterford, Ireland

12-10-18 - A recent video has been uploaded to MUFON by submitter 96894. The man's wife Anita filmed two videos during the evening of December 9, 2018. The object in question was seen over Waterford, Ireland and shows a very unusually colored and shaped object. What we see is a purple-colored donut shape with several breaks in the circular shape. The object is adorned on top with no less than 18 brightly lit white lights. The object fades in and out of focus from time to time, but is clearly seen most of the time.

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