Denton, Texas UFO Flyby
UFO Denton UFO Flyby-by orbhunterx

Driving home, going SE on McKinney Rd here in Denton, my wife, Mary, and I saw a fast moving object flyby overhead, in the same diection we were travelling. The sighting happened at 11:55 PM, January 20th.

Through the front windshield we both saw an amber colored, chevron shaped object. The object glowed, but appeared too low and big to be a shooting star. We barely had enough time to look up and remark on it, aproximately 2 seconds, before it disappeared.

The height and size of the object is impossible for us to properly determine. However, a rough estimate would make it about the size of an asprin at arm's length, and 1,500 ft in altitude.

The weather conditions are as follows:

Temp 41. Wind Chill 32. Partly cloudy. SSE Wind 20mph. Gusts 30. Visibility 10 miles. Humidity 44%. Barometric pressure steady. Moon near full.

No noise was heard by either of us.

Sadly, I was without camera or video so I couldn't document it, other than posting it here and at as a case file.

As founder of the Denton Area Paranormal Society, I encourage people to share their own reports. The time for living in fear and secrecy is coming to an end. Please contact me directly. Your confidentiality is assured.


Lance Oliver, Founder

Denton Area Paranormal Society

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