Strange, Bright Light in Texas Photograph of Clouds
Texas-UFO, 02-20-08
Texas-02-20-08-I set up my camera with fisheye scope to take pictures of strange clouds around 12 noon, & took these pictures around 12:30, and noticed a strange, bright light in cloud. I kept camera fixed on it, and it seemed to lower itself and turn a blackish color as it descended. It made no noise and when I checked the lens for debris, there was none.

I took a picture immediately afterwards, showing dark orb. I looked at with the naked eye, and although it was smaller, it was still visable and non-moving, but had a slight haze around it.

There were no lights blinking, but it alternated between black and silver color before becoming smaller and disappearing (I believe it ascended). I had reported seeing these things to MUFON before with pictures and close up shots taken since November.

When I would do a certain old special prayer, it would show up within minutes. I stopped after having very bad nights of feeling being watched and/or looked at late in evening and during sleep.

I am hoping it does not start up again, but I have to let people know to look up. Again I do not care if anyone believes me or not, I just want there to be documentation if something happens.

MUFON Submitter 9674

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MUFON Submitter 9674

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