Point of Contact: Ken Cherry, Texas MUFON Director, Q and A
UFO 10:18 AM CST on Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our Q&A with Ken Cherry, state director of the Mutual UFO Network (mufon.com).

What do you think of the military's explanation of the multiple UFO reports in Stephenville that there were 10 F-16s training in the area?

Initially [when they denied any involvement], I think they were trying to discredit the witnesses by saying that what they had viewed was an optical illusion. We had witnesses who had accurately described F-16s in the area that were chasing a UFO. I think the new military explanation only reinforces the credibility of our witnesses, proved to be more reliable than the Air Force, frankly.

The idea that they forgot they had an exercise in the area just doesn't hold water. So it appears to have been a cover-up.

How much UFO activity does Texas have?

Normally, we get 15 to 20 reports a month, which puts us among the top two or three in the country. With the high number of reporting results we have had in the Stephenville-Brownsville area, this is very significant over 150 reports. But these aren't all related to an individual sighting at a specific time. These took place at different hours of the day and night, and some even over the last several years.

What we've uncovered is a pattern of UFO sightings at the area. They appear to be related to the same phenomenon. But they're not all at the same time. We consider this to be even more significant because so many people have reported incidents.

What do you think it all means?

So far, it means that there is something that is taking place out there. We've eliminated a lot of the known possibilities. Early on in the investigation, we could see that something important was happening, or we wouldn't be devoting so many resources to this event.

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