Unknown Object in Video-Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Maine-2007-UFO Maine-August, 2007-I was filming some B-roll for a documentary about the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I did not notice this object while filming, and just got around to editing the tape it was on a couple of weeks ago.

I was panning the harbor after shooting a tanker and tugs coming into the harbor, and shot the island forts for the doc we were working on. I didn't pay much attention to it the first few times of going through the film as planes frequently fly in that area to land and take off at the Portland Airport.

While doing a frame by frame, I noticed that this did not appear to be an airplane. I've looked it over several times but cannot determine what type of craft this is.

The camera I was using had VHSC for media.You'll notice that the object was flying over one of the forts I hesitated at to get the short footage for.

[Editor's Note: The unknown craft mentioned in the report can be seen at the beginning and end of the :52 second film. I have isolated these two segments of the video, and slowed them down to allow a better look. These segments are after the original clip.]

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source and references:

MUFON submission 9911

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