1957 Madison, Ohio-Kuhn/Frightened Dog Case

UFO Depiction
November 10, 1957. Features: Brilliant illumination, physiological effects, animal reactions.

Mrs. Leita Kuhn had been going back and forth between her house and backyard dog kennels checking on an overheating stove on a snowy, windy night.

About 1:20 AM, everything was in order, so she shut the kennel door. The snow had stopped and it was dark, with no moon or stars visible.

As she stepped away from the kennel she saw a huge, glowing object in back, about 60 feet above the ground.

It was about 40 feet wide and 10 feet thick with a dome on top, and glowing with a phosphorescent light.

The top was brilliant and it hurt her eyes to look at it. Puffs of apparent exhaust appeared around the bottom increasingly, until she became unnerved by the spectacle and ran in the house.

When she looked out the window, the object apparently had disappeared. The time was 1:55 AM.

She stayed up all night caring for an apparently frightened dog that subsequently died of cancer. A few days later she sought medical treatment for eye irritation and skin rash, and was advised to report it to Civil Defense because of suspected radiation effects.

She developed an abnormal craving for honey, other sweets, and water.

For nearly two years she experienced a variety of physical ailments, some painful and emotionally disturbing.

by Richard Hall:

Source: The UFO Evidence (1964), page 98

Other Sources: "Strange Effects From UFOs", (NICAP, 1969), page 11.

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