UFO Sighting in Central Texas' Hill County
UFO Posted: Jan 20, 2008 10:24 PM CST-By Eric Gemmell

HILL COUNTY - After a week of unexplained objects floating in Central Texas skies, one Hill County resident has captured the mysterious lights on tape. It was shortly after seven Saturday night when Cory Cox saw a series of mysterious lights above the horizon near his Penelope home.

"It looked nothing like an airplane. It looked nothing like I'd ever seen before. It was weird. Really weird."

Cox can't say for sure whether he saw a UFO.

"I don't want to walk around and people think I'm crazy."

To prove his point, he's recorded nearly a hour and half of lights fluttering the sky. At first they appeared out of thin air, changing size, color and even positions. News Channel 25 wanted to know whether the tape was a hoax.

"I barely know how to work that thing much less try to pull something off on somebody," Cox said.

In fact, Cox added, he and his brothers reportedly saw the same set of lights about a week ago.

News Channel 25 did contact the Hill County Sheriff's Department about the alleged sighting. They too saw the lights but could not explain them. They are investigating.

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