UFO Sighting-Photos & Video: New Rochelle, NY
Flipping Saucer: watch how it flies and morphs

It was warm that day in the summer of 2007, more clouds than sun was the order of the day, when I experienced my second UFO sighting. The first one was several months earlier of that year. I had decided to get back into photography, so I purchased a digital camera and I was on my way to fame. Anyway, there it was up in the sky-two transparent balls of light flying next to each other with little red orbs flying in and out, doing loops.

It changed my life forever, I said to myself, "Welcome to the real world."

It ook me a long time to accept what I saw but I did. The second was even cooler because it was the famous grey shape saucer that has been seen over the century flying right over my head up close and personal about 6,000 feet shinning like a new dime. It was beautiful-flies like a bat or butterfly, flipping over on itself just like a fan blade spinning around.

To go forward it just flips to go backwards, flips in the opposite direction and can stop on a dime. It was a sight to see.

I noticed also it created some from of plasma as it heated the air around it giving off a extremely bright light as morphing effect took place. No wonder people describe them differently. So take a look a the slide videos and picture.

New Rochelle, Mt. Vernon New Rochelle, Mt. Vernon New Rochelle, Mt. Vernon

All Picture Canon 400D Len: 80-400mm

Flipping Saucer Shot summer 2007

Time: 3:30 afternoon

Place: New Rochelle NY



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