Orange-colored Object Observed in Katy, Texas
UFO Sighting... Texas-01-29-08-My location is Katy, Texas. Sighting around Fry Road/Morton Road. At about 9:40, I went outside to feed my cats. I briefly walked off the back of my deck into the yard to look at the stars. It was slightly windy, and tree branches were in the way.

So I walked back up the deck and was going to go down the step in the front to see if I could see better. Before I got down the steps I noticed a bright orange light in the distance. I wasn't sure at first what it was until it started to move up.

My mind quickly decided it could not be an airplane because it was too low to the ground-there was no noise and it was going straight up, not horizontally upwards. I got really excited and could not believe it. I ran inside to get my camera and binoculars and yelled to my son to come outside quick. My camera was right inside the door on a table. I had to go farther for the binoculars. Estimated time I was inside was 10 seconds.

When I went back out with my son, he was in awe and I just kept saying I can't believe it! We watched as it moved up higher and higher. It was white when we came back out, not the orange color it was before. I looked like it deliberately was moving, not like shooting up wildly. We watched until it was out of site.

Out of site up in the sky - not in the horizon, straight up! There were many stars out and I could see a few stars and it seemed to just keep going farther than the stars. I know that is hard to tell, but that it what it looked like.

I could not see a shape. I was so excited and trying to get my camera working at the same time I didn't notice a shape. My son said it looked like 3 big lights not spaced very far apart in a triangle shape. I am not very good with distance. I can't say how far it was from me. There is a dirt/soil yard over in the direction where it came from. It literally looked as if it came off the ground from somewhere over there, that's how low it was. Estimated time it took to go from ground to out of site, approximately 20 seconds. I really wish I could find out if anyone else in my area saw this.

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