Metallic Spheres Witnessed over Heartland, Texas
I enjoy viewing photos from your web site and I noticed that there have been quite a few similar sightings of spherical shape UFOs. Back in the middle of October 2007 late afternoon, I saw close to a dozen of these strange, metallic like spheres racing fast across the sky above my house

It was a clear day, sunny with just a few clouds. I was walking the exterminator out and he was explaining the job he had just completed. My 4 year old son kept interrupting us asking me what is that in the sky. First I paid him no mind but he kept pointing straight up saying “Look Mama!, what is that?”

The exterminator and I both looked up and saw these metallic spheres racing across the sky in a straight line right above. They were pretty high up. First I thought maybe balloons had been released but they were moving too fast and in line. The exterminator kept asking what is that, we were just dumbfounded.

Another thing about these spheres: they appeared to disappear and reappear. We both were staring and we would see them disappear then just when we thought they were gone, they would reappear, kind of like fading in and out.

The exterminator got nervous and said he had to get away. I don't know how many actually passed because when my son first saw them I didn't pay attention to his cries about them. I witnessed at least a dozen fly by. I live in Heartland, Texas, a new development just south of Forney, and I-20 off of FM 741. This area has heavy airplane traffic coming from the South and lots of military jets flying around everyday. Just today I saw 2 black hawk helicopters fly over the neighborhood.

Let me know what you guys think these strange spheres could be, because apparently they are seen all over the world.


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