Elsie's UFO encounter on the A45
UFO Photograph-Elsie Oakensen

One of the most famous UFO experiences in Northamptonshire is the 1978 tale of Elsie Oakensen who believed her car was stopped on her way home to Church Stowe by a flying machine.

"As usual I turned off the A45 on to the A5 towards Towcester," she said. "The journey had been uneventful, but then directly ahead of me I saw two very bright lights, one red and one green.

"There was a lot of traffic but it seemed as if everything had gone into slow-motion. I could see a dumb-bell shaped object, made of very smooth plastic material, and there were no openings or windows."

Elsie continued her journey but when she came off the main road she stopped her car to take a closer look.

"A green light started to flash. I decided to restart the engine but when I turned into the village something strange happened the car, which had just been serviced that day, completely cut out.

"Eventually it restarted but I had only travelled about 100 yards when it stopped again. The natural light disappeared and everything was in absolute blackness.

"Then suddenly a brilliant white circle of light about a yard in diameter shone on the road. The very next moment, as if someone had flicked a switch, natural light returned and I was driving my car normally."

The whole journey took 15 minutes longer than normal although Elsie cannot account for the extra time.

Elsie was so mesmerised by her experience that she went on to write several books about her close encounter of the third kind.

Today Elsie still lives in Church Stowe and, despite a recent fall in Daventry affecting her memory, she is still convinced she had an extraterrestrial encounter.

She said: "I looked at my books and I can't remember what I had written, but it must be true."

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