Japan Interested in Texas UFO Sightings
Eyewitness Steve Allen By ANGELIA JOINER Staff Writer

THURSDAY JANUARY 31, 2008-Steve Allen is haggard. He's hardly sleeping and his mug is becoming familiar on news programs all over the world. Still, he's not given up on his quest for video or photos of what he says was an unidentified flying object he saw with friends on the evening of Jan. 8.

The sighting was so odd it defies explanation, and he's been heard to say over and over, “It definitely wasn't from these parts. The military only wishes they had something like that.”

“Videos are starting to come out,” Allen said. “I've gotten about ten but only two are worth anything.”

Allen said the video aired by Channel 11 News Wednesday night is “just a snippet” of the 14 minute film he now has in his possession from a source not wishing to be identified, and it comes closest to being what he, Lance Jones, and Mike and Claudette Odom saw on that life changing night.

“It's not exactly what we saw, but it was changing shapes,” Allen said. “I think this is it.”

He is receiving phone calls and e-mails from all over the globe. Allen said he can hardly run his businesses because of the international interest in the sighting. He said all he wants is to get to the bottom of it - he wants to know where it came from - and exactly what the government knows about it.

“Tokyo is very interested in interviewing all of the witnesses,” Allen said after he received a call from a news source in Japan. “They are interested in purchasing the video. I expect a plane load of them over very soon. The Japanese say all of the countries are trying to get together a consortium of countries documenting UFOs and paranormal activities. Mexico recently released film of F-16s in pursuit of a UFO. Everybody is beginning to open their books and disclose to the public except for the U.S. And I have a message for Mr. Bush, ‘Please Mr. Bush, the jig is up - the cat's out of the bag - tell us what is going on.'”

Angelia Joiner is a staff writer for the Empire-Tribune. She can be reached at 254-965-3124 ext. 238 or angelia.joiner@empiretribune.com

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