Letourneau Experts Refute UFO Sightings
UFO Bob Hallmark, Reporting

01/18/08-The Stephenville UFO sighing has again sparked East Texan's interest about unidentified flying objects. But is there a more logical explanation of theses sightings that people believe are extra-terrestrial?The mysterious images captured in Stephenville have captivated UFO enthusiasts, and echo of Orson Welles war of the worlds.

Conventional cult theory is the visitors get here from another planet by traveling at light speed. But is that even possible?

"It would take more energy than all of the oil all of the coal all of the nuclear fuel wouldn't even be close to enough to create the kind of ship moving at that kind of speed" says doctor Ted Forringer of the Letourneau university physics department.

Often analyzing sighting videos, Letourneau University professors say there are some clues in the Stephenville video that don't add up. Like running lights on the mysterious craft.

"Well the fact that it has identifying lights, two white ones and a red one flashing. All civil aircraft have a flashing red beacon on them" says Letourneau Dean of Aeronautic Engineering, Fred Ritchey.

But could advanced technology overcome the laws of physics?

"Einstein discovered in his theory of relativity it would require and infinite amount of energy in order to increase something's speed to the speed of light, there's nothing to say that there couldn't be a worm hole. We can't exclude it, but they've never been observed" Forringer says.

"Either it's a civilian aircraft or its a military aircraft that the military is not acknowledging. Once you eliminate the impossible then you have the probable" Ritchey says.

"The laws of physics are applicable throughout the entire universe. At this point, it belongs in the category of science fiction" Forringer says.

Letourneau professors do not discount the possibility of advanced technology, but stress that physical laws would still apply.

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