Unknown Object Seen over Greenville, Texas,-01-24-08
UFO The time was exactly 8:06 PM Texas time on Thursday Jan. 24, 2008. I was driving back from dropping my daughter off at ballet when I saw this object. I can tell you this much, it was not a plane at all. If it was a plane, it's a new type that can hover for long periods of time. I noticed it because the sky was so bleak and gray looking and a winter storm watch was in effect for our county. Few folks were even out on the roads. Our house is located in a wide open area... all you see out here is sky.

My first thought was that is was some type of helicopter but with a very unusual golden light array. It was just sitting there. From where I was on the road, the object looked like it was hovering somewhere between my house and the next small town called Josephine.

I was also on my radio 570 am. This station is always clear but it went fuzzy and there was a bleeping sound using a short/long type tone much like you'd hear in the old Morse code or old Sci-Fi movies... I could still hear the speaker but with a lot of static and cross channels.

I tried to call my husband to see if he could go outside to take a look but before he answered the phone, the object darkened to an amber-brownish color and it looked like it was turning and then... it was just a spot... it was gone that fast, just a small spot. That was the most unusual thing... it was just a dot in a matter of seconds... my clock in the car hadn't even turned to the next minute before it was out of sight completely.

I am not saying what it was... I do not contend it was from outer space or anything like that. It was not a usual object in our wide open night sky. My daughter and I are star watchers and she is studying Astronomy. I have never seen something move like that did.

We do live near Greenville TX. where the L3 Plant is located. We also live near a private Caddo Airport... it could have been anything.. .but the lights were very different. We see helicopters, small planes, gliders, crop dusters, and all sorts of small craft around here all of the time. I have never seen that color or arrangement of lights on a craft before.

Also, I found out today that a young friend of my daughters, who lives 10 miles from us, has been seeing a "golden egg" shape out of bedroom window for about two weeks now. I never spoke to her about this and never knew she'd been seeing "lights." Her mother confided it to me today after I told her of the weird looking lights I saw. The mother saw this object one day when her daughter called her to see it. They tried to get a camera but it was gone. A sighting outside of her daughters window would place the "light" in the same vicinity as the lighted object I saw last night.

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