Pilot Proves Air Force Explanation not Viable
UFO Pilot and Stephenville eyewitness Steve Allen has now slam-dunked the case of The U.S. military cover up at Stephenville. How? Simple-it's not in the military practice zone. The U.S. lied. In response the U.S. Government saying the great and sharp people in Stephenville Texas suffered a mass hallucination.

The real mass hallucination is the concoction the U.S. Government put out to cover up the Stephenville UFO story to all the people of the world, saying the witnesses saw many jets appearing as one object which could have resembled a UFO. This has proven to be a lie. Stephenville is out of range of a military practice area.

Military jets are not allowed to perform practice routines over people's houses in residential neighborhoods. The witnesses said the object made no noise-whereas a squadron of jets makes very loud noises, and jets cannot hover in formation over a small town.

Their explanations are so idiotic only an idiot would believe them. Whatever the Air Force says about this incident is by definition without merit because the U.S. Air force no longer studies UFOs.


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