Alien Corpses Seen Near Wright Patterson AFB

Alien Corpses
When young Dave Smith entered the forbidden room behind the wall, he never suspected he had signed his own death warrant. Dave, fresh out of high school, landed a job at the AVCO Manufacturing Company in Richmond, Indiana in May of 1962.

The United States government had leased part of the plant and the Indiana Ordinance Company was engaged in secret chemical and explosive tests at the site that had Vietnam War applications. Dave's employment was in the experimental section. Within this part, beyond a wall, there was a laboratory-like room that was off limits even to persons with Dave's security clearance.

Curiosity gnawed at Dave, and being an unafraid adventuresome sort, he determined that he would breach this extreme security if the opportunity presented itself. This soon happened and he was able to slip into the room undetected. There were three tables in the room and each had something on it with a covering over it.

In the brief interval before he was rudely interrupted, Dave was able to lift the cover on each table and be totally shocked by what he saw. Three men in black suits came charging into the room. Two grabbed Dave and the other one quickly took a device from his pocket and pressed it to the lower back of Dave's head. When Dave regained consciousness, he did not know where he was or how much time had passed.

Due to the military uniforms the men wore he surmised that he was in some kind of a military base. This later proved to be Wright Patterson Air Fore Base at Dayton, Ohio which is some 45 miles southeast of Richmond. Then began a series of ordeals that Dave would never forget.

Dave was subjected to violent, grueling interrogations that seemed to never end. Needles were stuck into him and the shots affected his mind and body. Finally he was allowed to recover and then helicoptered back to his job at Richmond. Dave was repeatedly warned that if he ever uttered one word about what he had seen he and his family would suddenly become missing persons.

What Dave's unbelieving eyes had beheld was clearly one of government's greatest secrets. All three beings were similar and appeared to have been injured with one looking like it had suffered burns.

All were about three or three and a half feet long, slight figured, and had no muscle tone. The skin was grayish brown and when he touched one, its skin felt like rough leather. The little entities had very large round heads, very big round black eyes, a slit mouth, tiny, flat noses, tiny ears, and no facial expression.

Their long arms reached down to their knees. The hands were three digest and claw-like. Dave especially remembered their feet which had three stubby webbed toes. Noticeable ridges stuck out the bottom of the feet. They were dressed in one piece brown jump suits that zipped up. On one suit he noticed an emblem that looked something like a small bird.

During the month following Dave's ordeal he would often be taken off his job and flown back to the AFB for repeat attention. Fellow employees at the Richmond plant were aware of his condition and repeatedly told his family that something was being done to him by the government.

Several times one sister would receive calls to go get him in Earlham Cemetery which lies at the west edge of Richmond. She would find him there in a disoriented state. Strange men watched the family home and even watched the grocery store that Dave started later on.

In the early 1970s Dave was offered a series of better jobs as a nuclear warfare specialist at other government facilities, but he declined and left the Richmond job. Janet Smith, his young wife, remembers that he had problems with a bleeding nose and ears. Finally in 1975, he told Janet a few details about his harrowing experiences, but her efforts to get more out of him went unrewarded until 1980. He then made some crude drawings of the beings and talked more about things.

In 1985 he developed a malignant tumor right where the CIA type had placed the device that rendered him instantly unconscious. Nothing could be done for Dave. He died in 1986 at the age of 43. His physicians wanted to do an autopsy to see why he had died at that early age from that type of cancer. Heartbroken Janet, still keeping the big secret, wanted no more of this distressing business.

It was not until February 1992 that Dave's son Bob finally got up the courage to come to my home and relate what had happened to his father. He had told me many of the details on the phone in two calls. He came despite the strong objections of his mother. In memory of his father this embittered son wanted a record to exist somewhere about what happened.

I, Donald L. Worley, an investigator/researcher with 38 years experience who has handled many cases, do certify that the above details are true and accurate as stated. In this account we see just how ruthless certain elements in our government are in protecting their most momentous secret. The names of the principals in these events must remain unknown due to the embittered families fear of their own government.

written by: Donald Worley - Alien Abduction Researcher

Source: Alien Abduction And Research

originally posted, 02-28-04

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