Photograph from Kaufman, Texas-01-27-08, Shows Unknown Object
I was outside my home somewhere around 6:30 PM on 01-27-2008 sky watching and taking photos of clouds and airplanes flying by when I saw this. I was tracking a small airplane and the object wasn't there before I started doing it, and when I took the last photo of it I looked and there it was just sitting there in the western sky toward Dallas.

It was about 30 degrees from the horizon and about a quarter inch wide at arm's length. When I took the photos, the optical zoom was on max at 12x and the camera is 10 megapixels.

What is interesting is the sun was to the left of the object and behind the clouds so this thing wasn't getting lit up by it, I don't think. I nearly forgot to tell you, I took my eye off it for a second or two, and it was gone when I looked back, nowhere in the sky, so I didn't see it get there, and I didn't see it leave.

Strange looking, never seen anything quite like it, thought I'd better get it to you to check out. Sending copies of the original photos. Take care my friend...

Larry, Kaufman, Texas

A big thanks as always to good friend, avid sky watcher and photographer from my home state. copyright Lawwalk, 2008


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