UFO Casebook Exclusive-Green Flashes Illuminate Clouds in Texas
UFO It's me again, you probably think I'm a nut (Not so!) because of all the sightings I report but I keep a constant watch on the sky. And most of the time it is just sheer luck that I see something. If it shows up in your report or not that's fine with me. I'll just keep sending you reports of what I see. Hope you have been enjoying this cool weather, I like it for a change.

Well what happened was on or about December 21, at about 8:00 PM. It seems a lot of my sightings are around this hour. My wife and I usually head out on our usual trip about the town taking the dogs with us. At this time I had just closed up shop and was standing outside the shop door with my wife, who did not see the event because it happened very quickly.

Almost due west I saw green flashes of light brightly illuminating the clouds. Then I saw it as it passed through an opening in the clouds-an extremely bright green ball of fire. As it continued its course straight down passing the opening in the clouds, it continued to illuminate the cloud cover then go out. It seemed to be very close to me but I could not make a judgment as to it's distance. This is the third green fireball I have seen in my life time. The last one I reported to you was less than two years ago-my grandson and I saw it together.

I did a search for green fire balls tonight and came up with a Wikipedia file that tells of their unknown origin being reported as far back as 1948 and as lately as January, 2007 in Singapore where someone took a picture of one and they put it on the news.

I had no idea that they were not recognized as just meteorites and not yet understood. Well anyway I was quiet surprised at what I found out when I did the search.

Also my last report was a double sighting and here is another one. I would like to tell of something else my wife and I saw January 3, about 9:30 PM to the east.

We were standing outside in the backyard and observed a rainbow of colors in the clouds. A very large circular pattern of color resembling the colors of a rainbow. The moon was to the left of it coming up in the east and shinning through the clouds. I took several pictures but got nothing-I suspect that there was not enough lighting to show up on the camera. This lasted for maybe forty-five seconds before disappearing.

It could have been aircraft landing lights shining through the frosty clouds although I did not see any white lights, and maybe the plane turned and that is why they went out? The rainbow of light was very pronounced and something I had never seen before, so I thought I would mention it.

Larry, from McKinney, Texas

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